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Friday, May 5, 2017

✯BOOK BLITZ:✯ The Together Series Boxset by Alla Kar {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

The Together Series Boxset by Alla Kar

Release Date: March 7th 2017 by Swoon Romance
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Book 1 - WHERE YOU ARE by Alla Kar 

Got boy problems? Call Laney Scott. She's good for advice, a shoulder, or a swift kick where you need it. When her roommate Bethany gets her heart broken by Aiden, yet again, it's Laney to the rescue. But Laney's harboring a secret. She's nursing her own broken heart. But, she and her friends come up with a plan to break Aiden, and set it into play. Laney wants Aiden to pay for what he's done to Bethany. She will make him fall in love with her, so she can break his heart. 

Laney's ex-boyfriend Lachlan Hems is back in Florida, still Australian and sexy as hell. His best mate Lucas is getting married, and he is in town for the show. He just didn’t realize Laney would be there … in another guy’s arms, or that seeing her again would have such an effect on him. After the incident in high school, he vowed to never care for her again. But sometimes, fate has different plans. 

When Laney’s resolve crumbles, Lachlan is the only one who can put her back together again. 

Book 2 - HERE WITH ME by Alla Kar 

Jaden Baker is stoked about college, making new friends, and erasing the memory of being bullied in high school. But moving on comes with a price. Her dad has made arrangements for her to move into her brother’s apartment so he can keep an eye on her. But there's a glitch in her dad's plans. There are also two other college boys living in the apartment too. Suddenly, living in an off-campus apartment with three college-aged boys seems like a bad idea -- but not to Jaden. After all, Cade is pretty damn hot, making the whole forced living arrangement and brother-as-a-baby-sitter a little more tolerable. 

Cade Jenkins grew up on the opposite side of the tracks from his best-friend and his privileged little sister. His dad bailed when he was a kid, and he can't help but still care for his drug-addicted mother. This semester, things are looking up. He's met someone. Too bad she's his best-friend's fresh out of high-school, inexperienced little sister. Awkward! 

Just when it looks like things might be changing for the better, Jaden finds herself battling severe depression and a broken heart as old feelings re-emergence after that high school bully targets her again. Cade, who'd love to pick up the pieces and make her whole, must fight his own demons and brewing family trouble just to hold on. 

If only they didn't find themselves falling irrevocably in love. 

Book 3 - THERE WE'LL BE by Alla Kar 

Respect your elders. Stay off Sawyer property. And don’t even think about that Sawyer girl… 

Boone Cross was raised with three simple rules, and falling for Josie Sawyer broke every one of them. That is, until a year ago, when he ​did the unthinkable and she moved away. 

Josie Sawyer never thought she’d be on a plane, flying back to Arkansas for the summer, only a year after her heart was crushed into a thousand pieces by the boy her parents forbade her to love. But ​her father is dying, and being stubborn isn’t an option. 

In a town this small, it’s only a matter of time before she runs into Boone Cross. 
A lot’s changed since she last laid eyes on him, but some things have remained exactly the same. Boone’s got designs on her and he won’t give up until he gets what he wants. 

​But as they give in to the need to be together once more, ​secrets ​come to light ​revealing​ a ​history of a hatred between their families that runs ​so ​deep that even the strongest love may not be able to survive.

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Chapter One 


“You can take everything I have.

You can break everything I am.

Like I’m made of glass.

Like I’m made of paper.

Go ahead and try to tear me down.

I will be rising from the ground.

Like a skyscraper.”

— Demi Lovato.

“Are you listening to me, Jaden?”

No, not really.

My father’s BMW grinds to a halt in front of my brother’s apartment building. Or should I say my apartment building.

God, this is going to suck.

My freshman year of college, and I’m being forced to live with my older brother. Dad wants me to be safe. He says Adam can show me the ropes and make sure I’m hanging out with the right group of friends. If only that were the case.

The truth is, I have no friends, and Dad wants to make sure I’ll be around other human beings instead of staring at my walls all day long.

