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Friday, September 5, 2014

Feature and Follow Friday (#52)

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Question: Are you also a writer and what genre or did you ever consider writing? - Suggested by The Pegster Reads

Answer: Yes! I have written two novels (although they are more in their drafting stage). I'm taking a break from writing at the moment to focus more in school, but I'm hoping to get them published someday. I like paranormal romance/fantasy, so that's what I started writing,although I'm getting more into contemporary romance at the moment. :)

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Jessica @ a GREAT read said... Best Blogger Tips

OOh nice! I finished one book myself, although I really need to go back and edit a few things before I try querying it again. My second novel hit a lull and I sort of have lost motivation to write lately. Doesn't help that I am still sick today, because I feel like I will be motivated with today's question!

Here's my Follow Friday

Have a GREAT day!

Old Follower :)

KatCho said... Best Blogger Tips

Any kind of romance is cool with me! I love reading it all. It's so cool that you've already finished two whole books. That's so hard. Hope that you are able to revise them and do awesome things with them :)

New GFC Follower

Kat @ Readiculous Blog

Nicole Hewitt said... Best Blogger Tips

Very impressive! I'm impressed by anyone who manages to actually get their ideas down and completes a book. Kudos to you!

Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

Lori Christensen said... Best Blogger Tips

Your page is so freaking cute! I look forward to the day you get published Followed on GFC, Bloglovin, and Twitter :) My FF

GL Tomas said... Best Blogger Tips

Very hard to get your ideas down for one work, let alone two! Good luck with any writing after that!

Old follower!

Guinevere & Libertad @ Twinja Book Review's #FF

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