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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Review: One Night with Her Ex by Lucy King

One Night with Her Ex 
by Lucy King
Released Date: March 18th 2014 by Harlequin KISS
Pages: 224
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Can you honestly say you don't want me?

Lily Montgomery finds the perfect antidote to an anticlimactic New Year's Eve: a hot, up-against-the-door one-night stand with a sexy millionaire. Trouble is, the man in question is Kit, the ex-husband she's spent five years getting over.

For Kit Buchanan, the past few years have been hellish! He's conquered the business world, but when it comes to the bedroom he's had the mother of all dry spells. Clearly he needs to get Lily out of his system once and for all!

But one supercharged night later, Kit's not so sure. After all, why move on when he's having so much fun where he is?

(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

My Review:

I really enjoyed reading One Night with Her Ex, it was a quick read with an overall good story. I have read another book by Lucy King and I loved it, so I knew right away that I had to read this book as well. I like the stories and characters that she is able to put together and this book didn't disappoint. 

One Night with Her Ex is a story of forgiveness and being able to move on from the past. For Lily Montgomery New Year's Eve couldn't have been worse, especially when her ex-husband shows up unexpectedly and asks for her help. The last few years have been physically bad for Kit Buchanan, he might be successful in the business world, but in his intimate life things aren't going too well and he insists on finding out what's causing it and how he can fix his problem. That leaves him with going back to his ex-wife, but what he wasn't expecting to find is the attraction that he once had for his ex-wife hasn't left at all. 

The chemistry between Kit and Lily is undeniable, although they have been divorced it seems that the connection that once brought them together hasn't left and now they will have to overcome their past in order to move on. Both of the characters are well thought out, and the message in the book makes it worth reading.

*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

My Rating: 


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