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Sunday, March 31, 2019

🌟REVIEW!🌟 Seducing the Billionaire's Brother by Marquita Valentine

Seducing the Billionaire's Brother 
by Marquita Valentine 
Release Date: March 28th 2019
Series: Seducing the Billionaire #3
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
Author's Links: Goodreads, Website

Pleasure before business. Always.

Connor Montgomery doesn't give a damn about his world-renowned last name or the endless list of women who only want him for his billions. There's only one woman for him... his best friend since childhood, Faith. Unfortunately, as a vital employee of his family's company, she's beyond off-limits.

Too bad he's never been one to follow the rules.

Faith Holt is in desperate need of money... for all the wrong reasons. Stuck between coming clean and falling off the face of the earth, she comes up with a crazy, over the top plan. But to pull it off, she realizes that the only person who can help is the last person she wants to involve since it may require crossing the line.

Too bad she can't stop herself from resisting Connor and his wicked ways.

After years of being "just friends" and looking out for each other in the best of ways, Connor and Faith may have to decide what's worse: resisting the temptation that's always existed between them or finally giving in to it.

(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

My Review:

Having read a previous book by the author before, I was intrigued by her newest release and couldn’t wait to read it. Needless to say, Seducing the Billionaire’s Brother did not disappoint at all. In her latest novel, Valentine delivers a great friends-to-lovers romance that will leave you swooning and rooting for the characters until the very end.

At the beginning of the book we get to meet Faith Holt a seventeen-year old who is excited to go to prom, but she is even more excited to go with the popular guy at school. When he doesn’t show up, she is disappointed and sad. That is until her best friend comes to the rescue and shows her how much fun they can have together.

Having met when they were little, Connor Montgomery has been her best friend and confidant. He has always been there for her and no matter how rich his family is, he doesn’t care that her family is not wealthy. Yet, if there is something that she wants the most is to get out of her little town of Jessamine and that is exactly what she does. Faith manages to graduate college and starts her new job at Montgomery Industries where she is the corporate librarian. But being friends with Connor comes with its own challenges and her life starts to take a new turn when she starts bailing out her dad every time he gambles. With the opportunity to finally be free she is willing to do anything if it keeps Connor by her side even if he doesn’t find out just how much she truly loves him.

Connor Montgomery has it all, the looks and wealth to get just about any woman that he might want. But even his wealth and his family name cannot buy love, especially from someone like Faith. He has been in love with her from day one, but growing up with immense fortune has its drawbacks and he has been in friend zone for a very long time. When he gets the opportunity to show Faith just about much she means to him, he is willing to do whatever it takes to make her his.

I throughly enjoyed reading Seducing the Billionaire’s Brother. The relationship between Faith and Connor is sweet and we really get to see just how much he cares about her from the very beginning. It’s evident that both of the characters have a past but it makes their relationship stronger as they rely on each other for support. What I liked about the story is the traveling that they do and there is a scene where they are in Paris that I think I lot of people are going to love. Now the ending twist was great, but it felt a bit rushed for me. I wish the author could have explained more things in detail, but the very end was still great. I was satisfied with the ending and I would highly recommend checking out the book. I cannot wait to read more about the author in the future. :)

**I voluntarily read an early copy of this title in exchange for an honest review**

My Rating:

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Saturday, March 30, 2019

🌟BOOK BLITZ:🌟 Heat by Nicolina Martin {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

Heat by Nicolina Martin

Release Date: March 29th 2019 by Blushing Books Publications
Series: Russo Saga #1
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Anything can happen during the hot nights in the Dominican Republic.


I just wanted a tan and to sip drinks with little umbrellas in them. I didn’t know that vacation would mean sex with a hot stranger, being drugged, and nearly killed. My instincts tell me there’s more to the smooth facade of Nathan Russo, but my heart won’t listen. He’s my opposite, hot where I’m cool, experienced while I’ve never really lived. What starts out as a sexy fling can’t be more. Can it?


