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Saturday, September 30, 2017

✯BLOG TOUR:✯ Sir: The Awakening by D.L. Hess {REVIEW + GIVEAWAY!}

Sir: The Awakening by D.L. Hess

Release Date: September 26th 2017
Series: The Awakening Series Book 2
Pages: 116
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

“It’s becoming fast apparent that the only way I’m going to be able to stay away from a certain diner waitress is if she orders me away. . . And, even then, it’s going to be difficult to stay away.” 

Hollywood heartthrob Nate Stone returns to his south Louisiana hometown to direct a movie, but once he gets there all he can think about is the pretty waitress at the local diner. Tori Wilson knows that the smoking hot actor-turned-director will stop at nothing to get her into his bed, but he can only offer her a short affair–and he’s asking for a lot more than simple sex. Tori has never wanted anyone as badly as she wants Nate, but is she willing to let him take control when she’s already been burned before? And if she submits to his commands, will he dominate her heart? 

“Nate Stone leaves devastation in his wake. When he walks away from me the last time, I’ll be a different person than I was before I met him. It would be smart of me to end it here and now, but god help me, I’m in too deep already and the only way this will end is when he leaves me for good, crushed and alone. I can’t stop it and I won’t, I’ll continue to fall to my doom with only the hope that there will be something left to my heart on the other side. Even so. . . I want everything he can give me.” 

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My Review:

Sir: The Awakening is the continuation to the first book Sir (Book 1) of The Awakening Series, now I was one those people that thought this was the first book for some reason, the synopsis looked fairly similar to me so I ended up reading this book without reading the first and I didn’t miss much. The author gives a good amount of information to catch us up to what is happening at the beginning of the book. We are introduced to Nate Stone, a Hollywood actor whose success has made him famous and wealthy. He has conquered the film in front of the camera, and now he wants to make his debut as a director by filming a movie in his childhood hometown of Louisiana. It was all supposed to be business for him, but little did he know that Tori Wilson, a local waitress was about to change his life forever. Tori knows that he can only offer her a short affair, but the more time they spend together the more they start to fall of one another. It’ll be up them to decide if moving on to the next level is worth it or not.

While I liked the overall concept of the story, there wasn’t a lot of action in the book to keep me invested in the characters. Tori doubts herself a lot, but when she gives Nate a chance he doesn’t do much to show that he cares to have anything with her other than the physical aspect of their relationship. The story could have been so much better had it been one whole book instead of separating it in pieces. Overall, if you like this types of stories than it’s worth checking it out. ;)

***ARC provided for blog tour purposes in exchange for an honest review.***

My Rating:

About D.L. Hess: 

D.L. Hess read her first romance novel when she was ten years old. It was Judith McNaught’s Once and Always, and she spent that entire Saturday night hiding in the closet and reading until she was done. . . only to start again from the beginning. That book left an imprint, an imprint she hopes to leave with you.

D.L. Hess grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and now goes between her hometown and Los Angeles, where she works as a screenwriter. Her partner-in-crime is a nine-pound Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix named Busby Berkeley who travels with her everywhere in a carrier that looks like a purse. D.L. Hess is an avid fan of Cajun cooking, traveling, and discovering new experiences. Her travel bucket list includes cruising all the major rivers in the world. So far, she has only hit two of them.


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Friday, September 29, 2017

✯BOOK BLITZ:✯ Red Dagger by H G Lynch {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

Red Dagger by H G Lynch

Release Date: February 10th 2017 by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Series: Reaper Born #1
Genres: Paranormal, Young Adult

Ruairidh is a Demon Hunter, like his father. But when his father is murdered by a demon he was hunting, Ruairidh must move back to Scotland to live with his mother and brother. He vows to kill the demon who murdered his father, but he struggles to balance Hunting with college, and his hostile brother makes it clear he wishes Ruairidh had never come back. Doesn't help that Ru is falling for the girl his brother is crushing on. Life is going to get very tricky for Ruairidh, but as long as he has his sword and his wits, he's ready to take on whatever comes at him.

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The Catchi loomed up in front of me and grinned, its fangs dripping venom. Then it brought one clawed foot down on my reaching hand, its curved toenails sinking into my wrist, and I cried out in pain. I glared up at it and yanked the hunting knife from the sheath on my thigh, slicing it cleanly through the demon’s calf. It howled and hobbled back as the lower half of its leg hung on by a few threads of muscle. I’d cut through the bone.

