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Friday, July 15, 2016

✯REVIEW BLITZ:✯ Ashton - The Arrangement by Jade Sinner

Ashton - The Arrangement by Jade Sinner

Release Date: July 14th 2016
Series: The Cocky Smiling O Series #2
Genres: Romance, Contemporary


Friendship—forever and always.


That is our agreement. Besides, I'm not looking for sex. I get lots of sex! I'm also not looking for forever. I'm a now kind of man. 

Jess has been my best friend since we were dirty faced kids finding trouble around every corner. We are the kind of friends who are always there for one another, through thick and thin, the one who knows each other's secrets and dreams. That can't change just because we've both grown up, or because she's beautiful, funny, smart and quick witted. 

Until it does. 

One call, one night. That won't change are agreement...then again, agreements can be amended, right?


Ashton is a manwhore. I've heard all his stories and despite them all, I love him. 

Not the passionate love. I've never looked at him like that—like the cocky, confident, sexy, man he's become. Because to me, he's just Ashton, my best friend—until one night.

One night when I learn that the rumors are true, that in reality, they don't do him justice. His mad skills are off the charts. Yet, that can't change our agreement. One night has to be enough.

It has to be. 

I'm not giving up my best friend for crazy hot lovemaking. But then again, do I have to?

Read this fun, predictable, short, hot, and steamy book and learn how friendship can become more! Ashton The Agreement, is a standalone with a guaranteed HEA. Don't miss your next bookgasm.

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A sizzling romance that will leave you wanting for more..

Not having read any other works by the author before, I was impressed with Ashton, it was a quick read filled with steamy scenes and a second chance at love.

Right at the very beginning we get to meet Jess, she has recently discovered that her fiancee has been cheating on her and she has turned to her best friend Ashton for comfort. Having met when they were just kids, they have formed a bond that has been able to keep them as only friends for a long time. Jess has seen and met the various girls that Ash has been with and it didn't impact their friendship, but when Jess got engaged things started to change. Now that she has turned to Ash in her time of need, he tells her that that she needs to move on, and that is exactly what she does when she throws herself to him, wanting him to makes things better without knowing what it was about to cause. 

Ashton has always been a womanizer, he doesn't do relationships and he prefers to keep it that way. That is until his best friend comes to him after catching her fiancee cheating on her. He the suddenly finds himself unable to resist her, and a new chemistry starts to grow that neither of them can deny. Yet, they have always been best friends and taking the next step can either damage or improve their relationship. 

I absolutely loved reading this book,  it was a quick and fun read. Though it was rather short, the story kept me intrigued. Ash is the sweetest, he knows what he wants and that is what makes him irresistible. On the other hand, Jess is reserved and after catching her fiancee cheating on her, she starts to have second thoughts about committing to anyone. As the two start to explore the possibility of having a relationship, the more they discover that they could be good together. I do wish the story to be longer, but it worked in the end. I would highly recommend it if you're looking to read a story filled with romance and steamy scenes. I will definitely be reading more from the author in the future. :)

***ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.***



Jade Sinner is two friends, two New York Times bestselling authors, and two chicks with a secret. We like to write sexy, dirty books—the kind of books that would make both of our mothers blush. Since we don't want to see that across the Thanksgiving dinner table, we came together and created Jade.

If you have a secret too—if you like to read books that make you not only blush but flush—if you like quick reads, hot guys, naughty love stories, super-steamy sex scenes, and the promise of always having an HEA (Happily Ever After) then we have the books for you.

We won't tell your secret if you don't tell ours...

Then again, if you like our books and you don't mind telling the world about our dirty little secret, by all means, please, share!

We promise to keep writing until we have enough to keep you and your friends busy with bookgasms late into the night!

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