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Friday, September 9, 2016

✯BOOK BLITZ:✯ Going the Distance by Mila Rossi {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

Going the Distance by Mila Rossi

Release Date: September 9th 2016
Series: No Excuses #1
Genres: Adult, Romance, Sports

Once you slap the hell out of the light heavyweight champion of the world on the night of his first loss, how do you convince him to give you an interview? That’s the dilemma Samantha Wellington finds herself in after turning down the most desirable yet foul-mouthed athlete she’s come across. Unfortunately for her, her job depends on getting his interview and this boxer’s not talking.

When Trent “The Punisher” Page is humiliated by the spunky reporter, then cornered for an interview, he does what he does best: he plays dirty. He didn’t earn his nickname for being nice, after all. If the little minx wants to know more about him, she’ll have to pay with the one thing she’s not willing to give - herself.

Her elements of surprise meet their match in his determination to succeed. With vastly different motivations, can they break down the enemy without jeopardizing themselves?

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He made his way across the gym, aware that the guys were watching him. This was the first time he was going to talk to a reporter. He had no idea who it could be, but was curious to see who was ballsy enough to show up at his gym and lie about knowing him.

He opened the door and let his eyes adjust to the sunlight as he ran a towel over his sweaty forehead. All he could make out was a shadow approaching, so he stepped to the side until the awning provided some shade. When he laid eyes on the Vegas slapper, his stomach turned. “You got some fucking balls, lady. What’d you want?”

She stopped and ran her gaze over his naked torso. He wanted nothing to do with her, yet he couldn’t help get hard as she licked her big, pouty lips while her eyes continued to stare.

Since coming back home, he’d tried to put her out of his mind. Hell, he’d tried to put that whole fucking night out of his mind, but no luck. His loss in the ring was as much on his mind as the vixen now standing before him. Apparently a hard slap was all it took for a girl to make a lasting impression on him.

A car drove by, reflecting sunlight into her face, which made her take a step forward.

“I’m here for an interview,” she blurted out, blushing.

He gave her a dry look. “You’re joking, right?”

“I know we got off on the wrong foot,” she said, looking serious enough, “but I’m here to give you the chance to do something you’ve never done before.”

A laugh escaped him. “What’s that? Fuck your brains out?”

The thought was appealing, despite how she’d treated him in Vegas, but her expression almost made him take a step back since she looked like she wanted to slap him again.

“Can you for once not talk like a garbage disposal?” she shot back.

His eyebrows rose. “I know you’re not showing up at my gym telling me what to do. Why the fuck are you here?”

She adjusted the strap of her purse on her shoulder and let out a heavy sigh. “I’d like to interview you.”

He didn’t respond, but merely stared at her. She was out of her goddamn mind, first giving him a blow almost as good as Povetkin’s, then asking for favors. She was fidgeting, however, making him wonder if she was nervous.

He let his gaze run over her from head to toe, enjoying seeing her squirm under his scrutiny. She wore a white blouse with an ass-hugging black skirt, black heels, and enough bling for him to notice. Her long, brown hair was tied back in a ponytail, and her face was made up, but flushed from the heat. He hadn’t seen her this clearly at the club in Vegas, and was now taking in her defiant green eyes framed by black lashes, arched eyebrows, rosy cheeks and glossy lips which he could suck on for hours. Or which could do the sucking.

He cursed under his breath, willing himself to stop having such thoughts, otherwise he’d throw her against the wall and fuck her right there while the whole world watched.

“So?” she broke his assessment of her.


“No?” She looked mad.

“That’s right. A big, fat NO, lady.”

She let out another heavy sigh, seeming to consider what to say next. “I’m sorry I slapped you in front of all those people. I know you must have been embarrassed.”

That felt like a bucket of ice hitting him. “I wasn’t fucking embarrassed. But I should hope you’d apologize for acting like a lunatic. So now you wanna take it back?”

She shook her head. “No, you deserved that for what you said.”

He growled.

“I’m apologizing for creating a scene in front of others. I hate drama and that wasn’t my intention.”

He glared at her, not sure what to think. “I don’t have time for this shit,” he finally said, turning to leave.

Her footsteps came up quickly behind him and she grabbed his wrist just like he’d done to her at the club. He looked at her fingers wrapped around him and she immediately dropped his hand.

“Don’t you want to tell the world your side of the story?” she asked.

“My side of what story?”

“Of the fight you lost.”

Now he was starting to see red. “That’s none of your goddamn business and I sure as hell am not going to talk to you or the rest of the world about it.”

She bit her bottom lip.

“I’m surprised you’re even here, since you’ve never heard of me,” he continued.

She merely frowned at that.

“So now I’m no longer a stranger?”

“I know who you are,” she replied dryly.

“Oh good, you’ve done your homework.” He got up in her face. “Then you must know that I don’t do interviews.”

She swallowed, but didn’t back away. Instead, she held his gaze and raised her chin. “Maybe it’s time you get over yourself and break your silence.”

“You’re still talking shit while asking me for a favor?”

“You make it hard to be civilized,” she mumbled, gazing into his eyes and then at his lips.

He couldn’t help but smile for once. “I take that as a compliment.”

“It wasn’t meant to be.”

He reached around and grabbed her ass, pulling her hard against him and enjoying the way her eyes widened with shock.

“Changed your mind about my offer then?”

She pushed against him, and as soon as he saw her hand extend, he caught her wrist midair, inches from his face.

“I haven’t changed my mind about anything,” she gritted while trying to snatch her wrist out of his grip, but he held tight.

“I wouldn’t do that again if I were you,” he said, lowering his head to stare into her eyes. Her lips were so close, he could practically taste them.

That chin didn’t back down though as she said, “Take your own damn advice. Touch my butt again and you’ll find yourself on the ground.”


Mila Rossi is a contemporary romance author who writes feel-good stories - no angst here. She creates heroines who don't back down, stand up for themselves and insist on freedom and independence until the right man comes along, then all rules are thrown out the window. The heroes must be clever, generous, and able to throw a girl over their shoulder.

Mila has seen the world and loves to write about it. She also loves to paint vintage anime characters, belly dance, try new foods, and perfect her archery skills. She wishes she could partake in extreme sports, but only allows her characters to tempt fate. Her own chances of causing disasters are just too high.

Mila also writes historical romance under the name Alice Lake.

When not typing away furiously, she goofs around with her husband and daughter.


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