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Thursday, November 5, 2015

★BLOG TOUR★: Rescued by Phoebe Rose {REVIEW + GIVEAWAY!}

Rescued by Phoebe Rose

Release Date: November 10th 2015
Pages: 220
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

At twenty-three, successful entrepreneur Thomas York has to be one hundred percent focused on his latest startup. He has no time for dating and even less time to deal with the litter of stray kittens who've claimed his patio as their new home. Falling for the pretty and passionate animal rescue volunteer who shows up to help with his feline problem is not on his agenda.

A born nurturer, Tessa Cantalupe is used to caring for everyone but herself. She has a history of giving too much and getting too little, and she has no doubt a sexy, ambitious businessman like Thomas has nothing more to offer her than one more dead-end relationship. But can a guy who loves kittens be all bad? Maybe it's time she let someone rescue her and give her lonely heart a forever home.

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My Review:

Rescued is about second chances at love and new beginnings...

From the very beginning I was intrigued by the synopsis and the cover just completely pulled me in. Though the plot sounds familiar, there were a couple things that were different and that somehow kept me reading until the very end. At the start of the book we get to meet Tessa Cantalupe, a college student whose “boyfriend,” tells her he has met someone else and wants to end their “friends with benefits,” deal that they have going on. What ends up surprising Tessa was that she really thought he was her actual boyfriend and not a friend with benefits. After their so-called “break-up,” she finds herself grieving and doesn't feel like doing anything. Yet she receives a called from an animal shelter that she volunteers at and they want her to rescue a couple of kittens that have entered a home. She accepts and goes off to the home only to meet a handsome stranger, Thomas York, in the process and the two basically try to capture the kittens. Things then move fast and the two of them end up getting to know each other that night. Needless to say their first encounter was cute and funny, but what I didn't like was how quickly things transpired after that. As they got to know each other, Tessa realizes that she has a lot to grow, yet Thomas makes her feel different and she is failing in love with him. 

With that said, Thomas York, is the complete opposite of Tessa. He is a very successful entrepreneur who already passed the college stage, and he has the money to do whatever he wants. But when he is with Tessa, he feels the need to protect her and take care of her. Which ends up backfiring back at him when Tessa tells him to stop making her feel like a kid. Aside from how the met and their romantic encounters, there are a couple differences that they need to sort out, especially when he starts to fall in love with her. 

Like I mentioned before, the book has it's ups and downs, but the characters come whole circle at the end. Needless to say, as I was reading the book I became less and less interested in the characters and their story. The events that happen after they meet happened to fast for me to become invested in their own personal stories. Their is not a lot of character development that could have helped the story. We do, however, get a duel point-of-view between the main characters, which it did helped understand the reasoning behind their decisions. But the story felt flat towards the end, the only interesting character that I found intriguing was Tessa's roommate, who we are getting a story of later on from the author. I will definitely be reading the book, though this book was okay for me, I still recommend it if you're looking for a fast romantic read. ( :

***ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.***

My Rating: 


Phoebe Rose is a proud member of Team Cat. She lives in a secret lair, deep inside a blackberry bramble in Seattle, where she’s currently weaving a new Urban Fantasy series as well as a New Adult Romance series. Coffee is her second-best friend. 


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Giselle said... Best Blogger Tips

Great review, Jackie! Thsi sounds like a fun read and I always find I get to know the character a lot better with Dual POV. Glad you liked it overall! :)

collenga said... Best Blogger Tips

Sounds like a very sweet and romantic read! Any love story that also involves rescued kittens has my attention! Thanks for sharing

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