I’m a dangerous man with a mission to complete and people to kill. Sydney Lewis might literally cost me my life. As the stakes increase, I have to decide whether to follow my head or my heart. My life is too dangerous, I’m too much of a monster. She’s a good girl. She can’t be a part of this. I have to be cruel. I have to cut her out.
But she’s the only one who can save me.

Heat will take you on a journey to paradise, through Hell, and back.

Publisher’s Note: This dark romance is intended for adult readers only and may contain triggers for some readers. It contains elements of danger, adventure, steamy scenes, adult language and a guaranteed HEA. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.


Fingers thread through my hair.

I don’t move, my heart speeds up. In an instant, I remember where I am. What I have done. I slept on his lap, knowing it was an open invitation to something I still can’t articulate. I fight to control my breathing and try not to stir, because I don’t want him to know I’m awake. I want to see where he takes this.

I realize I’m holding my breath and force myself to breathe again. I try to inhale calmly, but it catches in my throat. His arm, draped around my waist, tightens. He knows I’m awake, knows I’m not objecting, and he’s not stopping.

His hand slides under the blanket. It’s hot on my skin through my thin blouse. He traces a path along my arm down to my hand that lies in front of my chest, then he moves and places his palm below my breasts, letting it rest there. A finger slides across my nipple. It stiffens instantly. It screams for his attention, and that light brush is far from satisfying. I forget to breathe, and then I just give up on it altogether. I want more. This feels so kinky. So forbidden.

I have to force myself to stay still.

His hand hovers over my nipple, then he pinches it gently and I gasp, spikes of want surging through me. This pretending-to-sleep routine is going to be hard to keep up. When I don’t object, he grows bolder and cups my breast and squeezes. Carefully at first, and then with more force. He suddenly stills and I hear the soft steps of someone approaching.

“Is there anything you need, sir? Coffee? A pillow for yourself?”

“Thank you. I’m good,” he answers cheerfully.

“She seems to be having a good sleep.”

“Oh yes. Anyone would envy her.” His voice reverberates through his chest.

Oh yes indeed!

His hand starts exploring again. It moves down along my belly and I tense up like a piano wire. Is he going where I think he’s going? But then I feel his warm palm on my naked skin as he pushes his hand under my blouse and moves upward again. He pushes up my bra, freeing my breasts, pinching first one nipple and then the other before he firmly squeezes my breasts, paying good attention to them both. I squirm and am barely able to stifle the moan that wants to escape my throat. His other hand rests on my head, toying with my hair, then taking more of a forceful hold of it as his breathing changes, gets more labored. I like it. I like that I affect him as much as he affects me.

When his hand abandons my breasts, I miss its presence immediately. I wonder if he’s done exploring, but he changes direction, caressing along my stomach and then down the front of my hip. Oh—Oh my God! Sliding his hand down my skirt, he pulls it up until his fingers rest scorching hot on my thigh. Agonizingly slow, he feels his way up my thigh until his hand rests on my panties. Panties that are drenched with moisture.

When a finger starts circling my clit through the fabric, I can’t help the moan that escapes me.


Nicolina Martin is a Swedish born author who escapes the long, dark winter nights by writing hot contemporary romance/suspense.

She's a mother of three teenage girls, a medical doctor, a quirky loner, and a social human being. She has traveled the globe, has had more lovers than she can count, has loved and hated, succeeded and failed, has gone through marriage and divorce. She has seen darkness and despair, as well as light and happiness.

All these experiences, she pours into her tales, taking her readers for a wild ride while twisting their minds. She loves showing that stories can be different even if the trope is the same.

Nicolina believes that life is too short for regrets and in looking forward, no matter what. She wants to enjoy every moment, and cherish life.

To find out more about Nicolina Martin, visit her official website.


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Thursday, March 28, 2019

🌟BLOG TOUR!🌟 The Roommate Agreement by Emma Hart {REVIEW + EXCERPT}

The Roommate Agreement by Emma Hart

Release Date: March 26th 2019
Pages: 199
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

A brand new best-friends-to-lovers romcom from Emma Hart.

