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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

πŸ”– REVIEW BLITZ πŸ”– Second Chance Vow by M. Robinson

Second Chance Vow by M. Robinson

Release Date: November 16th 2021
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

From Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author M. Robinson comes a second chance romance.

From the moment I laid eyes on her, Kinley was mine.

At fifteen years old I was determined to make it happen, but we were on and off for years until I got it right between us and finally made her my wife.

We were supposed to be forever.

So in love.

So devoted.

So consumed with each other.

But somewhere along the way we lost sight of that love.

Ten years later and that love became anger. That devotion began to crumble, and we were consumed with resentment of life not working out the way we had planned.

We meant it when we vowed for better or for worse...

So why the hell were we signing divorce papers? 

My Review:

Second Chance Vow is by far the most emotionally gripping story that I’ve read by M. Robinson. This friends-to-lovers romance is about second chances at love and new beginnings. Having met the characters in Robinson’s previous standalone, Alpha CEO, they were instrumental to the main characters and now we get to finally read their own story that does not disappoint.

For OB/GYN Christian Troy the minute he laid eyes on Kinley McKenzie in high school, he knew she was his forever. He had never experience such a pull toward anyone before her and he was determined to make her his. Living in a small town in Texas where everyone knows everyone, he had heard rumors about her past. Yet, that never deterred him from wanting to be with her since he had his own battles to go through growing up. It’s one day when they are at a party that both of their lives change forever the minute he takes her first kiss. Christian trusts her with his deepest secrets and she does the same. They from a strong bond and they are able to overcome obstacles overtime. Needless to say, that soon stops and their marriage starts to crumble. Then it shocks him when Kinley insists on getting a divorce, they were supposed to last forever and he wants to know what went wrong before it’s too late.

Kinley McKenzie never expected to find someone like Christian Troy, but ever since they met when they were fifteen he has always been there for her no matter what. He doesn’t treat her different like the rest of the town and she finds comfort in him. She longs to have the family that he has as her relationship with hers is not the best. Even though Kinley is not looking to start a relationship, she can’t help but to fall head over heels in love with Christian the minute he takes her first kiss. He would take many more firsts as they start their life together. But soon all those happy moments together would end as new obstacles come their way and they slowly start drifting apart. Yet, she can’t continue to allow Christian to sacrifice more than he already has and Kinley makes the difficult decision to divorce him. Nevertheless, Christian isn’t signing anything without a fight and she has to be strong enough to let him to or he’ll resent her forever.

I really enjoyed reading Second Chance Vow, the author does a good job telling their story in past and present scenes. We get to see them formally meet for the first time and see them face the obstacles that would make them stronger as a couple. Then it would take us back to the present where the characters are facing their pending divorce and we get to see them go through a lot of emotional turmoil. It’s evident that they love each other, but it would take a turn of events to completely change the course of their future. It was truly such an emotional read and the author did a good job bringing us into their world. I loved seeing characters from Alpha CEO makes appearances and the interaction between Kinley and her best friend Jax were really sweet. I can’t say that the ending was unpredictable, but the way it worked out in the story made it that much more enjoyable to read. I would highly recommend checking out Second Chance Vow and I cannot wait to read Jax’s story! :)

***I received an advanced copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own***

My Rating: 4.5/5

Meet M. Robinson:

M. Robinson is the Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author crowned as the "Queen of Angst" by readers around the world. Dive into her visionary world that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and leave you wanting more. She writes everything from contemporary to suspense romance and is best known for her novel, El Diablo.

When M isn't in the cave writing her next epic love story, you will find her shopping and living on a boat in Florida with her real life pirate, her lobster, her husband Bossman. Sipping on Starbucks and hanging out with their two dogs, a German shepherd mix and a gordito Wheaten Terrier reading a good book. Or spending time with her family, who she is extremely close with.

Above all, M loves her readers more than anything and loves to connect with them! She is on all social media platforms but you will find her in her happy place the most. Her VIP Reader Group on Facebook or her second favorite happy place, Instagram.

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Monday, November 15, 2021

🌟 BOOK BLITZ 🌟 Warming My Winter Heart by Michelle Cornish {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

Warming My Winter Heart by Michelle Cornish

Release Date: November 22nd 2020
Pages: 194
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance

You can’t run from love forever . . .

When Lexi Blair comes home to Little City from LA for Christmas, she gets the surprise of her life—the ex-fiancΓ© she thought was dead is very much alive and wants her back!

It’s Christmas Eve and Lexi’s seen a ghost. Or . . . she thought he was a ghost until her mom admits to faking his death so Lexi would come home for Christmas.