He won’t have anyone to watch over me if I stay in a dorm room. What’s he going to do, pay my roommate to hang out with me? With my brother being a social butterfly, I’ll be exposed to people my age. What Dad forgets—or decides to ignore—is that I’m going to be surrounded by half-naked girls all the time. Adam is definitely one of those guys. I love him, he’s my brother, but he’s an ass.

Dad snaps his fingers in front of my face, and I jump. “Huh?”

He ruffles his graying hair and goes to say something when his phone beeps.

“Dr. Baker, here. What can I do for you?” he says into the Bluetooth speaker. “Yes, our appointment is tomorrow. Yes, eleven.”

Dad clicks his pen, and I watch as he pulls out his checkbook. “Jaden.”

I roll my eyes.

Money fixes everything, according to Dad, who’s a psychologist, so he should know you can’t buy happiness. “I’m giving you three blank checks. You get anything you need for school. New clothes. Things for school. All of your books are on your bed upstairs. Nancy’s already got everything you’ll need for your room and classes.”

Nancy is my dad’s secretary and the closest thing I’ve ever had to a mother. I wish she were here. But she has her own kids to worry about.

I fold the checks and slip them into my jeans.

“Are you ready to go inside? See your new room?” He has this fake enthusiastic tone to his voice. He uses it on me like I’m three, not eighteen. It’s the same one he uses on his clients—the ones who need mental help.

“No,” I say, grabbing my purse, which Dad spent a fortune on. “But, like I have a choice.”

Dad frowns, pulls the keys from the ignition, and faces me. The icy look—his real look—is there, but I don’t care. “This should be exciting for you, Jaden.” He reaches for me but withdraws his hand like I might bite him for touching me. His brown eyes narrow and he furrows his thick brows. “This is your chance to make a fresh start. Make friends. Make new memories. Good ones this time.”

Dad pulls on his tie. “Okay, Dad. Can we go inside now?”

He stares blankly at me for a long while before getting out of the driver’s seat.


I sigh and step out of the Beemer. This is where rich parents send their children for college. I don’t know how much the rent is, but I know it’s a butt load. Dad doesn’t think twice when Adam asks for money, or me. It’s like second nature to hand over wads of cash. It means he is taking care of his children. More like bribing them, but whatever helps him sleep at night.

I follow him up the three flights of stairs to the fourth floor. There is music vibrating from the other side.

Dad raps his knuckles roughly against the door. He knocks louder, grumbling underneath his breath. His arm flies up, and he glances at his watch. He’s sweating in his damn suit. Only my dad would wear a suit to help his daughter move. Not that we have to actually do any moving.

Dad pulls out his cell. I figure he’s calling Adam, but it goes straight to voicemail. “Damn it,” he grumbles before pounding his fist against the door. “Open the door, Adam!” he yells.

I play with a dark curl hanging against my shoulder and bite my lip to keep from laughing. A bead of sweat drops from Dad’s upper lip. Then the door swings open and my eyes snap upward.

Holy Shit.

My. God.

A shiver shoots down my spine as I drink in everything that’s standing in front of me. He has dark brown hair that’s standing up like a woman has recently been raking her hands through it. My eyes drag down his body over each lean, long muscle. Tattoos cover his torso, from a long, tribal tattoo to something peeking out of his low-rise sweats, to a cluster of them along his other arm. Jesus Christ.

Something settles in my lower stomach, and I squeeze my thighs together to keep the heat in. Is this a dream? Are we at the right apartment? We have to have the wrong apartment. I glance at the door.


Nope, right apartment.

Dad makes a disgusted snort and waves his hand in front of him. It isn’t long before I smell why. Either a skunk died in their apartment or they’re smoking weed. “I’m looking for Adam.”

My eyes settle on his dimples—of course, he has dimples—and then move with him as he rests against the doorframe.

“Adam Baker?” he asks. His voice sends another roll of lava under my skin while my toes curl in my Dolce & Gabbana suede, knee-high boots. Damn.