Pulling the dismembered foot free of my hand, I tossed it aside and rolled to my feet, blood leaking down my fingers and dripping onto the floor. I knew I had to move fast because Catchi could regenerate limbs – I hadn’t crippled it for long; all I’d done was really piss it off. The neon green blood gushing from its severed leg was already slowing, the stump already knitting flesh to bone and stretching out.

Without waiting for it to heal any more, I lunged while it was still off-balance. I crashed into it at the waist, tackling it to the ground. We skidded along the wreckage-strewn floor and slammed into the wall. The demon scrambled to shove me off, its claws raking my arm, but I ignored the flare of agony and brought my blade down in a vicious arc, ramming it hilt-deep in the demon’s throat. Green blood sprayed over me as I yanked the knife to the side, ripping open the Catchi’s neck.

The monster’s eyes widened, its mouth opening to display brown fangs the length of my pinkie finger, but the only sound that came out was a faint gurgling. Breathing hard, dripping blood – both its and mine – I started to get up, but the demon grabbed my arm, and with one last surge of energy, head-butted me in the stomach. I gasped as I felt the poisonous spikes drive into my gut and stumbled backward, clutching a hand over the wound.

The Catchi went limp, finally dead, but I couldn’t enjoy the success because it had just condemned me to death along with it. “Fuck,” I wheezed, already feeling the venom going to work, the acid eating at my insides. 


H.G. Lynch is a Paranormal Romance author from Scotland. She is an avid reader, and cat-lover. She spends most of her days writing, while wrestling her cat off her laptop. She loves horse-riding, Star Trek, and snow.
Her books are dark paranormal romances.


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✯BOOK BLITZ:✯ Carry Me Home by Jessica Therrien {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

Carry Me Home by Jessica Therrien

Release Date: September 26th 2017 by Acorn Publishing
Pages: 356
Genres: Contemporary, Thriller, Young Adult

Lucy and Ruth are country girls from a broken home. When they move to the city with their mother, leaving behind their family ranch and dead-beat father, Lucy unravels.

They run to their grandparents’ place, a trailer park mobile home in the barrio of San Jose. Lucy’s barrio friends have changed since her last visit. They’ve joined a gang called VC. They teach her to fight, to shank, to beat a person unconscious and play with guns. When things get too heavy, and lives are at stake, the three girls head for LA seeking a better life.

But trouble always follows Lucy. She befriends the wrong people, members of another gang, and every bad choice she makes drags the family into her dangerous world. 

Told from three points of view, the story follows Lucy down the rabbit hole, along with her mother and sister as they sacrifice dreams and happiness, friendships and futures. Love is waiting for all of them in LA, but pursuing a life without Lucy could mean losing her forever.

Ultimately it’s their bond with each other that holds them together, in a true test of love, loss and survival.

Purchase: Amazon, B&N


“You ready for this, Guera?” he asks.

It’s a test, Guera. Only thing I can say is you’re allowed to fight back. Take ‘em out with everything you got.

I’d heard of people being jumped into a gang before, maybe it was Rosa who told me about it. As the girls start to descend from their spots around the room, slowly closing in like encircling wolves, I know what’s about to happen.

The realization takes hold in my chest, a quick plunge of the heart into an icy lake of fear. I back away slowly out of instinct, ready to run, but there’s nowhere to go. The sound of their skittering feet is the first thing I hear before they come at me. Me against all of them. Me against Rose Tattoo and Cigarette Twins. Me against the jealous novias. Ten sets of eyes glinting with the thrill of a fight. I flinch and turn my back to avoid the fists, but they’re all around me. One of them catches me by the shoulders, holding me in place as the other girls hit the back of my skull. My head flies forward, chin to chest.

At first I don’t know whether to swing or cover. I reach up to protect myself, but there are too many points of contact. The rush of adrenaline is intense. It blocks the pain, but there is a fiery need in me to get away. I try and kick or punch, feeling one or two connect, but the girls are everywhere. An elbow slams against my temple. My head splits and my ears ring. I go down.

Every infinite minute of being the enemy feels like it’ll never end.

Someone’s shoe stomps my thigh. Others strike my ribs. I heave and gag until I can’t breathe. But that kind of terror turns me into a resilient kind of crazy. The kind of rabid-mad that is born of desperation. I scrape and flail until I’m on my feet, pulling hair and swinging my fists, making contact with whatever I can. I don’t realize I’m screaming until Toño calls them to a stop.