Let your homeless best friend stay with you, he said. Being roommates will be fun, he said. It's only temporary, he said.
He never said I'd fall for him.

You know what isn't 'temporary?' The endless stream of dirty socks in my bathroom and empty food packets under the sofa—and don't even get me started on the hot guys who take over my living room every Sunday to watch sports.
I can't take anymore.
So I propose a roommate agreement. One that will bring peace and order back to my life, complete with rules that might just stop my newfound crush on my best friend in its tracks.
After all, there’s only so many times you can see your best friend naked before you start to lose your mind.

Rules. They're meant to be broken... Aren't they?

My Review:

The Roommate Agreement is a friends-to-lovers story that is filled with swoon worthy laugh-out-loud moments that are going to keep you wanting for more.

At the beginning of the story we get to meet Shelby Daniels, a struggling writer who is making ends meet by ghostwriting and writing freelance news articles while she works on her own book. But even though she works from home, for the last three months she has been putting up with chaos in her apartment as her new roommate takes over her place. Since her best friend, Jay Copper moved in she has been picking up after him and to make things worse he keeps eating her Oreos!

Shelby has had enough and that’s when she decides to make a roommate agreement with rules that will help bring order back into her life. This will ultimately also help stop her newfound crush on her best friend from developing further. Needless to say, that doesn’t work out as a drunken confession puts their friendship at stake and she has to decide if pursuing a relationship with him is worth it or not.

Ever since his apartment building was sold, Jay Copper found himself homeless and with the hopes of taking time to look for a new place her moves in with Shelby. Though they are best friends, he quickly finds out how completely different they are. So when she tells him about the roommate agreement, he decides to write down a few of his own. But rules are meant to be broken, especially with all the sexual tension between them. Jay is about to get more than he bargain for.

I absolutely loved reading this book, it was hilarious and romantic. Emma Hart delivers characters that are swoon worthy and quirky. Shelby is such a feisty heroine who needs order in her life and when that is disturbed she finds herself quickly making a roommate agreement. It’s evident from the start that she has a crush on her best friend and that’s why she writes down the agreement so that there is distance between them while she figures out her feelings. They’ve practically know each other their whole lives and a relationship could ruin that and she doesn’t want that. Jay is used to people doing everything for her so he is for a rude awakening when Shelby puts him to work, mainly to pick up after himself. He is kind and patient with Shelby. Their moments together are romantic and funny. I loved their banters and the twists at the end. Definitely didn’t see them coming. What helps the book as well is the dual POV between the characters as we get to understand the decisions that they make along the way. All in all, the storyline was on point and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a swoon worthy read. ;)

**I voluntarily read an early copy of this title in exchange for an honest review**
My Rating:


Shelby shut the door with a click and peered over at me. “What are you writing? If it’s permission to use the feather duster as a sex toy, the answer is no. Unless you buy your own, but if you haven’t figured out where the laundry room is yet, I doubt you’ll find where to buy one.”

She was as funny as a car crash, this one.

“Hilarious,” I drawled. “No, I’m making amendments as I go. I added a new rule.”

“You added a new rule?” She raised one dark eyebrow and walked over, hovering over me. “All right, what is it?”

“Decent clothes must be worn. Do you know how many times I wake up early on a morning to open the gym and find you basically in your underwear in the kitchen?”

“Basically in my underwear? Who are you seeing in the kitchen? I wear shorts and a tank top at the very least.”

“Yes, but the shorts barely cover your ass, and you’re sure as hell not wearing a bra.”

She paused, eyes glittering as she said, “And why are you looking at my ass and my boobs?”

That was an excellent question.

“Because there’s nowhere else to look!” I rushed out before my stupid cock could get any ideas. “Look, waking up in the morning can be challenging for a guy.”

She stared at me.

“I don’t need to get up for a coffee with… you know.” I motioned to my groin. “And see you half-clothed.”

She flicked her hair over her shoulder and walked to the kitchen, turning her back to me. “Why does it matter? I’m your best friend. I hardly think your little friend is remotely interested in whether or not I’m wearing a bra.”

