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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

✯BOOK BLITZ:✯ Fading by Cindy Cipriano {Q&A + GIVEAWAY!}

Fading by Cindy Cipriano

Release Date: April 2018 by Clean Teen Publishing
Series: The Fading Series #1
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

Leath Elliott is a seventeen year old competitive shooter living with her mother in Woodvine, North Carolina. Leath's father was killed in a tragic accident when she was fourteen, and her friend Victor Santana has been there for her every step of the way since. But the friendship changes when Victor starts to have deeper feelings for her. If that wasn't complicated enough, newcomer James Turner wanders into her emancipated minor with a dark past, Leath is captivated by him and wonders if he might be the boy of her dreams - literally.

Fading is the first book in an exciting new fantasy romance series by award-winning author, Cindy Cipriano.

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About Fading:

One-liner for Fading?

He could be the boy of her dreams – literally.

More details?

Seventeen-year old Leath Elliott has given up on dating boys from Woodvine, NC when James Turner wanders into her sights. Leath is captivated by James, an emancipated minor with a dark past and begins to wonder if he is the boy of her dreams.

Where did the idea come from for Fading?

One of the locations in the story is Judaculla Rock. This is a real 3,000 year old petroglyph located in western North Carolina. I’ve visited the boulder several times and was intrigued by the legends and speculation that surrounds Judaculla Rock.

What genre is Fading?

Young adult.

But – Fading crosses genres. It’s a paranormal romance colliding with a dystopia. Fading is also a crossover, appealing to young adult and older readers.

Who would enjoy reading Fading?

Anyone who has ever been in love with two people at the same time. ☺

Favorite lines from Fading: 

  1. I wanted to touch him. So I did. (pg. 1) 
  2. The first time I held hands with Victor Santana, it wasn’t romantic. Not at all. (pg. 3) 
  3. Victor’s strong hand cradled mine, and he became my tether to reality. (pg. 3) 
  4. His warm lips brushed against my ear as he whispered three little words. “I can wait.” (pg. 6) 
  5. Name James Turner. Age 17. Parents Emancipated Minor. (pgs. 10-11) 
  6. “I don’t usually get this close to a girl, unless I’m going to kiss her,” said the boy, giving me a playful grin. (pg. 23) 
  7. When we were apart, it seemed as if all of eternity passed before I saw him again. (pg. 110) 
  8. To one boy, I’d gladly give my heart. To the other, my life. (pg. 130) 
  9. I wondered how long a person could live like this, so completely torn in half. (pg. 130) 
  10. She could have any boy in the restaurant. Why was she falling all over mine? (pg. 147) 
  11. But right now I had him. The boy of my dreams. (pg. 174) 
  12. “I will never stop loving you,” he said. “Not even in death.” (pg. 268) 

James is sort of a two-sides-to-one-coin kind of guy. Was it difficult writing his character?

Definitely, but so worth it!
He’s drop-dead gorgeous and funny, but he hovers over dark territory. It was a challenge writing him because I wanted my readers to see what Leath sees in James.

And Leath’s other love interest, Victor, was it hard to write him?

Not a bit.
*sighs again*
Victor is the definition of the perfect guy. He’s good-looking, funny, confident and charismatic. Not to mention he has an exceptionally beautiful heart.

Who is your favorite character in Fading?

Ever. The girl you love to hate. I think we’re all hoping that in the end, she’ll do the right thing. The problem is we lose a faith in her each time she opens her mouth.

Who designed the cover of Fading?

The talented Marya Heidel. Isn’t it stunning?!

How many books are in the Fading series? 

There will be 3-4 books in the series. I have finished the 2nd and I am working on the 3rd.

How can readers keep up with you and the Fading series?

Anything and everything about the Fading series can be found at Clean Teen Publishing or

About Being a Writer:

Do you hope to be a full-time writer? Yes, please. ☺

When you write, do you need silence, or do you listen to music?

Music. Loud. I wear headphones or ear buds so I don’t disturb the other writers at the coffee shop. ☺

Titles – do they come to you before or after you write the book?

My titles generally come while the story is still just an idea inside my head, so I guess…before.

Do you use an outline?

(Is my editor reading this?)

Well, most of the time.
When I use an outline, the writing definitely goes a lot faster and there are fewer edits later on. But when I fall in love with a story, sometimes I write without a map just so I can hold onto the story a little longer. Fading was written without an outline, but the sequel, Searching was written with one.

How long does it you to take to write a book?

It depends on the deadline. ☺

Seriously, the longest was eight months and the shortest time it took for me to write a novel was 13 days. (The deadline was looming.)

About Me

Most embarrassing moment?

Stick around these tend to happen on a daily basis. ☺

Truth or Dare?

Dare ☺
That one time in the middle of the night when we dared each other to go over the local golf course and…


Place? Where ever my family is, that's my favorite place.

Food? Anything savory. I don’t really have a sweet tooth.

Recipe? Any restaurant works. For any meal. ☺

Music? I listen to lots of stuff. Favorites are from 2000 to present ☺

Scent? My red velvet candle. Unfortunately, it’s been discontinued ☹

Latte? Caramel with almond milk.

Vacay? The North Carolina coastline, particularly the Emerald Isle.

Inspirational quote?

“Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about.” --- Winston Churchill


Cindy Cipriano lives in North Carolina with her husband, son and their 27 pets.

Not really.

Just three dogs who think they are children and three cats who think they are raccoons. It only seems as if they make 27. When Cindy isn't writing, she enjoys spending time with her family and the avoidance of cooking.

Cindy's first novel, The Circle, Book One of The Sidhe won the 2014 Moonbeam Children's Book Silver Award for Pre-Teen Fiction - Fantasy. Other titles in the series include The Choice, Book Two of The Sidhe (2015) and The Lost, Book Three of The Sidhe (2017). This seven-book series is published by Odyssey Books.

Miller's Island Mysteries #1 The Case of the Toxic River (2017) is the first in her eleven-book science mystery series (Vulpine Press). #2 The Case of the Catalyst will release in 2018.

Look for Fading, the first in her young adult series, in April 2018. (Clean Teen Publishing). Fading is the tale of first loves and the consequence of dreaming up Mr. Right.


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