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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

🎉 ⭐ Top TEN Books Read in 2019!!! ⭐ 🎉

I cannot believe the year, let alone a decade has gone by so fast! I truly enjoyed 2019 and I cannot wait to make new memories in the upcoming year. There were a lot of really good books that came out in 2019 and today I'm rounding up by top TEN books. Let me know what your favorite book was of 2019 and see you guys in 2020!

Wishing everyone a happy New Year filled happiness and lots and lots of books! May 2020 be the best one yet. 🎉

⃕ Here are my top ten books that I read in 2019 {In no particular order!}  ⃔


The Quicksilver Trilogy by Nicole French

Book 1: The Hate Vow
Books 2: The Kiss Plot
Books 3: The Love Trap

I loved The Quicksilver Trilogy, but more specifically The Love Trap. It was truly an explosive read that will leave you happy with the ending to such an epic trilogy. It all begins with a vow and a contract that would ultimately change the lives of Jane Lafferts and Eric de Vries. Full of emotions and unexpected twists, this is a must-read! 💗

→ My Review ←


The Cruel Series by K. A. Linde

Book 0.5: One Cruel Night
Books 1: Cruel Money
Books: 2: Cruel Fortune
Book 3: Cruel Legacy

I've been loving every single book that K. A. Linde has come up with so far and this series was a roller coaster ride! It's such a juicy story about the secretive and glamorous side of the Upper East Side. It's a must-read if you like Gossip Girl with a twist. 

→ My Review ←


Royal Secrets Trilogy by Jeana E. Mann

This was really hard to decide on which series I liked better since I also happened to read The Rebel Queen Duet, which is a follow up of this story (with different characters). But the Royal Secrets Trilogy won, it was a sexy and unexpected read that had me hooked from the beginning to the very end. 🔥

→ My Review ←


Hold on to Hope by A. L. Jackson

You know it's an A. L. Jackson book when the story brings you to unstoppable tears! 😂 This story was such an emotional read and a heartwarming story with an equally touching ending. 💖

→ My Review ←


A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

I fell in love with the overall story, the setting and the characters, it was truly a magical read! Highly recommend it! 😍


Kiss Me Again by Emma Hart

Hart's Kiss Me Series is hilarious, but Kiss Me Again became my favorite. The banter between the main characters was entertaining and sweet. The ending will completely melt your heart! 🦔

→ My Review ←


Hollywood Playboy by Natasha Madison

This book surprised me in the best way possible. The characters are relatable, the story was full of depth and full of emotions. If you have not read any of the Hollywood Royalty series, then I would highly recommend checking it out. You will not regret it! 😉

→ My Review ←


All the Way by Kendall Ryan

Out of the three books in the Hot Jocks series so far, All the Way is my favorite! It was romantic, sweet and steamy! Kendall Ryan does not disappoint as she livers a great story with great characters in it. Highly recommend checking out this series and any other books by her. 😍🔥

→ My Review ←


The Amendment by Melanie Moreland

I just read The Amendment recently and it blew my mind! It's definitely one of those stories that you don't think you need until you read it. It explores the what-happens-after-story of Katy and Richard VanRyan, it's about the obstacles that come after marriage and how they dealt with it. It was emotional and a story not to be missed. 😄


Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

I enjoyed reading this book and the movie (although they are a bit different). I still liked each one individually, there are so many characters and their stories will truly leave you wanting for more. 🎉

🔖 Hope you guys check out any of the books that I've featured in this post. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more from these authors in the future!

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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

❄️ Freebie Tuesday (Edition #302) ❄️

❄️ Welcome back! It's Christmas Eve, I hope everyone is having a great day surrounded by family and friends.⛄

I will be tweeting random freebies that I can find on any given day so if you're looking for more free books make sure to follow me on twitter @JackieBookWorld. :) 

***Note that there will be some books that will be free for limited time only, so make sure to download them as soon as you can. Also if there is any specific genre that you guys would like me feature, let me know!  

Christmas in Darling Bay 
by Rachael Herron, Juliet Blackwell, and Sophie Littlefield
Release Date: November 25th, 2017
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

Ring in the season with this charming short-story trilogy by internationally-bestselling authors Juliet Blackwell, Sophie Littlefield, and Rachael Herron. 

