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Monday, August 1, 2016

✯REVIEW:✯ Professed by Nicola Rendell

by Nicola Rendell
Release Date: August 1st 2016
Genres: Romance, Adult Fiction, Erotica
Author's Links: Goodreads, Website
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At a secret masked ball at Yale, Naomi Costa is literally swept off her stiletto-blistered feet by a man with a killer jawline, a perfect body, and an even-better kiss. They bust out of an emergency exit and have axis-shaking sex. He pours whiskey in her belly button and after they run out of condoms, they have to get creative. That kind of sex.

The next day, she learns that he is none other than Dr. Benjamin Beck, a brand new member of the Yale faculty and the hottest thing to happen to academia since… well, ever. She has to take his damned junior seminar to graduate, but it gets worse. He’s also her College Master: her boss, her advisor, her everything. And he’s just moved in, right downstairs.

They can’t stay away from each other. They're either fusion or fission or both. They’re making out in libraries, hiding notes between stones, and sneaking off to nautically themed AirBnbs. Hear that sound? It’s the academic code of ethics going up in flames.

If they're found out, he’ll lose his job and his reputation. She'll lose her scholarship and be forced to return to the life of lobster fishing that she thought she’d escaped.

And they will be found out, yes they will.

So what the hell are they going to do?


To the reader: Things get damned dirty in this book. The characters curse, the sex gets explicit. It’s an erotic love story with fury. Be advised.

Other tasters’ notes: HEA. Sweet. Funny. Dirty. Muddy. Wet. Inspired by a real professor.
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

My Review:

Professed is a story about a forbidden love between a college student and her professor. It is also the first published book by author, which grabbed my attention from the very beginning. Right from the start we get to meet Naomi Costa, a college student from Yale, who gets a mysterious invitation to a secret masked ball. It was all meant to be fun, but little did she know that her life was about to change forever. While at the ball she meets a mysterious man whose intense stare and handsome looks completely win her over right off the bat. Their chemistry is instant and their undeniable attraction is what soon brings them closer. Yet one night together is not enough for the both of them, but it all comes crashing down the minute Naomi finds out that the mysterious stranger from the previous night is non other than her college professor, Dr. Benjamin Beck. Now she has to decide if she can put what they've shared aside and pretend that it didn't happened or try to find a way to be together with the man that completely took her breath away at the masked ball. On the other hand, Ben wasn't expecting to be so attracted to someone at the ball, but he can't keep thinking about her. Soon he discovers who Naomi really is and he has to make a choice that could cost him his career. As the characters start to get to know each other secrets start to resurface and pasts began to get in the way that could damage any hope of being in a relationship.

I very much liked the overall idea of the story, right from the beginning I was completely hooked with how things were going. Needless to say, the story started to become repetitive and I started to get bored with some of those scenes. The story does pick up towards the end, which helped the book a lot. The more steamy and romantic scenes between the characters really had me rooting for them. It's evident that the two have their pasts that they're trying to move on from, and together they are able to help each other in that aspect. The ending was good, the author was able to tied the story nicely, and if you like a story filled with steamy moments then I would suggest giving this story a try. I would be interested in reading more from the author in the future. :)

***ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.***

My Rating: 3.5/5

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