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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

✯BOOK BLITZ✯: Sinfully Ours by Sasha {EXCERPT + GUEST POST}

Sinfully Ours by Sasha

Release Date: November 30th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Savannah: If you had a chance to roam with the Devil on earth or take God’s hand to heaven, which would you choose?
Dominick: I think without a doubt, I’d choose God’s hand.
Savannah: I used to think so too.

Savannah and Dominick share the same last name but not the same parents.
It’s… complicated, as most everything has always been between them.
But they would never have it any other way.

This is the story of how two members from the same notorious crime family found love, solace and acceptance in no one else but each other.
How the only man this woman ever trusted with her life became her sole destruction and only salvation. How they both learned to survive their own darkest thoughts and erotic desires, painful experiences and deepest fears of the unknown through no one else but each other. How they almost fell apart each time his passion for her turned deadly for others. And how in the end, he managed to save her from herself and the life of dread she was so sure she was destined to lead.

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Everything I ever thought I knew about the man who became my brother ten years ago has suddenly turned into something greater and more passionate. Something that I only vaguely knew existed inside of him. He’s completely naked in front of me despite being entirely clothed, dangerously yet exceptionally vulnerable. And it tells me all too loudly, too wildly, vividly and excitingly that our connection and devotion to each other, this love that we’ve always shared while like heaven to us just might be the same kind of love to force us into eternal damnation alongside the Devil himself. But I’ve never been too afraid of the fire. God knows there’s never been anything but flames waiting for me on the other side since the day I was born. ~ Savannah


Here's just a little bit about the girl behind this crazy story:

Writing a story like this is not normally my "cuppa" as they say.

But I read stories like this, and quite often because they take me out of my comfort zone and on a journey into worlds that I never really knew existed outside of the local 10 o'clock news.

I love reading stories like this. I crave reading stories like this.

But I don't write stories like this.

Except this time, I did. In part out of desperation to spread my wings, in part out of fear that I never would. And somewhere in between all of that, there was some thrill in actually putting certain words on paper and realizing that they had actually come from me.

I wrote an unconventional romance about two people who come from the same family. Which makes it not just any unconventional romance, but the kind you only talk about in secret. The kind most often frowned upon in the world outside of fiction and waved off as 'disgusting', ‘foul’ or ‘offensive’. But much like the stories I’ve often read and loved, this one took me on a journey of discovery, personal and professional, and I learned a lot about myself, about intolerance and about people.

I stepped completely outside of the box to write “Sinfully Ours” and after a lot of soul searching, I'm glad that I finally did. It won't be everyone's “cuppa” for the subject matter alone and I understand that. But I need to be able to flex my writing muscles and more importantly, create stories outside of the norm, stories that make you uncomfortable while also questioning society and life and yourself and the world around you. Because life doesn’t happen inside a cardboard box. I, like the characters, need to be able to sink into myself and really think about who I am and what I want and who I want to be as a human being.

I'll be 30 years old in two weeks and I'm realizing that time is tick, tick, ticking away and I can't waste any more of it by NOT doing the things I want to do or writing the books I want to write out of fear or retaliation. So here it is, the book that caused me anxiety and fear as a writer.

I'm really excited to finally unleash it after months of wavering due to the content. I'm also extremely nervous about what the response will be to the world, the characters, the story itself and I’ll continue wondering even after it’s ‘out there’ if it was all really worth it in the end to put every crazy thought in my mind on paper.

But I won't know unless I try, and so I did.


“Sasha” is the pen name for author Kiki Leach, whose more conventional works include contemporary dramas about spoiled twenty-somethings living it up in NYC, and fairytale retellings. She enjoys wine, skittles, Hershey’s chocolate bars and creating secret stories on the side that will make you ask yourself “WTF did I just read?”. In. That. Order.  

Twitter: @RoyalChronicles

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