Yeah, well, he is.

“Fine. If I have to wake up and see your perky nipples prancing around the kitchen, I’m going to stroll around in my underwear so you can get a good view of my morning glory.”

She spun, lifting up a finger. Her cheeks were flushed, and she had to swallow before she could speak. “My nipples do not prance. They are not horses.”

I grinned.

“Also, I have no desire to have anything to do with your morning erection, much less get a good view of it, thank you very much.”

“Have I told you that you’re cute when you blush?”

“Have I told you that you’d be a cute dead guy?”

I laughed, leaning back on the sofa. “C’mon, Shelbs. We need to respect each other’s privacy. You don’t want to see my cock hard over your breakfast, and I don’t want to see your nipples standing to attention when I make a coffee.”

She sighed. “Why did I ever let you move in again?”

“Because I was going to be homeless and you’re the best friend ever?”


About Emma Hart 

Emma Hart is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over thirty novels and has been translated into several different languages.

She is a mother, wife, lover of wine, Pink Goddess, and valiant rescuer of wild baby hedgehogs.

Emma prides herself on her realistic, snarky smut, with comebacks that would make a PMS-ing teenage girl proud.
Yes, really. She's that sarcastic.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

🌟BOOK BLITZ:🌟 Taken by Lies by Ella Miles {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

Taken by Lies by Ella Miles

Release Date: March 26th 2019
Series: Truth or Lies #1
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

From USA Today Bestselling Author Ella Miles comes a new dark romance series!

At 16 I was taken.
Kidnapped by a boy I thought I could love.
Then he sold me as if I were property.
For three years I endured.
I never broke.
I was strong, determined, resilient.
But then one day it happened...I broke.
Setting me free.
I should have run away, found a new life, and started over.
Instead, I returned.
To find the man who sold me.

This is book ends on a cliffhanger.

Series Order:
Lured by Lies #0.5--Prequel Novella
Taken by Lies #1
Betrayed by Truths #2
Trapped by Lies #3
Stolen by Truths #4
Possessed by Lies #5
Consumed by Truths #6



For one thousand and ninety-five days I’ve done everything to keep myself from breaking.

Shut off my mind off during the beatings.

Escaped the depths of the darkness in the night.

Locked down my body during the rapes.

Imagined a new life when I was tortured.

Gritted my teeth through the violations.

Tried every tactic I needed to survive.

Closing myself away.

Envisioning a better life.

Plotting my revenge.

None of the strategies worked long term.

I hate Enzo for what he did to me, but my need to extract revenge was never enough to keep me alive.

I would try blocking my reality out by pretending my stomach didn’t constantly ache, and my body wasn’t bruised, my bones shattered.

That would keep me alive for a few weeks.

But then came the loneliness.

Being alone was worse than the pain. Not having a friend, a family, or anyone who loved me, that was what made me give up hope more than anything.

It’s been over three years since I was taken.

When those strong arms grabbed me, and the hood went over my head, I didn’t know what my future held.


I am nothing.

I am nobody.

I am a ghost.

A commodity to be bought and traded.

I was sold for one million—that was my worth.

I look down at my naked, bruised body. There isn’t a patch of skin that hasn’t been colored. I doubt I’m worth as much now as I was when I was originally sold.

Who would want a pile of bones like me?

The boat rocks, and I heave. There is nothing in my stomach to come up, though. Sometimes I think it would be easier if I would just starve to death, but no matter how much I’ve tried, my body won’t give into the sweet release. My body has adapted and learned to survive on far less food and water than what it should be capable of.

I’ve tried finding weapons to end my life, but there are none to be found on this yacht.

I’ve searched, no man carries a gun—not even a knife.

I don’t understand the men who keep me.

Nothing about it makes sense. I don’t even know who is in charge. Who is my master? They all share in the torture. They all revel in the pleasure of watching me slowly disintegrate.


I won’t break.

That’s the only thing keeping me sane for the last one thousand and ninety-five days.

