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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

🔖 REVIEW BLITZ 🔖 Follow Me Darkly by Helen Hardt

Follow Me Darkly by Helen Hardt

Release Date: September 29th 2020 by Entangled: Amara
Series: Follow Me #1
Pages: 400
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Erotica

I’ve always been a control freak. But he makes me crave submission…

Working for a hotel heiress and social media influencer may not be my dream job, but at least it allows me time to do what I really love—take photographs. Pretty good for a wholesome farm girl from Kansas trying to make it in Boston. Life may not be easy working for a diva, but at least I know what to expect.

Until blue-collar billionaire Braden Black strides into the office. He’s beyond handsome and sexy, but also domineering with a definite hard edge. I’m not sure why he’s interested in me, but within a few weeks, he’s showing me a world I never knew existed.

He’s opened up a side of me I can only face in the dark, and it’s quickly becoming an obsession. How can I give up something this addictive—even if his secrets could ultimately destroy me?

My Review:

Helen Hardt delivers an irresistible story full of steam and mystery that had me hooked from beginning to end.

In the story we get to meet Skye Manning, assistant to Addison Ames, a Boston hotel heiress and social media influencer. As an aspiring photographer, Skye takes pictures of Addison for her instagram, but that’s not what she has always wanted to do. Having moved from Kansas to the big city in hopes of making a name for herself, Skye quickly gets wrapped around Addison’s world and that includes her past. When Braden Black comes into her life all she knows is that the billionaire shares a past with Addison. But no matter how much Skye wants to know more about their past, neither Braden or Addison want to talk about it. It’s a mystery that she can’t seem to solve, but that soon gets clouded by the enigmatic billionaire as he pulls her into his world and shows her what she is truly capable of doing. Yet, the more time they spend together the more she starts to feel for Braden and she quickly learns that in order to be with him she will have to give up control, something that she is not sure she wants to give up at all.

From the eye-catching cover to the intriguing synopsis, Follow Me Darkly did not disappoint at all. Being the first book that I’ve read from the author, I found the story to be compelling and romantic. Told in Skye’s POV, we get to see her develop and fall completely in love with Braden. Yet, we also get to follow on her journey as she dwells deep into the mystery behind Brande’s past. It’s the closer that she gets that she starts to question who Braden really is. It’s their chemistry that drew me in from the start and I cannot wait to read what happens next. The ending was completely unexpected, since it does end with a cliffhanger, but it worked well in the story. All in all, the story was steamy and romantic. I would highly recommend it if love billionaire romances. :)

**I received an advanced copy from the publisher**

My Rating: 4.5/5

Meet Helen Hardt:

#1 New York Times, #1 USA Today, and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Helen Hardt’s passion for the written word began with the books her mother read to her at bedtime. She wrote her first story at age six and hasn’t stopped since. In addition to being an award-winning author of romantic fiction, she’s a mother, an attorney, a black belt in Taekwondo, a grammar geek, an appreciator of fine red wine, and a lover of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. She writes from her home in Colorado, where she lives with her family. Helen loves to hear from readers.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

🔖 RELEASE BLITZ 🔖 Stones Unturned by Taylor Danae Colbert

Stones Unturned by Taylor Danae Colbert

Release Date: September 29th 2020
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

"We choose family, always."

As the only child of Georgia’s leading tech mogul, that motto has been our way of life for as long as I can remember. I’ve been groomed and primed to take over his role since I was fifteen. Ever the dutiful daughter, I’ve done everything to stick to the plan, even if the plan was never what I actually wanted.

But people lie. Stories change. Entire family histories are rewritten.

When tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome Derrick Thomas shows up with a photograph that shatters my world, I find myself following him 700 miles north to Meade Lake—the one place that might help me find answers.

Drowning in lies, I cling to Derrick’s every word, desperate for the truth. And somewhere along the way, I end up clinging to him, too.

Suddenly, I feel a change in the wind, a crack in all those concrete plans that were laid for me ever so carefully.

“We choose family, always.”

But after I find out what they’ve done, I realize that family isn’t always flesh and blood. Sometimes, family can be strangers. Sometimes, strangers can be family.