After a humiliating run-in with her ex—which results in Lexi disowning her mother—she hides out at her best friend’s tree farm, babysitting a nameless puppy while her friend and hubby tend to a family emergency.

But farm life comes with a few perks Lexi isn’t expecting—mainly a hunky farmhand who’s helping Lexi run the place until her friends return.

While Lexi ran from Little City, John ran to it, and she quickly learns he’s healing from past hurts of his own.

Can Lexi and John stop running before it’s too late?


Before long, Mom has dinner on the table, and when we’re seated, she says grace. Mom’s always loved going to church on Christmas Eve, but after her big fight with Aunt Flora, she started going every Sunday and doing things like saying grace.

Dad gives me a fully loaded, sideways look that says, “Yeah, your mother still hasn’t talked to your aunt and we still do these things to make it okay in her eyes.” I give him a nod. Does he know what they fought about that Christmas? He took a misdirected punch while he and Ian pulled Mom and her sister apart. That was before Ian became the biggest boob on the planet. Ugh.

“Oh, Lexi, I almost forgot.” Mom draws my attention back to the present. She grabs a box from the kitchen. “I got Christmas crackers.” Ooh. Seems hardly worth it for the three of us, but I do love Christmas crackers. Their gold and silver foil shines as Mom hands one to Dad and me then places one next to her own plate.

I look inside the cracker for the pull tab and grip it firmly then cross my arms, offering the Christmas cracker to Mom on my right and reaching for Dad’s cracker with my right hand.

“Ready?” Mom says. I’m transported back in time as I nod then Mom issues her standard Christmas cracker instructions. “On three. One . . . two . . . three!”

We all pull hard on our crackers against each other and our three little crackers pop and snap while bits of ripped paper scatter across the table. If Mom and Dad had a cat, it would have run for cover.

“Ooh, look,” Mom says. “I got a magnifying glass.” An urge to make a snarky comment about Mom’s eyesight and “how did the Christmas elves know?” pops into my head, but I let it go. I just got here, no need to start a fight just yet.

I check the table for my prize while Dad holds up a giant sparkly paperclip. “Not sure what this is about,” he says.

“It’s a bookmark, dear.” Mom touches Dad’s hand as she says it. She must have splurged on the premium crackers that encourage you to spend more money by showing you on the back of the package what you’ll get.

Something shiny catches my eye on the floor. “Ooh,” I say, leaning over in my chair to pick up my prize. “I got a pen.” I hold it up like it’s some kind of trophy. At least it’s something useful. I place it on the table right next to the fuschia paper crown that also spewed forth from the Christmas cracker.

“Put on your crown.” Mom flutters her hand in my direction. She’s already wearing hers. Dad somehow “accidentally” ripped his, so it won’t stay on his head. Lucky guy. I put on the crown. My cheeks burn a bit, and I feel like I’m ten again—the last year I remember actually liking these silly crowns. I scan the table hoping a bottle of wine has materialized in the last few minutes. Nope.


Michelle Cornish is a recovering CPA with a passion for stories. Writing mostly romance and women's fiction with strong female heroines, Michelle's books often include nods to her former life as a CPA. When Michelle’s not writing, she’s hanging out with her two boys and husband in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, BC, Canada.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

🌟 BOOK BLITZ 🌟 The Worst Best Friend by Nicole Snow {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

The Worst Best Friend by Nicole Snow

Release Date: November 10th 2021
Pages: 475
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Thriller

Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole Snow returns with a hilariously uplifting standalone romance where two jaded friends next door bring their lost hearts home.

It’s all sunshine and butterflies until your brother’s best friend dropkicks your heart.
I knew I had it coming with Weston McKnight.
The Adonis next door. The fever crush. The always protector.
The man who walked away after pulverizing my soul.

Seven years ago, he left our little town with a promise he couldn’t keep.
I waited. I worried. I suffered.
I stopped chasing dreams built on that boy’s mile-wide shoulders.
Then I found the pig—and sweet chaos found me.

I had to rescue that poor squealing baby before he was roadkill.
I didn’t know he belonged to Captain McGrumpy.
I never guessed I’d collide with a scowling, moody, scary-hot West again.
Same man. New secrets. Oh, but that all too familiar tension…

We’re stuck as frenemy neighbors for the next two months.
Facing a dilemma with bittersweet memories and flaming glances.
What’s the harm in seeking a little closure?
Can we even use words without risking an all out kissing war?
Am I in trouble with my worst best friend again?

