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Friday, February 14, 2014

Review: Forever My Valentine by Raine English

Forever My Valentine 
by Raine English
Released Date: Published January 2014 by Elusive Dreams Press
Pages: Kindle Edition56 pages
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She left him... He loves her... A snowy Valentine's gives them a second chance.

Returning home after a disastrous job relocation, Miranda Kane is determined to avoid the man she left behind—and whose heart she broke. Until she finds a hidden treasure in a music box. An engagement ring engraved with a decades’ old date. And the only man who can help reunite the precious ring with its owner is the last man she wanted to see.

When Ian Anders sees Miranda come into his antique shop, his defenses go up. She walked away from him once without a backward glance. Since then he’s given up on love. But when their eyes meet and sparks fly, he wonders if maybe there’s a Valentine’s Day miracle in store for them.

A snowy night’s journey to bring the ring to its elderly owner turns into a second chance at romance for Miranda and Ian. But as the frost melts from around their hearts, it exposes old hurts and deceptions. This Valentine’s Day could be the start of something wonderful. Or the proof that their love was never meant to be.

FOREVER MY VALENTINE is a sweet romance short story.

(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

My Review:

Forever My Valentine is a sweet short romance story that would make a great read this Valentine's Day. Although this is a short story, I found myself loving the characters and almost wished the story could have been longer. Raine English did a good job making this story hard to resist, the title was the first thing that drew me in and the synopsis did not disappoint at all. 

Due to the shortness of the book, we are immediately taken to the conflict of the story. With a detail description is easy to immediately get the feel of the setting and how the characters ended up the way they are. From the very beginning we are introduced to Miranda Kane, and get the feel of how she is feeling about coming back home after not doing so well in her previous job. When she is given a music box from her mother, she wasn't expecting for it to guide her back to Ian Anders, the love she left behind. Now after being away from each other, she sees him again and sparks fly between them that is hard to resist. But seeing each other again brings old conflicts to be resolved and maybe a compromise to second chance at romance for them both. 

Having read this book in one night, I have to say that I absolutely loved Ian's personality. He is charming, and the interaction between him and Miranda had me wanting for more. The writing flowed and it was well put together in the end, although I would have enjoyed it more had there been another chapter in the book to really seal the story. Nevertheless, I recommend this book to anyone that wants something sweet and short to read. 

*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

My Rating: 


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