I just have to choose which one I want to call mine. 

Meet Taylor Danae Colbert:

Taylor has been writing since the tender age of seven, when her mother bought her her first typewriter. Once she finished her first work, a tall tale about a girl with hair that grew too fast, her father told her she should be published. And so, her lifelong dream of becoming a published writer was born.

Taylor never thought of herself as a romance writer, but it turns out, she loves love.

When she's not chasing her kids, watching Impractical Jokers with her husband, running, or playing around with her two pups, she's probably under her favorite blanket, either writing a book, or reading one.

Taylor lives in Maryland, where she was born and raised.

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🍂 Freebie Tuesday (Edition #336) 🍂

✨ ✨ ✨ HAPPY FALL! ✨ ✨ ✨ 

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***Note that there will be some books that will be free for limited time only, so make sure to download them as soon as you can. Also if there is any specific genre that you guys would like me feature, let me know!  

The Lost Vampire Prince
by Melody Raven
Release Date: January 4th 2019
Series: Evil Rising #1
Pages: 283
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
Author's Links: Goodreads

Nicolas is the embodiment of royalty. Strong. Powerful. Deadly. The only thing he's missing is his throne.

Decades ago a vampire mutiny murdered his father and forced him into hiding, but all that is about to change. A mortal woman smart enough to learn the truth about him and naive enough to trust him is the perfect pawn to sneak him back into the monarchy.

Nothing is going to stop Nicolas from getting what is rightfully his. Not lust. Not love. And not Anna. At least that's what he thinks.
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)


by Leigh Walker
Release Date: May 21st 2020 by CMG Publishing
Series: The Equinox Pact #1
Pages: 344
Genres: Romance, Paranormal
Author's Links: Goodreads, Website, Twitter, Facebook



The island of Dawnhaven has a population of 100 and it’s in the middle of nowhere, i.e., off the coast of Northern Maine. If Taylor can just make it through senior year and survive living with her wicked stepmother, she’ll be free, once and for all…


James Champlain is tall and strapping, with a square jaw. Taylor’s thrilled to discover that in addition to his looks, James is charming, funny and kind. She’s increasingly drawn to him, but…


People say strange things about James—that he takes his boat out on secretive missions at all hours of the night, that the steady stream of visitors to his estate are disciples of some sort of pagan “institute.” Although Taylor doesn’t believe it, James does claim he can read peoples’ auras. But does that make him a cult leader? And does he want to date her, or just recruit her?


There’s something dark in the island woods, something dangerous. When Taylor encounters it, she learns that not only James is not what he appears, nothing is.
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)


by Jennifer Blackstream
Release Date: January 14th 2018 by Skeleton Key Publishing
Series: Blood Trails #1
Pages: 332
Genres: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Author's Links: Goodreads, Website, Twitter, Facebook

USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Blackstream unveils a new action-packed urban fantasy series…

As a witch with a dark past, Shade Renard knows the Otherworld isn’t always successful at policing itself. Humans don’t believe in magic anymore, and their ignorance renders them easy prey. So when an FBI contact hires her to consult on a possible haunting in a missing person case, Shade seizes the opportunity to see justice done.

The investigation takes an unexpected turn when an undead crime lord shows up on her doorstep. A bold thief stole the vampire’s little black book of secrets—and he’ll pay a lot more than an FBI consulting fee to get it back. To collect, Shade will have to confront a rogue sorceress—or two, a vengeful wizard, and a lethally seductive fey, with only her wits, her growing magic, and a sarcastic pixie familiar. Success means bringing a killer to justice and taking the first step to redemption. Failure means a war between humans and the Otherworld.

No pressure.

Magic, murder, and mayhem will excite and delight you. Expect no sleep until the last page turns…

Blood Trails is a captivating new urban fantasy mystery series that will plunge you into a deadly world of secrets and hidden motives. Let the intrepid PI Shade Renard and her precocious pixie familiar teach you that in a world where the supernatural run rampant, nothing is as ordinary as it seems…
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)


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Friday, September 25, 2020

🌟 BOOK BLITZ 🌟 A Vampire’s Spell by Marie-Claude Bourque {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

A Vampire’s Spell by Marie-Claude Bourque

Release Date: September 24th 2020 by Sea Storm Publishing
Pages: 265
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

A VAMPIRE’S SPELL: A Slow-Burn Urban Fantasy Romance

Meet the Order of the Black Oak: a powerful order of modern-day warriors fighting evil to protect the ones they love.

