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Monday, July 9, 2018

🌟REVIEW:🌟 The White Room by C.M. Albert

The White Room 
by C M Albert
Release Date: April 17th 2018 by C.M. Albert
Pages: 278
Genres: Adult Fiction
Author's Links: Goodreads, Website, Twitter, Facebook
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"What we do behind closed doors reveals the naked truth of who we really are." 

Welcome to the White Room . . . The rules are simple: No real names. No commitment. Two hours. They're put into place to protect us-exclusive clients lucky enough to afford the cost of playing. But everyone knows: some rules are made to be broken. When hearts and bodies collide, even the best intentions slip away . . . exposing the true reasons why we seek the room in the first place. Will the White Room set you free? Step inside and find yourself.
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

My Review:

What intrigued me from the very start was the synopsis and the cover. There is really not a lot said specifically in the synopsis, yet it’s easier to understand it after reading the book. Although the story is fairly short, we get to see a variety of characters and how they all somehow connect. Without revealing too much of the story, The White Room is an invitation-only place where no personal information is exchanged and what happens in the room stays in the room. It’s a place where people go to explore their wildest fantasies without being judged. But when things start to get personal, the members of The White Room begin to explore the idea of wanting to reveal their true identity to those that they want to see again. It was interesting to see how the characters were connected by their lives outside The White Room and how they interacted while they were in the room. It was well developed and the ending fit the story really well, it came full circle in the end. The White Room is one of those stories that you just have to read it without knowing too much about it. I highly recommend reading this story, it’s worth picking up. :)

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.***

My Rating:

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