Full-length romance thriller with a sticky sweet Happily Ever After forged from friends-to-lovers madness. Witness one broken man’s redemption quest to claim the girl he shouldn’t with so many small-town hijinks, countless dad jokes, and a little help from a bad-tempered pig.


“Look at me,” I rumble.

“W-why?” she stammers with a sniff.

For this.

The moment our lips meet, it’s like a generator blown to pieces. A hundred thousand watts of raw electricity, hot and fast and furious, so wild with sparks it welds our lips together.




She gasps into my mouth and I groan back a curse. Her lips firm with surprise, then soften, giving way to the sudden attack of my tongue.

I’m no longer in control of my own body.

This kiss has its own rules, its own gravity, its own soul.

I’d be a complete fool to try to stop its energy.

Her lips are too soft. Too warm. Too perfect in every way, shape, form, and whimper.

When my tongue claims hers, soft and wet as a summer strawberry, she molds to my chest, dragging her body against mine.

I can’t separate my hot mouth from hers, even though I know full well I should.

Stumbling back a step is the only thing that saves us.

That’s what she does to me, her and her thieving, glorious lips. She knocks me upside the head and renders me fucking boneless.

I tear myself away violently, just a few inches, both of us staring in wild-eyed shock at each other, fighting to remember how to breathe.

Goddamn. My eyes slide to those ruby-red lips again with a need to bite her.

I can’t. I won’t.

But more time, maybe.

Just one more taste and then I’ll stop. I’ll pull back from the brink before we face annihilation.

It takes nearly all my willpower to crush my lips against hers, to roam her mouth every way I’ve wanted for years—fucking years—only to shove myself away.

Dammit all. My bright ideas especially.

I’m panting like a wild animal—breathing like I’m in disbelief—and for her, I want to be.

I also want it to happen again, a thousand more times.


Nicole Snow is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author. She found her love of writing by hashing out love scenes on lunch breaks and plotting her great escape from boardrooms. Her work roared onto the indie romance scene in 2014 with her Grizzlies MC series.

Since then Snow aims for the very best in growly, heart-of-gold alpha heroes, unbelievable suspense, and swoon storms aplenty. With over a million books sold, she lives for the joy of making two people fight with every bit of their soul for a Happily Ever After.

Current fan favorites include her Enguard Protectors series, accidental love novels, plus long beloved MC romance thrillers like the Grizzlies and Deadly Pistols.


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Friday, November 12, 2021

πŸ”– REVIEW πŸ”– Second-in-Command by Melanie Moreland

Second-in-Command by Melanie Moreland 

Release Date: November 11th 2021 by Moreland Books Inc
Genres: Romance, Suspense, Contemporary

Because love can bleed into the darkest heart

I found her when I least expected.

I should have let her go, but I couldn't.

My world is too dangerous for her.

But she needs the protection only I can give her.

And without her life has no meaning.

For the first time in my life, I'm taking what I want—

consequences be damned.

My Review:

From the sizzling chemistry to the swoon worthy moments, Melanie Moreland delivers a must-read in Second-in-Command, the second book in the Men of Hidden Justice Series!

We are introduced to Marcus in The Boss, the first book in the series as Matteo’s second-in-command. Now Marcus is the leader of his team and he finds it difficult than he thought it would be. Yet, he takes his job seriously and every mission is a race against the clock. His goal is always the same, to save innocent people. It’s one day on a mission that his instincts kick in and he feels that something is off minutes before destroying the building. As he goes around the building trying to find anyone else alive, he is shocked to see a woman in a cage. She is terrified and bruised up. Marcus promises to protect her and for the first time, he can’t let her out of his sight. There is something about her that calls to him and he wasn’t expecting to feel so strongly about her right away. He wasn’t looking to get involved with anyone, his world is dangerous and yet is Missy that manages to change his life forever.

For twenty-four-year old Melissa “Missy” Evans, finding out that she is far away from home after being kidnapped comes as a shock to her. She tried fighting her captors, but that only resulted in her getting put in a cage away from everyone else. Yet, it’s the handsome stranger who saves her that gives her hope and safety. Missy finds comfort by being around Marcus and the more time they spend together, the more difficult it becomes to be away from each other. Nevertheless, the man behind her kidnapping is still out there and even though she wants to help find him, Marcus is set on keeping her away. She might not have that much experience, but she is good at what she does and wants Marcus to see that. It would take a turn of events to change the course of their lives and threaten their chance at a future together.