Son of an ancient vampire and a legendary French witch, guilt-ridden Mont-Royal Immortal Valerian St-Amand must team with a powerful New England witch to protect his city from a crazed scientist seeking immortality. But as his well-guarded heart softens for Maisie Thibodeau, their quest to eradicate true evil from the streets of Montreal destroys any hope of everlasting love.

If you love loyal tough guys with hearts, satisfying slow-burn paranormal romance and safe Happily Ever Afters, then the Black Oak World is for you.

“5 stars – Fantastic series of action, magic and awesome romance. You will fall in love with the characters and feel you are right with them.”


She tried to stay on topic, but the man before her was nothing like the cool and distant philanthropist she knew. This now was the very enticing male who had carried her over Madame Ioshta's icy threshold, the one who had looked at her with haunted hunger in the tunnels, ready to sample every bit of her while holding himself back with immense self-control.

Except this time, the hunger was not for her blood. But for something entirely different.

Her body could not ignore the mix of danger and sexiness he exuded. And the crush she held for him flushed all over her. Every fiber of her body yearned for the totality of his essence.

She edged closer to him with a tentative hand on his shoulder, wanting to confess her mounting feelings for him. "Val, I—"

"Ma belle." Something heavy passed between them. His cheek brushed hers as he whispered against her ear. "I know."

He slid a hand on the bare skin of her back and her knees buckled at the electrifying touch. She would have fallen if his thighs hadn't trapped her deliciously against him.

His breath was on her temple, his arms around her waist, his broad chest gently brushed against hers. "You smell so good," he said. "Like the spring rain."

As he inhaled deeply against her earlobe, a thousand sensations scattered through her.

She anchored the crook of her arm behind his corded neck. Her free palm splayed wide to settle on his chest between the two of them, just there at the swell of his taut muscles.

He pulled her in closer and she fell into his embrace, tilting her head back at him. "Mon ange," he groaned slowly against her cheek.

Her heart hammered wildly, her chest searing with pent-up cravings as she turned her mouth against his and gently brushed his lips with hers.

"Seigneur," he cursed.

Then, as if it was all he needed to act, he responded with a powerful kiss, his passion released in a broken dam of cravings.


Marie-Claude Bourque is a Seattle-based author of gothic paranormal romance and the winner of the American Title V award with her first novel ANCIENT WHISPERS.

Her writing features modern-day fantasy skillfully weaved into infinitely romantic supernatural stories between smart strong women and complex passionate heroes.

Happily Ever After always absolutely guaranteed!


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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

🌟 BOOK BLITZ 🌟 Romancing the Holidays Anthology {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

Romancing the Holidays Anthology

Release Date: September 20th 2020
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

A dozen ways to fall in love at the holidays…

Come celebrate the holidays with these dozen unique romances, ranging from sweet to steamy and all ending with a happily-ever-after. This anthology of short stories, written by multi-award-winning authors, including New York Times best-selling author, Alyssa Day, will transport you from Labor Day and Halloween antics to Christmas and Valentine romantics. Its stories will whisk you away into contemporary, historical, and paranormal worlds where love prevails. So, savor the authors featured in this enchanting book and bet your heart on some romantic cheer while you enjoy these twelve ways to fall in love.

Proceeds from this novel benefit First Coast Romance Writers, a non-profit chapter of Romance Writers of America that helps writers hone their craft and expand their knowledge of the publishing industry. A portion of the proceeds are also donated to Feed America.


Faking it for the Holidays

by Lia Davis

Julius probably shouldn’t be as happy as he was about his parents going on a cruise the week of Christmas. But he was. For the first time since he met his best friend and future wife—although she didn’t know that yet—he would be able to spend a normal, quiet, holiday season with Tara.