Darling Bay’s favorite Santa Claus has just died, but before the beloved Earl passed, he wrote a few really important letters. The letters are acting as matchmakers in Earl’s absence, and three couples get pushed together by his ribbons of ink. Merriment shimmers, hearts are gladdened, and kisses are stolen during the storm that moves into Darling Bay over the holiday weekend. The storm threatens to shut down the whole town, but as hearts waken, will love triumph over all as Earl pulls heartstrings from above? 


Christmas Light 
by Jolyse Barnett
Release Date: November 11th 2014 by Tule Publishing 
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
Author's Links: Goodreads, Website, Twitter, Facebook

Adirondack girl-in-transition Jade Engel comes home to recharge after ending a career she never truly wanted, but soon realizes she’s in danger of also being swept off her feet by the boy-next-door, her former best friend, Ben Stephens. If only he’d stop kissing her every time she falls into his arms.

Everything local celebrity Ben Stephens ever wanted is in Starling. Then Jade comes home after an eternity away and sends his simple world into a tailspin. He’s determined to pursue her—the one girl who got away. But when their friends-with-benefits arrangement blows up in their faces, will they have the courage to put their pasts to rest in order to forge a future together?

Christmas in New York series
Book 1: This Christmas by Jeannie Moon
Book 2: All I Want for Christmas by Jennifer Gracen
Book 3: A Light in the Window by Jolyse Barnett
Book 4: Goodness and Light by Patty Blount
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)


The Brands Who Came for Christmas 
by Maggie Shayne
Release Date: October 22nd 2014 by Thunderfoot
Pages: 223
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
Author's Links: Goodreads, Website, Twitter

Caleb didn’t know that one night of bliss last spring with small town beauty Maya Brand had resulted in a pregnancy, until the blackmail attempt arrived on his desk in an unmarked envelope, complete with photos of Maya with a belly out to there.

When he learns the truth, Caleb rushes back to Big Falls, determined to make it right despite what the scandal will do to his high profile career–the family legacy he had never truly wanted.

All he wants is Maya, and their child.

But can a girl whose father abandoned and betrayed her, ever truly believe in the goodness of a man who left town the morning after their one night stand? How can he convince her that he hasn’t stopped thinking about her since then, much less, do so with the whole world watching? He has to prove himself to a woman he’s not even sure he’s worthy of. But he has no idea how.

The Oklahoma All-Girl Brands is a six-book, small town, contemporary romance series with shades of HOPE FLOATS and YOU’VE GOT MAIL. Spin off of the bestselling Texas Brand Series.
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)


Happy Holidays! 😊

Monday, December 23, 2019

🌟BOOK BLITZ:🌟 Can’t Buy Me Love by Janet Elizabeth Henderson {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

Can’t Buy Me Love by Janet Elizabeth Henderson

Release Date: December 25th 2019
Series: Sinclair Sisters Trilogy #3
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance

Three awesome series meet in one explosive book!

It turned out hell was a small town in the Scottish Highlands. Oh, sure, the locals called it Invertary, but Agnes Sinclair knew better—the town even had an old woman everyone called Satan. If that wasn’t a sign she was in hell, she didn’t know what was. All Agnes had ever wanted was to get out of Scotland, and now she was stuck there with no escape. And all because of one teeny, tiny incident (he totally deserved it!) that got her blacklisted in the hotel industry. Now, her only career option is managing a hotel owned by a guy who looks like Disco Santa, in a town where everyone marched to their own damn beat. And, as if being trapped in hell wasn’t bad enough, a spate of thefts at the hotel makes the owner call in a member of Benson Security to help her get to the bottom of them. Agnes doesn’t need help. She especially doesn’t need it from a sexy single father whose every breath tempts her to reevaluate what she wants out of life. A man who makes her wonder if Invertary is where she truly belongs.

***This is a full length, standalone romance with an HEA***
**It includes characters from the Invertary (Scottish Highlands) series and the Benson Security Series**
*You don't need to have read any other books in any series to enjoy this one!*


This is the start of the book, where we find out the heroine is in a job she doesn’t want and the hotel she works in has been suffering a spate of thefts since she started. No clues for guessing who’s suspect number one! So, the hotel owner calls in a member of the local security team to look into things. And Logan and Agnes do NOT hit it off!