I throughly enjoyed reading Second-in-Command, Marcus is a total alpha ready to protect Missy at all costs. He wasn’t expecting to find her, but he did and their chemistry is magnetic! On the other hand, Missy has a fire in her that challenges Marcus every time and makes her want to prove that she can fight as well. It’s when they’re together that it’s truly explosive and I couldn’t stop reading the book. While Missy and Marcus have each other, there is the question of having actual future that come up and they have to decide if leaving everything behind is worth leaving or not. I loved the epilogue, it was sweet and it fit the characters very well. I would highly recommend checking out the series, you will not regret it! :)

***I received an advanced copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own***

My Rating: 

Meet Melanie Moreland

New York Times/USA Today bestselling author Melanie Moreland, lives a happy and content life in a quiet area of Ontario with her beloved husband of thirty-plus years and their rescue cat, Amber. Nothing means more to her than her friends and family, and she cherishes every moment spent with them.

While seriously addicted to coffee, and highly challenged with all things computer-related and technical, she relishes baking, cooking, and trying new recipes for people to sample. She loves to throw dinner parties, and also enjoys traveling, here and abroad, but finds coming home is always the best part of any trip.

Melanie loves stories, especially paired with a good wine, and enjoys skydiving (free falling over a fleck of dust) extreme snowboarding (falling down stairs) and piloting her own helicopter (tripping over her own feet.) She's learned happily ever afters, even bumpy ones, are all in how you tell the story.

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Thursday, November 11, 2021

πŸ”– REVIEW BLITZ πŸ”– The Trailblazer by Gina Azzi

The Trailblazer by Gina Azzi

Release Date: November 11th 2021
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, Sports

I always knew I’d marry my first everything, Declan Yaeger, the Southern boy with Irish roots. That was before he became my first heartbreak, a NHL superstar with a playboy reputation I no longer recognize.

The summer he left our small, Tennessee town, to pursue his hockey dream is the summer my life changed. That was seven years ago, before he became a defenseman for the Boston Hawks. Before I became fixated on my career, losing pieces of myself along the way.

To protect my grandfather's legacy, I agree to marry my oldest childhood friend, Henry. But when I enter the Church on my wedding day, the grey eyes piercing mine aren’t my fiancΓ©’s.

They’re Declan’s, the last person I expect to show up with an offer of his own. One I can’t refuse even though my heart should know better than to accept.

Will my marriage to Declan heal the broken between us? Or are we destined to repeat the mistakes of our past? 

My Review:

Gina Azzi knows how to deliver truly emotional stories that will grip you and never let go. In The Trailblazer, the seventh book in her Boston Hawks Hockey Series, Azzi gives us all the feels in this second chance sports romance that will leave you waiting for more.

For Genevieve “Vivi” Kelley, taking leadership in the Harrison Foundation has not only being her salvation, but also a way to keep her grandfather’s life’s purpose going. Yet, her role in the foundation is put on hold the minute she finds out that in her grandfather’s will, her stake in the foundation is contingent upon marriage. Vivi doesn’t understand why the man that practically raised her would allow her future to depend on a man. She is worried of what it’s going to happen to all the philanthropic causes her grandfathers fostered in the hands of her cousin, Alfred. With no other choice and the clock ticking to get married before her twenty-fifth birthday, Vivi decides to give in. But her choice of groom has cold feet and the man that she thought would never see again steps up to marry her instead.

There is a lot of history between her and Declan Yeager, not only did they grew up together, but he was her first everything. Then he left and her life around her crumbled. He is set on convincing her that she should give them a second chance, but there is something that Declan doesn’t know and Vivi is afraid of how that is going to affect their future once he finds out.

Declan Yeager couldn’t be happier at the fact he was able to turn his childhood dream into a reality. As the defenseman for the Boston Hawks, he is grateful to have had Beau Harrison’s support growing up and now as he plays in the NHL. But it’s a phone call that Declan gets from his dad that completely changes his life around, when he finds out that Beau Harrison has passed away. This immediately makes Declan think of Vivi, the one he left behind when he when on to pursue his hockey dream. It’s been seven year since they’ve seen each other and when he finds out that she is about to get married, Declan sets out to find out what truly happened to them all those years ago. Little did he know that he would end up marrying her in front of those close to them in the same place they promised each other that they would growing up. This makes Declan realize that he can’t give her up, he just needs to make her see that they can have a future together.