Just the two of them.

Was it wrong that he wanted to spend Christmas with his best friend, alone?

They didn’t have to listen to his parents, especially his mom, go on and on about how they should get married and give her beautiful grandbabies. It was embarrassing and made things awkward between them for the whole trip to Oregon to spend Christmas with his parents.

Tara had always been fantastic about his crazy family, which made her even more perfect for him. She never complained. She fit right in with them and humored his mom when she started in about the future of their lives and how they weren’t getting any younger.

The whole thing made him hesitate to ask Tara to marry him. He didn’t want her to think he was pressured into proposing, which he wasn’t. He loved her from the moment they met as kids.

He wanted to show her how much he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, without the pressure of his family lurking and watching them. Yessir, this year was going to be different.

He had Tara to himself.

His cell rang and he snatched it up from the kitchen counter where he was prepping movie-night snacks for him and Tara. It was their usual Saturday night “date” to make fun of bad movies. Not looking at the screen and thinking it was Tara, he said, “You better not be backing out on tonight.”

There was a long few moments of silence. Jules’ heart dropped to his feet. She wasn’t coming over. He’d spent all week gathering the courage to finally tell her how he felt. That he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and not as just her best friend. He wanted more. “Tara?”

“Oh, no silly. It’s your mother. Don’t you check the caller ID?”

Damn. “Mom. How are you? Are you on the ship?”

She let out a disappointing sigh. “Sadly, no. The cruise was canceled last minute. That means we’re staying home for Christmas. You’re coming, right?”


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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

🍂 Freebie Tuesday (Edition #335) 🍂

✨ I cannot believe fall is officially here! I absolutely love this time of year and all the cozy/spooky reads. 🎃 Don't forget I will be tweeting random freebies that I can find on any given day so if you're looking for more free books make sure to follow me on twitter @JackieBookWorld. :) 

***Note that there will be some books that will be free for limited time only, so make sure to download them as soon as you can. Also if there is any specific genre that you guys would like me feature, let me know!  

Murder on the Sugarland Express
by Angie Fox
Release Date: November 21st 2017 by Moose Island Books
Series: 252
Pages: Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries #6
Genres: Cozy Mystery, Paranormal
Author's Links: Goodreads, Website, Twitter, Facebook

Ghost hunter Verity Long is overdue for a little R&R (rest and romance) with her boyfriend, Ellis, and a vintage train trip through the Tennessee mountains seems like just the ticket. The Sugarland Express carries history and nostalgia in every compartment, and Verity is determined to enjoy it—without ghostly interference. But the ghosts have other plans…

On a dark, desolate night nearly a century ago, the train was stranded in the mountains, and a young woman was found stabbed to death in her locked compartment. The murder was never solved, and a ghostly Belgian detective is still pursuing the case from the grave.

To Verity’s dismay, all of the ghostly suspects are back. And when history repeats itself and a new murder mirrors the old, it’s up to Verity and her friends to discover which of the passengers—dead or alive—could be behind the murders before the killer strikes again.
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)


by L.G. Castillo
Release Date: September 13th 2017
Series: Broken Angel #1
Pages: 270
Genres: Romane, Paranormal
Author's Links: Goodreads, Website, Twitter

An angel's rules were simple: obey the Archangels, don't show yourself to humans, and never fall in love with one.

Lash broke them all.

Banished to Earth for defying the archangels, Lash is given one last chance to redeem himself. His mission is simple: protect Naomi Duran, a captivating young woman lost in grief. The assignment proves to be anything but simple when the Archangels withhold key information about Naomi and refuse to restore Lash's powers. When an unexpected source reveals centuries-old secrets, his trust is shaken to the core, and he begins to doubt those whom he had once considered to be his greatest allies.

Determined to avoid anything that would risk his chances of returning home, Lash struggles with the greatest obstacle of all--his growing feelings for Naomi. But when her life is threatened by an unknown source, Lash questions the wisdom of the Archangels and his ability to keep her safe. Soon, Lash will have to choose where to place his trust--in the home he has fought so hard to regain or in the forbidden love he can't bear to lose.
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)


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