The thrill at watching the men in frustration as I continue to hold on to who I am and what I’m capable of.

Their primary goal is breaking me.

I overheard them placing bets on how long it would take and who would deliver the final blow.

Three months…

Six months…

One year…

When I made it one year, they stopped betting. I think most of them thought I would never break at that point.

I won’t.

I can’t.


Ella Miles is a USA Today Bestselling author, top 100 Amazon Bestselling author, and Kindle Press author. She writes steamy romance with a twist. She's currently living her own happily ever after near the Rocky Mountains with her high school sweetheart husband. Her heart is also taken by her goofy four year old black lab that is scared of everything, including her own shadow.

Ella is the author of the Amazon bestselling book TOO MUCH. She is also the author of the UNFORGIVABLE series, ALIGNED series, MAYBE series, and DEFINITELY series. Get NOT SORRY & ALIGNED: EVER AFTER for FREE by visiting her website:

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

🌟BOOK BLITZ:🌟 Bastien’s Bite by C.A. Worley {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

Bastien’s Bite by C.A. Worley

Release Date: March 25th 2019 by C.A. Worley
Series: The Light Summoners #1
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Alina Ray has always lived quiet life. When she starts having problems with a group of creepy supernaturals, she turns to her witch friend, Shane, for help. She never imagined his solution would be to push her into the arms of the city’s most powerful vampire. Will Alina resist what’s offered, or will she fall prey to Bastien’s bite?

Bastien James has been living the high life. He has money, power, and a different female on his arm every night. When he meets Alina, he realizes his life has had no real purpose. Keeping her safe seems to be his new reason for living. Bastien plans to help Alina navigate her new reality—for the rest of their immortal lives.

***Each book in The Light Summoners Series can be read as a standalone and comes complete with lots of steam and a HEA.


Chapter 2

I awoke, feeling better than I had in a long time. At only twenty-five, I should be living my life with the energy and thirst of someone my age.

Sadly, I’d been sleepwalking through it. Constant headaches and sensitivity to my environment had helped push me into the library sciences. I’d needed a career where things were calm and quiet.

I had been content with my daily routine, thinking that was simply how my life was going to be. When I started on my downhill slide last month, shortly after my birthday, I knew I wasn’t normal.

I stretched and rolled, feeling smooth silk sliding over my skin. I sat up, realizing I didn’t have silk sheets on my bed.

“Good morning, Dove.”

My head jerked to the left where Bastien was sitting in large chair. The cool air hardened my nipples, or maybe it was the heated look he was giving me.

I quickly pulled the sheet up to cover my nakedness, embarrassed despite what we’d shared last night.

I looked around the space. The bedroom was spacious and bright. Much of the dΓ©cor was white, aside from the black silk surrounding me on the enormous bed. Everything about it said expensive.

“Your bedroom, I presume?”


My cheeks flushed. “Did we …?”

“Did I fuck you? No, not yet.”

I bit my lip, both offended and turned on by his crudeness.

“You should know I don’t do this sort of thing,” I warned.

“You don’t do what sort of thing?”

“Casual sex. I’m not a virgin, but I don’t—”

He was suddenly in my face, crowding me, with his big hands pressing on either side of my hips.

“I think it would be best if you not mention anyone you’ve been with in the past. I find myself quite possessive of you and I’d hate to react rashly.”

“You’re serious?”

“I am.”

It shouldn’t have made me wet, but it did. Goosebumps broke out across my flesh as he skimmed his nose along the side of my face.

“I can smell your need, Alina.”

I inhaled sharply.

“Before I touch you again, you need to understand nothing about this will be casual. You’re mine.”

I had trouble processing what he was telling me after the words touch you again. Suddenly I had a one-track mind and I was totally onboard with whatever he wanted.

“Oh, how you tempt me, my sweet female. Unfortunately, I didn’t mean right now.”

I blinked, coming out of the sexual haze he seemed to so easily put me in.

“We have much to discuss.”

He straightened and took one step backwards. “There’s clothing in the bathroom and your preferred toiletries are in the shower already. I’ll come back when you’re showered and dressed.”

