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Monday, March 23, 2015

REVIEW: The Greek Billionaire and His Secretary by Marian Tee

The Greek Billionaire and His Secretary 
by Marian Tee 
Released Date: February 27th 2015 by Jaded Speck Publishing
Series: Stavros and Willow
Pages: 44
Genre: Adult Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
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That mouth of hers had better uses, and he was just the man to teach her. 

It started as one of the worst nights in 27-year-old Stavros Manolis’ life. A powerful and lethally good-looking Greek billionaire, he could have had any woman – but the one he wanted, he had lost, and so here he was now, attending her farewell party, forced to bear the sight of her in her husband’s arms. 

But that was just the start. 

When Willow Somerset, a curvy 24-year-old junior editor, joined his table, taunting and embarrassing him with her mocking laughter and sly words, he burned with a mixture of offended pride, anger…and desire. She was everything he disliked in a woman, but his body felt differently. 
Someone clearly needed to teach her some manners, needed to let her know there were better uses for her mouth than letting it run away from her. 

Luckily for Willow, that person was him.

(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

My Review:

The Greek Billionaire and His Secretary is the prequel to a new trilogy by Marian Tee the first book being Dear Greek Billionaire is out now as well. 
For being the first book that I've read from the author, I really enjoyed the story plot, and the writing. The synopsis is definitely what got me to read the book, and it did not disappoint. In this particular novella, we are introduced to Willow Somerset, a 24-year-old junior editor, whose personality can get her in trouble for being feisty, and for speaking her mind. She is definitely not shy to challenge whoever comes across her, especially when it's billionaire, Stavros Manolis. Stavros Manolis is known for been powerful, and lethal when it comes to his work At 27-years-old, he is a billionaire whose looks attract just about any women around. Yet, just when he is trying to get passed a bad relationship, Willow comes into his life, and turns everything around. 

Before I read the book, I thought it was going to be a “full book” (if that makes senses), and what turned out to be was a fairly short novella. After a while it didn't bother me as much, the starting point of the trilogy really starts to take off, and I enjoyed reading it. As for the characters, aside from being outspoken, Willow's personality was a little all over the place, that was a bit hard to like her. I gravitated more towards Stavros, he is the perfect character that you would see in any other book that is both protective, and kind. It is evident from the very beginning that the characters have met before, and when they are together sparks fly between, and they seem to have good chemistry. Overall, the story was quick to read, and I cannot wait to read what happens next to the characters. I would recommend reading the book, but be aware that this book does end on a cliffhanger. :)

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

My Rating: 

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