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Thursday, December 8, 2016

✯BOOK BLITZ:✯ The Billionaire Escape Plan by Ember Casey {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

The Billionaire Escape Plan by Ember Casey

Release Date: June 17th 2016 
Genres: Comedy, New Adult, Romance

Most girls dream of marrying a billionaire.

Me? I’d rather make fun of one. Especially if the billionaire in question is Alexander Grant.

Excuse me—Xander Grant. That’s right—the mega-hot entrepreneur who seems to top every magazine's “Rich Eligible Bachelors” list these days.

To me, he’ll always be Alex—my childhood best friend. The guy who joined me on all sorts of wild teenage misadventures. The only person in our small town who understood me.

It’s been four years since I’ve seen Alex. But suddenly he’s back in our small town at the exact same time my life is imploding around me.

We’ve both changed so much—I mean, the guy used to live in ripped jeans, and now he wears nothing but designer suits—but when I need it most, he offers me exactly the escape I need. A chance to run away from my life, if only for a few days.

I only hope my heart is prepared.

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For a moment, we’re both frozen.

When we fell, Alex landed on top of me, and now I can’t seem to think of anything but the other night. This time it’s not just my actions I remember so clearly—it’s the feelings, too. The desperate need to kiss him. To touch him. To feel his body against mine. I don’t know what came over me then, why I was suddenly so ravenous for Alex, of all people, but the need was intense. And I feel the same feeling creeping over me now, shivering across the surface of my skin—the desire to know him in a way I haven’t known him before. It’s a sharp, physical longing that makes me almost dizzy.

And maybe I’m crazy, but I’d swear he feels it, too. His hands are on either side of my shoulders. He could push himself off of me at any time, but he doesn’t. His mouth is right next to my cheek. His face is close enough to mine that his hair tickles my temple, and I take a deep breath, inhaling him. I’m more aware of his body than I was even a moment ago—not just his muscles, or the hardness of his chest, but the rest of him, too. His hands. His arms. His feet. His legs.

And between his legs…

That is definitely a part of Alex I did not expect to feel tonight. My breath catches in my throat as I become suddenly and acutely aware of the hardness of his cock against my thigh.

That small sound breaks the spell. Oh, God—what am I doing?

We both move at the same moment. He basically propels himself off of me, and I try to scramble backwards. We both seem to want to get as far away from each other as quickly as possible. But in our desperation neither of us seems to be paying much attention to the other until, as I’m trying to crab-walk my way out from beneath him, my knee comes up and hits him right in the family jewels.

He makes a strangled sound, as his eyes practically bug out of his head.

“Oh, God,” I say, finally managing to sit up. “God, I’m sorry—”

I start to reach for him instinctively, to help, at the same moment that he starts to double over. Our foreheads hit each other with a crack that sends pain shooting through my skull.

“Shit!” I say, falling back on my ass—and I’m sure the only reason Alex doesn’t curse as well is because he’s still incapable of speech. I press my hand against my throbbing head, trying to blink through the pain. Through my blurred vision, I’m dimly aware of Alex doing something similar…and when my eyes start to focus again, I realize that the fact that he’s holding his head means he’s no longer attempting to cover that other part of him. But by the time it hits me that I’m looking right at his cock, it’s already too late. I’ve gotten an eyeful of everything. The full package.

I go into panic mode, lunging for his towel. I need to give him something to cover up. But as I lean toward it, he throws out a hand.

“Mae, I’ve got it—” His voice cuts off when his desperately thrown hand hits me squarely on the breast.

Once again, we both seem to freeze in stunned panic. His fingers are still on my breast. His cock is still wild and free, and in spite of everything, I find my gaze drawn back to it, back to that one part of him I’ve never seen before. My heart is hammering against my ribs, but I can’t seem to move. I’m like a terrified rabbit.

Until a buzzer sounds, jarring both of us back to reality.

“The pizza,” Alex says. He releases my breast and grabs his towel in one fluid motion. “There’s a button next to the elevator door—”

“I’ll do it,” I say, stumbling to my feet. I need to get out of this room. Now.


Ember Casey is a USA Today bestselling author who lives in Atlanta, Georgia in a den of iniquity (or so she likes to tell people). She writes contemporary romances about sexy alpha billionaires, smokin' hot Hollywood hunks, and adventurous bad boys.

When she's not writing steamy romances, you can find her whipping up baked goods (usually of the chocolate variety), traveling (her bucket list is infinite), or generally causing trouble (because somebody has to do it).

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