Dad’s teeth grind together. “Yes, my son. Is he here?”

Pursing his thick, pink lips, he strokes the scruff on his jaw with a long finger. Dad seems uneasy. “Adam. Hmm, Adam.”

His gaze drifts over to me for the first time, and my sex clenches. Lifting a brow, he rakes his eyes from my hair to my toes. I squeeze my already curled feet into my shoes. What. The. Hell?

Dad snaps his fingers in front of his face, and he drops his “I’m-taking-all-your-clothes-off-in-my-head-right-now” look. “Is Adam here?”

He smiles—God, he smiles—and I bite my tongue. He’s making fun of my dad, and I can’t help but grin. “Yeah, he’s in the living room.”

Dad pushes his way in. I wait in the hall unsure of what to do and fighting the urge to drink him in again. When I do look his left hand is wrapped around the top of the doorframe, and he leans toward me. His dark eyes penetrate me, and I’m trying not to lap like a dog from the heat of it.

“You can come in. I won’t bite you, Princess,” he whispers before his tongue darts out of the side of his mouth. “But no promises about licking.”

I haven’t even stepped foot inside of my new home, and I need to change my panties. He laughs at the expression on my face. Could I be any more embarrassed?

“What are you doing to my sister, Cade? Leave her the hell alone.” Adam shows up in the doorway. He has a lazy smile on his lips and his arms wide open. I take a few cautious steps toward him, definitely aware of how close I am to the tall, dark, and handsome standing next to me.

Cade doesn’t answer, but I hear the door click shut behind us. His front is really close to my butt now, and I feel his breath on my neck. My gaze turns to my dad who’s examining the living room from several feet away, oblivious to everything else.

The warmth from his body heats me. I want to move, but my feet won’t budge.

Then Adam pulls me to him and wraps me in a hug. His breath hits the side of my face and I nearly gag. He’s definitely high as a fucking kite. The entire place smells like weed which explains why it took them ten minutes to answer the door. I pull back and scrunch my nose. He ruffles my hair like he does our cocker spaniel and slaps me on the back. Like I need another reason—besides being the same bra size since ninth grade—for him to think I’m a little kid. “This is Jaden,” Adam says, gesturing toward me. “This is Cade.”

I turn to gaze up at him when something catches my attention. A long-legged blond staggers toward us.

“Ah.” Adam smiles. “And this is Sadie.”

She is swaying her hips like she’s on the damn runway. When she reaches Cade, she peers down at me. She’s probably 5’9, and I have never felt this small. 5’2 doesn’t compete with 5’9. Ever. Her slender arm snakes around Cade’s waist as she offers me her other hand.

Of course, I take it.

“Jaden,” I mumble. The gross grease stain on the kitchen floor is suddenly very interesting.

“Sadie,” she says, with a voice that matches her long, silky hair. “So you’re Adam’s sister?”

My cheeks are hot and I can feel Cade’s eyes on me. God, why am I so lame? “Yes.”

She nods and nuzzles her mouth against Cade’s thick neck. Cade doesn’t move, keeping an amused smile directed toward me. He makes this face—a face that tells me he thinks I’m like not old enough to watch him be kissed. The thought sends rage through me. Why do I care so much about what he thinks?

“Come on, sis. Let me show you to your room.”

Thank, God.


I nearly race out of the small kitchen and into the hallway. Adam slings his arm around me and pulls me close to his side. “This is it.”

I take a step in, checking behind me to see Dad following us, and smile. My entire room is in grays and whites. Paris, London, Tokyo, and Australia pictures line my walls. It’s my dream to travel, and Nancy always supports it. She decorated this perfectly. It looks magazine worthy.

“Do you like it?” Dad asks from the doorway. He’s checking his phone, and I’m sure he doesn’t really care if I do or not. I don’t think he’s even looked up.

“It’s great. Thanks.”

“Good. No problem.” He shoves his phone in his pocket. “Your schedule is in your history book. You’ve already been registered. So all you have to do is show up for class tomorrow.” He puts his hands into his pockets and gives me his patient smile. It’s totally fake. “Your pills are on your nightstand,” he adds.