It ceases the moment the girls hear his voice, and I’m left there shaking and crazed, my breath dragging in and out of my lungs in a feverish effort to return to its normal rhythm. I pant and cry, as softly as I can, but it’s hard to deny my body the relief of all-out sobbing. My head hurts. My brain smashes against my skull with the pulse of too much pressure. I taste blood in my mouth, though no one has touched my face. Now that it’s over, the pain of it all rushes to the surface and makes me want to vomit. I feel like I could die.

Why am I here? Why am I doing this?

“She’s in,” Toño says, and the cheers of the group shock my senses and make me tense up.

They all rush me, and at first I’m terrified it’s about to start again, but instead they hug me and pat me on the shoulder all at once. Each hand on my back or squeeze around the shoulders rocks me with pain, but they’re so happy. Their laughter and cheering is contagious, it flows into me, filling me with a strange sense of pride and belonging. I can’t help my smile when I see their encouraging faces. I even start to laugh.


Jessica Therrien is the author of the young adult series Children of the Gods. Book one in the series, Oppression, became a Barnes & Noble best-seller shortly after its release. Her trilogy has been translated and sold through major publishers around the world, such as Editions AdA (Canada), EditionsMilan (France), and SharpPoint Press (China).

Aside from her Children of the Gods series, Jessica is the author of a kid’s picture book called, The Loneliest Whale. Her award-winning stories can also be found in a published anthology of flash fiction.

Jessica currently lives in Irvine with her husband and two young sons. She is working on an a YA suspense thriller series and a middle grade fantasy series.


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Thursday, September 28, 2017

✯BOOK BLITZ:✯ One Shade of Gray by Monica Corwin {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

One Shade of Gray by Monica Corwin

Release Date: September 26th 2017 by Pronoun
Pages: 276
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

My name is Dorian Gray. You might think you know my story? Please. That was just the beginning. Not the end.

I’ve lived over 100 years. I don’t know why. I’ve sinned, deeply, but haven’t we all? 

Now Sybil is back. Her name is Izzy and she looks the same. Smells the same. Walks the same...but everything else about her is different. Stronger. Bolder. I want her more than ever. 

I should keep her safe, and keep my hands to myself. But those dark parts of my soul still linger. I won’t lose her again.

Purchase: Amazon, B&N, iBooks, Kobo


My heart beat so loudly in my chest I was sure he could hear the echoing thump thump thump against my ribcage.

Did he know what I was asking? Did I know what I was asking? Before I could let the potential fear kick in, I gave my mind over to my body, and lifted my arm to slap him one more time.

He grabbed my wrist in a crushing grip, stalling its progress before I could strike him.

There was no give in that look. Not one. Single. Inch. For the first time, I met his eyes and saw something to fear, but I didn’t fear for myself. That look said he’d been to the brink of insanity and stood just on the good side. One push might send him over. So I swallowed my hurt pride, let him squeeze my wrist a little too tight, and popped up onto my tiptoes to finally taste sin.

But he wouldn’t let me reach his lips. His other hand closed around my throat, not squeezing, but cradling it. I knew he understood exactly what I wanted right now, what I needed right now, and I let him take control.

He spun me to face the wall. His body aligned behind mine and he released me to rip open the bottom of my shirt. I mourned Cap for a brief second. The rough handling and the loose hold sent the fabric scraps to my ankles. I swallowed the knifepoint of fear threatening to slice open the moment and bleed it dead. No. He wanted me and I wanted him. I didn’t expect it like this but I was in no way unwilling. My pants were next as he roughly shoved them to my feet along with my panties.

“Put your hands on the wall and don’t move,” he said in my ear. More growl than an actual directive.

I spread my arms out and anchored my fingertips in the brick, the scratchy grooves between the rectangles giving me something to anchor to. It should have felt like a police frisking. Cold and unmovable, with my bare ass out and him completely clothed behind me.

The heat of his body through his clothes warmed me, excited me, aroused me in a way I didn’t know was possible.

I cleared my throat to speak, but he clamped a hand over my mouth.

“Don’t. If you want to stop, you have to explicitly say stop. No matter what happens or how many rounds you think we’ve gone. Do you understand? When you say stop I will let you go completely.” He released his hold over my mouth and buried his face into the back of my hair. “Tell me to stop. Tell me to stop now,” he begged.

