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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Review: Waking Up in Vegas by Romy Sommer

Waking Up in Vegas 
by Romy Sommer
Released Date: Published May 9th 2013 by Harper Impulse
Pages: ebook182 pages
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What happens in Vegas…

Waking up to the bright lights of Vegas in an unfamiliar penthouse suite, cocktail waitress Phoenix Montgomery finds she’s covered from head to foot in gold glitter and not alone – aside from the empty bottle of champagne, there’s a mystery man in the shower and a huge sparkly ring on her finger!

Stays in Vegas?

There’s no denying Max Waldburg’s demi-god sex appeal but commitment-phobic Phoenix doesn’t do relationships. Only it seems her new husband (agh!) has other ideas…he’s trying to keep that ring on her finger and his wife firmly back in his bed. The only question on her lips is – why? Or maybe, why not?

(Summary taken from Goodreads) 

My Review: 

Waking Up in Vegas is not just another story about two drunk individuals getting married in Vegas. The story evolves around Max and Phoenix, and how they cope with their marriage. As a casino waitress, Phoenix wasn't expecting to get hitched with the handsome stranger that bought her a drink one night. But things turned out for the worst the next morning when she wakes up and finds herself in a hotel room wearing a wedding ring and without any knowledge of who is the handsome men standing in front of her. As people often say, “what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas,” but that isn't the case with with their marriage, because as soon as Phoenix suggests a divorce, Max refuses all because in his country there hasn't been a divorce for over 300 years and he was not about to break that tradition. Angry and confused, Phoenix does the impossible to get him to sign the the divorce papers, but knowing that he wasn't going to sign them, she decides to let him stay with her, with the intend that he will go away eventually. 

But everyone has secrets and Phoenix nor Max are immune to that. Both have secrets to reveal and the attraction between them also grows in time. As they get to know each other, Phoenix will have to learn how to leave everything behind for the man she has grown to love. Being an already beautifully written story, Waking Up in Vegas is not your typical story. What I liked about the story was that Phoenix is a strong leading character, she has a past like anyone else and because of that she has to constantly protect herself from getting hurt. On the other hand, Max is your typical handsome character with a twist. He is not only romantic, but he also believes in a destiny and a happily every after. Which not a lot of guys do, but he makes the story that much romantic and hard to put down. As a reader, I found myself completely lost in the beauty of the setting and the in the characters. There were times when Phoenix's personality did not work in some of the scenes, but knowing where she was coming from made her actions understandable. I really loved the ending, it was cute and romantic. I would completely recommend this story to those readers that love a good romance novel and fairy tale endings.

My Rating:


Romy Sommer said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much for the review Jackie!

Romy Sommer said... Best Blogger Tips

PS: I'm so happy to find a fellow Team Stefan supporter. You have great taste!

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