It turned out the Catholics were right—purgatory was real. And it was a small town in the Scottish Highlands. Oh, sure, the locals called it Invertary, but Agnes Sinclair knew better. She wasn’t fooled by the picturesque loch or the rows of crooked white houses. Invertary was where souls came to have the hope sucked out of them—or whatever it was that happened in purgatory. Not being Catholic, Agnes wasn’t sure what went on there, but with a name like purgatory, it couldn’t be good. All she knew for sure was that she’d only been in town for three weeks, and already she’d lost the will to live.

“You called a security firm to investigate me?” She glared at her new boss, Dougal Jamieson, the owner of Invertary’s only hotel, and he didn’t even squirm.

He tugged down his red tartan waistcoat, which he’d teamed with a pink button-down shirt, and glared back. “I called them in to investigate the thefts. The ones you informed me were happening. Was I supposed to ignore them?”

“You were supposed to let me do my job and investigate them myself. That’s why you employed a hotel manager. To free you up to take care of the pub and build your new conference center.” The conference center that was still in the planning stage because the land Dougal needed to build it was being held hostage by an old woman the town called Satan. Which seemed appropriate, because if this was truly purgatory, Satan should live in it. Right? She really needed to find a Catholic and have them explain this stuff to her.

“You might be the day-to-day manager, but this is still my business,” Dougal snapped.

It was clear to Agnes, after only three weeks in the job, that Dougal didn’t actually want to let go of the responsibility of managing his hotel. So he’d taken to managing her instead.

In detail.




His micromanagement was beginning to make her skin crawl, and the urge to gag him and lock him in a closet grew stronger by the minute.

Dougal’s white brows furrowed as he huffed a breath that made his matching mustache and beard flutter. Her boss was Santa dressed as Elton John, with a booming voice and a deep Highland burr. Talking to him was like having a bad acid trip.

It was on the tip of her tongue to demand to know why he’d hired her when he seemed so set on doing the job himself. But Agnes already knew the answer—her sister’s husband had talked him into it. Yep, that’s how pathetic she’d become. Even though she’d spent ten years studying part time to get a degree in hotel management and had countless hours of practical experience under her belt, she needed her sister to find her a job.

There were days, like this one, when she second-guessed the decision that’d landed her in her current predicament. She’d been offered a job managing a large hotel that was part of a famous chain, and all she’d had to do to secure the position was have sex with the owner. Agnes had politely declined, kicking his nuts into next week as she did so. Less than twenty-four hours later, she’d been blacklisted throughout the entire UK hotel network. Which had led her to this moment—a face-off with disco Santa.

She should have had sex with the creepy hotel owner.

Taking a fortifying breath, she reached deep for what little patience ran in her genes. “I know this is your hotel, and I understand that I work for you. But I just want the opportunity to do my job before you decide you need someone else to do it for me.”

“This isn’t a judgment of your abilities.” Dougal’s voice reverberated off the walls. “It’s an attempt to give you some help. Benson Security can investigate the thefts while you manage the hotel.”

What was left hanging in the air between them was the fact the bulk of the thefts had only started when she’d arrived in Invertary. She looked her boss straight in the eye. “I’m not the one stealing from you.”

He smacked a beefy hand on her desk. “Did I say that?” He turned to the man leaning in the doorway. The man Agnes had been steadily ignoring since he’d arrived with her boss ten minutes earlier. “Did I, at any point, suggest my manager was stealing from me?”

Agnes tossed her long, straight blonde hair over her shoulder, folded her arms over her gray suit jacket, and tapped her toe. Yes, what exactly did the almighty ‘security specialist’ think of this situation?

The corner of the man’s mouth quirked as he uncrossed his arms and ankles and stepped into the room. At about five foot eight or nine, he wasn’t massively tall, but he would still tower over her. He wore a black long-sleeved tee with the sleeves pushed up, a pair of dark blue jeans, and brown suede boots. His thick, mahogany hair, shorter at the sides, was pulled back in a rough right parting. He reminded her of a younger Tom Cruise. Only with a nose that’d been broken at some point and set crooked. They shared the same lean, muscled physique, and the same amused sparkle in their eyes.