My body reacted before my mind and reached around to hold the back of his neck. I wasn’t going to say stop. He’d started this and now he was going to have to see it through.

“Put your hand back on the wall,” he snapped after as second of us standing, breathing, beating together.

The fear left me. He was in control and some dark twisted part of me liked it that way. To surrender to him. To give up that gnawing part of my always questioning mind.

At the same time, it wasn’t always like this. We had been in a reverse position only hours before and both of us wrangled for control then too. It seemed this time he’d won. Next time I would.

His hands traced the curves of my bare hips, and I caught a whisper in a foreign language I didn’t recognize. Right now I couldn’t ask what it meant, but I filed away the information for later.

He slid those long fingers over the curves of my thighs to my core, only inches from touching the part of me that ached for it. “Do you know what I’m going to do to you?”


Monica Corwin is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author. She is an outspoken writer attempting to make romance accessible to everyone, no matter their preferences. As a Northern Ohioian, Monica enjoys snow drifts, three seasons of weather, and a dislike of Michigan football. Monica owns more books about King Arthur than should be strictly necessary. Also typewriters...lots and lots of typewriters.


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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

✯BOOK BLITZ:✯ Temptation and Treachery by Sahara Roberts {TEASERS + GIVEAWAY!}

Temptation and Treachery by Sahara Roberts

Release Date: September 25th 2017 by Entangled Publishing, LLC (Ignite)
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

Andres “Rio” Rivera became his ICE profile years ago. Cold and calculating, he never promises anything beyond right now. But when he ends up with a cancelled flight and a shared hotel room with the secretive Celeste Patron, the fire behind Celeste’s buttoned-up exterior melts every barrier. He may only have her for one night, but that’s long enough to make her every fantasy come true.

When Celeste leaves, Rio returns to hunting a notorious cartel leader. His shock upon arresting the man is eclipsed when he discovers the woman he fell for is his daughter…and she’s pregnant with Rio’s baby.

Purchase: Amazon, B&N, Kobo



Sahara Roberts caught the writing bug early in life. She enjoys writing Romantic Suspense and Contemporary Romance. Her days are filled with international trade issues (the legal kind) and her evenings writing steamy romance. She is currently working on the fourth novel in the Dangerous Desires series and plotting a contemporary romance series.

When she's not at her usual hangout, Savvy Authors, she enjoys socializing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and her website, or watching APB, The Blacklist, and The Walking Dead (Following Daryl). Sahara lives in South Texas with her husband and a very spoiled cat. She enjoys cooking, baking, and cake decorating, but she would certainly prefer to have someone else do the dishes.


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**Updating soon!**

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

✯BOOK BLITZ:✯ Ruin Me by Bella Love-Wins & Shiloh {TEASERS + GIVEAWAY!}

Ruin Me by Bella Love-Wins & Shiloh

Release Date: September 26th 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance


I should know to keep my guard up when this dark, damaged stranger saves me. But I don't.

His tortured soul draws me in for one hot, sinful Vegas night.

Then I learn what he is. 

An irresistible liar.

I should back off, but it's already too late.

I've fallen for the one man who'll ruin me.

Ruin Me is a full length (55,000 words) steamy standalone romance with dark story elements, no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a happy ever after ending.

Purchase: Amazon, B&N, Kobo, iBooks


BELLA LOVE-WINS is a Wall Street Journal (Begging for Bad Boys, April, 2017) and USA Today (Begging for Bad Boys, Alpha for the Holidays, Shifters in the Snow: Bundle of Joy, Shifters in the Shadows) Bestselling Author.

She loves reading and writing steamy, high-action romance stories about firefighters, billionaires, and alpha males who know what they want and aren't afraid of laying claim to the women who catch their interest. She loves a happy ever after ending. She enjoys reading, hiking, the countryside, and traveling to destinations unspoiled by commercial tourism, like Las Vegas... :)

Like so many characters in her novels, she enjoys action, romance and unexpected love connections that take your breath away. For the next while, you'll find her plotting and writing about my latest stories on my Macbook.

SHILOH WALKER is an award-winning writer…yes, really!  She’s also a mom, a wife, a reader and she pretends to be an amateur photographer.  She published her first book in 2003. Her latest suspense, The Right Kind of Trouble, released in August 2016 from St. Martins.

She writes romantic suspense and contemporary romance, and urban fantasy under the name J.C. Daniels.


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