The Trailblazer was sweet and romantic. I really enjoyed the overall story, it was touching and emotional. The characters go through a lot, especially Vivi, who finds herself going through traumatic experiences. The author did a good dealing with the subject matter while giving us a story about getting a second chance at love. It’s evident that Declan still has feelings for Vivi and is willing to prove to her that they belong together. The ending was my favorite, it brought the characters’ story to full circle. It fit them so well and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series. I would highly recommend checking it out if you like second chance friends-to-lovers sports romances. You will not regret it! :)

***I received an advanced copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own***

My Rating: 4.5/5

Meet Gina Azzi:

I’m Gina Azzi, a book-obsessed, coffee-drinking, globetrotting, mama of soon-to-be three! I write sweet with a dash of spicy New Adult and Contemporary Romance full of good men putting in work to win the hearts of even better women.

A total Jersey girl at heart, I struggle with insatiable wanderlust and currently reside in Ontario, Canada with my family.

When I’m not dreaming up storylines or writing all the words, you can find me hanging with my littles, attempting to bake, or planning my next adventure.

Connect with me on social media or at I’d love to hear from you! 

Happy Reading!



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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

πŸ”– BLOG TOUR πŸ”– Dangerous Temptation by Giana Darling {REVIEW}

Dangerous Temptation by Giana Darling

Release Date: October 26th 2021 by Dangerous Press
Genres: Dark, Romance, Contemporary

He arrives all dressed in black. Diamond cufflinks. A watch on his tanned wrist that cost more than we would ever see in a lifetime of work. He carries a single red rose for my mother.

Months later, Tiernan Morelli lays red roses on my mother’s grave. That same day, he tells me that he is my new guardian.

I should have known from the very start that he had more in common with the thorns than the rose. Now I know the truth: I’m a pawn in his dangerous game of revenge. I was too young and naive. Now it's too late to save myself from his clutches.

I belong to him. 

My Review:

Not having read any other books by Gina Darling before, I didn’t know what to expect before reading Dangerous Temptation. Needless to say, this sizzling enemies-to-lovers forbidden romance took me by surprise and had me hooked until the very end.

The moment Bianca Belcante moved to Texas, she never imagined that she would be moving back to
New York City with her little brother and new guardian. She is finally in the city she’s always wanted to be without her mom and Bianca needs to figure out how to navigate her new life with Tiernan. He was her mom’s wealthy mystery man and Bianca never got along with him. In her head no man was going to fix their problems, until her mom passed away and Tiernan was the only one she thought to call for help. Now she is in Bishop’s Landing, living among the wealthiest people which includes the Constantines and Morellis.

There is so much that she wants to know about her dad’s family and get to know them. Yet, she is still in the shadows as she has always been growing up. Meanwhile, Tiernan is set on transforming her to become worthy of the McTiernan household. Giving her anything at her disposal, but she needs to follow his rules. Her life truly changing when she slowly finds out more about the man she calls her guardian. Beneath the monster he portrays, Tiernan is gentle and protective. There is also the fact that he is insanely attractive and no matter how much she wants to deny it, Bianca has develop feelings for him. It’s until they cross the line of no return when things go south and she finds out that Tiernan has been lying to her all this time.

It’s their imperfections that have made the Morellis a dark force in New York City’s high society. They don’t pretend to be clean like their rivals, the Constantine family. As the third son of Bryant and Sarah Morelli, Tiernan Morelli, is the black sheep of the family. He has spent the last thirty years trying to prove himself to his father and siblings. Yet, never once has he ever been called for help so he is surprised when Bianca reaches out to him when she needs him the most. He knows what’s like to be cast in the shadows as he was groomed to be a monster by his own father. The rivalry between the two powerful families goes way back and Tiernan thinks he can end the rivalry for good by brining down the head of the Constantine family. So he sets out to do just that and that includes bringing down Bianca and her brother as well. They are pawns to his dangerous game of revenge, until Bianca starts to see something in him that he hasn’t seen before, hope. Tiernan can’t develop feelings for her, but it’s too late and he finds himself wanting to protect Bianca from the plan that he started.

I liked the overall concept of the story, this is definitely an age-gap forbidden romance that’s steamy and hard to put down. There is so much to the characters as we find out more about their backgrounds and how their families play a role when it comes to their future. There are family secrets and a bit of a mystery as well. The book itself is short and it also end on a cliffhanger. All in all, it was a good start to the duet and I can’t wait to read what happens next! :)

***I received an advanced copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own***

My Rating:

Giana Darling is a USA Today Bestselling Selling Canadian romance writer who specializes in the taboo and angsty side of love and romance. She currently lives in beautiful British Columbia where she spends time riding on the back of her man's bike, baking pies, and reading snuggled up with her cat Persephone. She loves to hear from readers so please contact her at if you have any questions or comments.