“What I think,” he said, “is that we all need to take a step back and calm down.”

And that was all she needed to hear to know he was an ex-cop—it was in his tone. The same tone she’d heard many times over the years. Perfect. This was just what she needed.


Janet is a Scot who moved to New Zealand fifteen years ago. Among other things, she’s been an artist, a teacher, a security guard at a castle, a magazine editor, and a cleaner in a drop in center for drug addicts (NOT the best job!). She now writes full-time and is working on her 19th book. Her books have won several awards, including the Daphne du Maurier award for excellence in mystery and suspense. When she isn’t living in her head, she raises two kids, one husband, and several random animals. She survives on chocolate and caffeine.


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Friday, December 20, 2019

🌟BOOK BLITZ:🌟 Kingdom of Darkness and Light Boxed Set {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

Kingdom of Crowns and Glory

Release Date: December 18th 2019 by Enchanted Quill Press
Series: Kingdom of Darkness and Light Book 1
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, New Adult

Fairytale heroes, but not as you remember them… 

The age old tale of Good versus Evil comes to life in this epic boxset featuring only the heroes from your favorite fairytales. 

Will light triumph over dark? Will the heroes beat the villains? 
Be part of the battle and explore your favourite fairytales from different perspectives, in this one of a kind split fairytale anthology retelling collection. 

This set by USA Today and Amazon Best Selling authors is like nothing you have never read before. 

Paired up with The Kingdom of Villains and Vengeance boxset, you can now read the story from the perspective of both the heroes and villains. Come on a magical journey to see if good does always triumph over evil. 

Stories included are: 

The Little Mermaid Vs The Sea Witch 
Snow White Vs The Evil Queen 
Sleeping Beauty Vs Witch 
Robin Hood Vs Sheriff 
Alice Vs Queen of Hearts 
Princess Vs Rumpelstiltskin 
Peter Pan Vs Hook 
Little Red Vs Wolf 

Scroll up to join the heroes on their quest to find their happily ever after… 

Kingdom of Villains and Vengeance

Release Date: December 18th 2019 by Enchanted Quill Press
Series: Kingdom of Darkness and Light Book 2
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, New Adult

Fairytale villains, but not as you remember them… 

The age old tale of Good versus Evil comes to life in this epic boxset featuring only the evil doers from your favorite fairytales. 

Will light triumph over dark? Will the heroes beat the villains? 
Be part of the battle and explore your favourite fairytales from different perspectives, in this one of a kind split fairytale anthology retelling collection. 

This set by USA Today and Amazon Best Selling authors is like nothing you have never read before. 

Paired up with The Kingdom of Crowns and Glory boxset, you can now read the story from the perspective of both the heroes and villains. Come on a magical journey to see if good does always triumph over evil. 

Stories included are: 

The Evil Queen Vs Snow White 
Witch Vs Sleeping Beauty 
Sheriff Vs Robin Hood 
Queen of Hearts Vs Alice 
Rumpelstiltskin Vs Princess 
Hook V's Peter Pan 
Wolf Vs Little Red 

Scroll up to join the villains on their quest to stop the heroes' happily ever after… 


Excerpt from Anne Stryker's book, Glacier featured in Kingdom of Villains and Vengeance. A story from the perspective of Rumplestilskin.

“Tell me a story,” she whispered, staring at the globe like her world rested within.

I took a deep breath and gazed at the sky. “A story? Since when do you like those?”

Her lips lifted in a small smile, and mine mirrored the action to match. I spun a recycled tale from fae lore, replacing our heroine’s name with hers—likely sacrilege, but for her growing smile, I didn’t care. She fought dragons and rode through plains upon her faerie steed, bolstering legend and carving her name into the world itself. As the theatrical rendition slipped to a close, her smile had fallen.

It took all my strength not to touch her then, draw her close, and whisper the truth, about everything. But I couldn’t bear to see hatred blister in her gaze, not tonight. Enough would happen tonight. And I couldn’t forfeit everything now.

She pressed the globe against her chest and stared up at the stars. “Thank you, my faerie,” she murmured, and a tear traced down her cheek.

My breath held.

She pinned me with those blue eyes that were an echo of mine. “I wish you were real.”


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