I nodded and he was gone. Alone, I hauled my naked butt out of bed and went into the en suite. It, too, was ginormous. My entire apartment probably fit in here.

True to his word, my preferred brand of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash were in his shower. As were a fresh razor and lady’s shave gel.

It was a little unnerving and I wondered how long he’d had these things. Though I was drawn to Bastien, I should be more careful. Insta-attraction wasn’t exactly a promise of a future.

When he’d said I was his, I believed him. The longer I stood in the shower, the more I worried what exactly that meant and why I’d liked hearing it so much.

Fifteen minutes later, I was dressed in a comfy pair of jeans and thin see-through sweater overtop a fitted tank. After seeing the brand of expensive matching undergarments, I’d studiously ignored the labels of the outfit.

Everything fit perfectly. Did Bastien keep extra clothing around for guests? For female guests?

My anger hit fast and hard. For the first time in my life I was experiencing jealousy over a would-be lover. Wowzas. I was being ridiculous. Rolling my shoulders, I concentrated on relaxing.

Bastien materialized beside the bed and I yelped in surprise. He grinned unabashedly.

“Apologies. My staff is used to me popping in and out of rooms.”

“I’m not on your staff.”

“Not yet,” he quipped, wagging his eyebrows.

I laughed. I couldn’t help it. Bastien, who seemed so domineering and in control, didn’t seem the type to crack a dirty joke.

“I like that sound,” he told me, his face softening with affection.

I blushed and dropped my eyes. He closed the distance and wrapped his arms around me.

“I like you in my room. I like it very much.”

“I—I like it, too.” In for a penny in for a pound, right?

“I sense a but coming.”

“The toiletries? The clothing?”

“I had them brought here this morning. Shane told me your sizes and what products you preferred.”

“Oh. Well, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

My stomach growled and he took my hand.

“Let’s get you fed and have a nice long talk. I imagine you have some questions.”

“I do.”

“We’ll address them after you eat.”

He tugged and I followed his lead out the door.


C.A. Worley is the alter-ego of Romance Author Cass Alexander. Where Cass tends to focus on humor in her publications, C.A. loves to write fantasy. She chose to write under the two different monikers so as to not confuse (or tick off) her readers.

C.A. currently resides in the Midwest, but was born and raised in the South. She spends her days working from home and her evenings are spent shuttling her kids to and fro. Her dinners are subpar, but she makes a mean dessert.

When she's tired of living her sons' travel sports schedules, C.A. enjoys a glass (or four) of wine. She needs the liquid courage to click the publish button for her fantasy romance novels.

Her motto is, "Be Brave," and she tries to live it every day. It takes a healthy dose of courage to get through this thing we call life.

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🌟 Freebie Tuesday (Edition #265) 🌟

Welcome back! As always I will be tweeting random freebies that I can find on any given day so if you're looking for more free books make sure to follow me on twitter @JackieBookWorld. :) 

***Note that there will be some books that will be free for limited time only, so make sure to download them as soon as you can. Also if there is any specific genre that you guys would like me feature, let me know in the comment section below. Enjoy! 

The Rebel 
by Jennifer Bernard
Release Date: September 4th 2018 by Jennifer Bernard
Series: The Rockwell Legacy #1
Pages: 288
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
Author's Links: Goodreads, Website, Twitter, Facebook

Every family has its rebel … and its secrets.

Deep in the Cascade mountains, the Rockwell family has been running historic Rocky Peak Lodge for generations. But now, that legacy is at risk of disappearing forever.

Kai, always the rebel, would rather risk his life as a rescue paramedic than deal with his impossible father, “Mad Max” Rockwell. Only one thing could bring him home — a real threat to his family’s legacy. Especially in the form of a beautiful woman.

Nurse Nicole Davidson never pictured herself as a spy. All she wants is security for her disabled sister. Get some inside intel for a friend’s real estate group while working for surly Max? She can do that. Until the outrageously sexy Kai Rockwell shows up and sets everything on fire — most especially her.