Warmth envelopes my cheeks. When I glance at Adam, he’s staring at me with a worried expression. “And you know you have your appointment next—”

“Yep, got it,” I say, dropping my purse on my bed before I take a seat

I do not want to talk about this. Dad and I haven’t talked about my medication since I was put on it over a year ago. An eerie silence envelopes the room, and I pretend to pick lint off of my new comforter.

A huge black desk sits beside my bed. My laptop, printer, books, and pens sit on top. A bookshelf near the window overflows with books, and my dresser stands opposite of the bed, close to my entertainment center.

Dad claps his hands. “Adam, you keep an eye on her.” He points to me like I’m some kind of prized possession. “Keep her away from”—his eyes move toward the kitchen—“people.”

Adam laughs. Plopping down beside me on the bed, he runs his fingers through his dark hair. “Dad, Jaden isn’t exactly Cade’s type. You don’t have to worry about him. He isn’t around much, anyway.”

Not his type? Not that I give a shit, but why? Oh—that’s right—because I’m five feet two, and the boob fairy ran out of boobage when she was giving all the other girls theirs.

“Good,” Dad says, straightening his tie. “I’ve got to jet. If you…need anything let me know, okay?”

I nod. Reluctantly, Dad walks over and presses a kiss to the top of my head. “Bye, Jaden. You can come home whenever you feel like it, okay?”

I nod.

Then he’s gone. Just like that.

Once the door closes, Adam lets out a huge sigh and slams his palms down on the bed. “I’m so glad he’s gone.”

I smile over at him. “Why, because you’re scared he’d find out that skunk smell isn’t really a skunk?”

Adam’s green eyes, that match mine, dart over to me. “Oh, Dad knows. He just didn’t say anything because as long as I’m not getting girls pregnant and staying in school, he doesn’t care. But how would you know what that smells like, huh?”

I roll my eyes and stand up. “So, I guess you’re stuck with me now?”

Adam gets to his feet, stretching his arms above his head. “Guess so. But, hey,” he says, grabbing my wrist, “are you okay? I mean…” He trails off because neither one of us knows what to say. Adam knows what happened in school. Hell, my grandma who lives five hundred miles away knows about what happened at school.

“I’m fine.” I snatch my dresser drawer open and pull out underwear, a tank top, and some yoga pants. “Like Dad said, I’m starting over.”

Adam gets quiet and his eyes drop to the floor. “Speaking of Dad. He hasn’t hit you again, has he?”

I swallow the lump that’s trying to crawl up my throat. Dad went a little crazy this summer and slapped me. He’d never done it before, but it stung and brought tears to my eyes. All because I didn’t want to go to my appointment. I just wanted to skip one. “No he hasn’t.”

Adam nods. “Good. I’d kill him if he did, J.” Then he reaches his arm around my shoulder and pulls me into his side. “But the bastard is right. This is a chance to start over.” He kisses the top of my head. “Hurry and shower. Will is getting back from baseball practice, and I want to introduce you.”

“Who’s Will?”

“My other roommate.”

“Another? What do you mean?” I think I know exactly what he means. That Cade is one of those other said roommates. I just thought he was visiting. I didn’t think I’d have to actually live with him.

“Cade and Will are both roommates. Cade moved in a few weeks ago. But don’t worry, they won’t bother you. They know you’re my little sister. I’d beat their asses.”

That’s not what I’m worried about. I’m worried I’ll embarrass myself living with two college guys. Or the fact that I’m super aware of everything Cade does around me. Or how large his shoulders are. Christ, did Dad not think this out at all? I’m going to be surrounded by guys all the time.

“Oh,” I say.

Grabbing my things, I shoot across the hallway toward the bathroom before he can see the worry line in my forehead.


My name is Alla Kar. I live in the deep south with my fiancé and Chihuahua. I love to write about alpha males, southern gentlemen and swoon-worthy men! :)


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