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Monday, April 27, 2015

REVIEW: Stupid Boy by Cindy Miles

Stupid Boy 
by Cindy Miles
Release Date: February 17th 2015 by TKA Distribution
Series: Stupid in Love #2
Genre: Romance, New Adult
Pages: 332
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From Cindy Miles, bestselling new adult author of STUPID GIRL, comes the next installment of her blockbuster Stupid in Love series – STUPID BOY. 

Brax Jenkins and Olivia Beaumont are the most envied couple at Winston University—but the so-called “virginity dare,” orchestrated by Brax’s old fraternity, almost tore them apart. Now, a new dare is taking shape, and it’s sure to set emotions ablaze--more than ever before.

Winston’s “It Girl” Harper Belle isn’t just president of the Deltas--she’s also a master at keeping her ugly past a secret. So, when the Kappas’ dare hits closer to home for her more than anyone realizes, she devises a competition of her own as payback. Three sorority sisters will seek out a notorious womanizer on campus and--unbeknownst their “mark”--secretly train him to be the perfect boyfriend. Always up for a challenge, Harper targets the biggest player she can find: Brax’s wickedly handsome foster brother Kane McCarthy.

But, Harper discovers there’s much more to Kane than girls, games, and partying. His easy smile belies the quiet, old soul reflected in his deep brown eyes. All it takes is one night, one secret laid bare, and one kiss from Kane to shift Harper’s world on its axis. Suddenly, the girl who’s always walked a straight and narrow path can’t think of anything else except losing control.

My Review:

Stupid Boy follows the journey Harper Belle and Kane McCarthy, two individuals who by chance get a second chance at life and love. 

Stupid Boy is the second book in the Stupid in Love series by Cindi Miles, and having read the first book, I knew that it was not going to disappoint. The book follows up on what had transpired in Stupid Girl (book #1), with a whole new twist and different characters. This time, the story follows Harper Belle, president of the Deltas and a well known girl at Winston University. Apart from being the “It Girl” at her school, she is not what she seems to be. On the exterior, she is the studious girl and popular among her friends. But on the inside she has secrets that she can't tell anyone else, secrets that have taken a hold on her for a very long time. Now, she is determined to end the so-called “virginity dare,” that has brought a lot of chaos to the school and her sorority. With that said, she devises a plan to get back at the Kappas', and end the dare for good. She is going to seek out a notorious womanizer on campus and make him the perfect boyfriend, but she wasn't expecting to stumbled upon the good-looking Kane McCarthy, Brax's foster brother. After Brax participated in the last “virginity dare,” Kane becomes the perfect target to change, but the more she spend time with him, the more she realizes that her soul is just as broken as his, and that maybe he is the one she has been waiting for so long. 

Kane McCarthy is not like his foster brother, instead he is the carefree brother that one would consider “the bad boy,” and he is advised by everyone to stay away from Harper Belle before he corrupts her. But the more he is told to stay away from the girl that caught his eyes the minute they met, the more he is intrigued to get to know her. He knows in his heart, that Harper is not the “It Girl,” that everyone knows, after all he has been through a lot in his life, and he can sense another lost soul around. So when they start to spend time together, he finds himself telling her secrets that even Brax doesn't know about his past, and he can't seem to get enough. 

I really enjoyed reading Stupid Boy, the characters were just as relatable as the ones in the first book (Stupid Girl), and I liked their background stories. Both characters have suffered a lot in their lives, and together they seem to complete each other. The story was a page-turner, and well-written. Cindi Miles does a great job keeping the story entertaining, and romantic. I would highly recommend reading Stupid Girl since the main characters from the first book do appear in this book, but they are just secondary characters. Overall, I would suggest reading Stupid Boy, you would not regret it. :)

*ARC provided by the author through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

My Rating: 4.5/5

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