Equally determined, equally passionate about protecting their families, Kai and Nicole don’t know if they should be enemies or lovers. All they know is they can’t resist each other… no matter the price.

(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)


The Deal 
by Talia Ellison 
Release Date: November 30th 2017
Genres: Romance, Suspense
Author's Links: Goodreads, Website, Twitter, Facebook

Sparing his life and offering him a deal was a mistake. Marrying him to get back at his father was an even bigger one.

Now he’s getting under my skin and making me feel things I never thought I’d be able to feel.

But falling for the son of the man who brutally murdered my whole family right in front of my eyes isn’t my only problem. My enemies are coming for me, and the only one who might know how to defeat them once and for all is my husband.

I just don’t know if I can trust him with my life... or my heart.

This is the first installment in the three-book The Mafia Proposal series. It may contain violence, strong language, sexual content, and a cliffhanger.
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)


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Monday, March 25, 2019

🌟BOOK BLITZ:🌟 A Tale of Two Houses by Susan Harris {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

A Tale of Two Houses by Susan Harris

Release Date: March 25th 2019 by Clean Teen Publishing, Inc.
Series: Defy the Stars #1
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, Young Adult

Centuries ago, the royal house of witches in Vernanthia split into two factions: House Cambridge and House Montgomery. These two houses warred with each other for an age, causing widespread bloodshed and death. Those without magic—the Nulls—suffered the most. One day, a favored daughter of the Nulls was slain. With her dying breath, she cursed the covens to know no peace until love was possible between the houses.

That curse had long since been forgotten—until now.

Julian Montgomery is the reluctant Prince of House Montgomery and Rowan Cambridge is in no rush to become the Queen of House Cambridge. Both heirs long for freedom from their birthright obligations. When fate throws these two star-crossed lovers together, it sends them on a collision course with destiny that neither could have predicted.

Shakespeare’s classic Romeo Juliet is reimagined in this compelling drama about two young people drawn by fate into an unwinnable situation. If you think you know how this story ends—think again!


“Go talk to her already.”

I jumped at the sound of Toby’s voice, who was grinning at me so much, I could see the white of his teeth.

“Go talk to her already,” he repeated, inclining his head toward the person I’d been staring at. “You’ve been standing there staring at her for quite a while. It’s starting to get weird.”

“I haven’t been staring,” I said with not much conviction as I took a large gulp of my ale.

“Yes, you have. Now is the perfect opportunity to go and ask her to dance. Considering she’s been eyeballing you when she thinks no one is looking, I do not think she will refuse you. Besides, I’m pretty certain the gorgeous creature beside her is the future queen of the Cambridge coven. You go romance her attack dog. Leave the princess to me.”

There was a hint of menace in his tone, a wolfish smile on his face. I put a hand on Toby’s arm. “We will not insult Ashbridge’s invitation by waging war here. It is horrid enough that we are stealing under his nose. Promise me, Toby. No bloodshed here.”

“Unless provoked, my Prince, there will be no bloodshed.”

I lift my arm from Toby’s as the seriousness fled his features. “Now, go get the girl.”

He pushed me forward and I almost stumbled in the dim light, causing me to glare at him for a moment before I rolled my shoulders and prayed that I don’t make an absolute fool of myself. My heart thundered like a drum as I made my way toward the girl, noticing that her eyes were the same color as her dress. My palms were sweating, and I licked my lips to try and rid myself of the dryness.

I stood a mere breath away from her when she turned in my direction, and I could not find the words to speak. Her companion, the girl Toby thought to be the Cambridge heir, giggled, even as Auggie chuckled, a dash of mischief in his eyes. But I blocked them out, my steely focus on the girl with the green eyes and a smile made of sunshine.

“I was wondering, M’lady, if you would dance with me?” I held out my hand, trying to ignore the tremble. 


Susan Harris is a writer from Cork in Ireland. 

An avid reader, she quickly grew to love books in the supernatural/fantasy and Dystopian genre. She writes books for young adults and adults alike.

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