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Friday, February 20, 2015

✎ Feature and Follow Friday (#60)

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Question: Do you like fantasy or realistic books? - Suggested by The Realm of Books

Answer: I like both, although my preference in books has changed a bit. I used to read a lot of fantasy books, and when Twilight came out I got into the "paranormal" genre for a while. Now it all depends on my mood, and on what I feel like reading at the moment. Right now I'd say that I'm reading a lot of contemporary/new adult books. Either way, I still like my fantasy and realistic books :)

***Do you prefer fantasy or realistic books?*** 

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Marsha Spohn said... Best Blogger Tips

Don't make me pick one over the other. :) I think I'm pretty equal on Fantasy and Contemporary - I'm such a mood reader that it really does depend where I want to escape to at that moment.

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Jessica @ a GREAT read said... Best Blogger Tips

I feel like there's a difference between contemps and realistic books. To mean realistic feels real, so I like blends of that realism in my fantasy books so there's like modern tech in the story and it's not all LOTR style kind of fantasy! This question was harder than I initially thought when you start to analyze what each word means! lol.

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Have a GREAT day!

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Kate Ward said... Best Blogger Tips

There's so many different categories out there now that the genre of 'fantasy' really is too broad to answer this question well isn't it?

I love and read both, but tend towards 'realistic' contemporary lit.

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Silvy said... Best Blogger Tips

I like chick lit, but sometimes I want to read some fantasy book.
I'm new Bloglovin' follower,
Silvy @Books are my life

Claudia {Sparrowhawk} said... Best Blogger Tips

My taste in genre has changed too, I was a hardcore into dystopia, but now it seems as though I've been reading a lot of fantasy :) Old follower!

StinaMadsMN said... Best Blogger Tips

I like both, but I really like fantasy more than realistic.
Old follower.
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Jackie said... Best Blogger Tips

@Marsha Spohn

I totally agree :) Thanks for stopping by today :)

Jackie said... Best Blogger Tips

@Jessica @ a GREAT read

Didn't think about that, but it is tough question to answer :) Thanks for stopping by today :D

Jackie said... Best Blogger Tips

@Kate Ward

It is! I was having a hard time answering the question. Thanks for stopping by :)

Jackie said... Best Blogger Tips


I love chick lit :) Thanks for following/stopping by today ;D

Jackie said... Best Blogger Tips

@Claudia {Sparrowhawk}

I haven't read many dystopia books lately, but it would great to start reading them :) Thanks for stopping by :)

Jackie said... Best Blogger Tips


Thanks for stopping by! :)

Betsy Perez said... Best Blogger Tips

I really love fantasy but as for realistic books, I probably haven't read the right one's because I haven't found any that really pulled me in.

Betsy @ I Sold My Soul For Books

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