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Monday, August 5, 2013

Review: A Night To Forget by Jessica Wood

A Night To Forget 
by Jessica Wood
Released Date: June 20th 2013 by ERH Press
Series: Emma's Story #1
Page: 126
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What happens in Cancun doesn’t always stay in Cancun.

When Emma Anderson and her friends decided to spend their senior year Spring Break in Cancun, she expected some crazy memories to end their final college days. What Emma didn’t expect was to meet Brandon Fisher. Tall and sexy, with dimples that would make any girl swoon, Brandon Fisher was literally the man of Emma’s dreams. She couldn't quite believe that this stranger, who seduced her every night in her dreams, actually existed.

After serendipitously bumping into each other, Emma could not resist Brandon’s pull and spent an unforgettable night with him. Passing it off as a spring break fling, Emma never expected to see Brandon again. But when she started her first day at her new job a few months later, there he was. The only problem was, Brandon didn’t even remember her.

(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

My Review:

*ARC provided by Netgalley*

A Night to Forget was one of those books that immediately grabbed my attention when I read the premise of the story. It's definitely your typical summer read with a twist. As a college student, Emma Anderson was not expecting her spring break of senior year to be eventful, other than graduating and moving to San Francisco. But everything changes when she started having wild dreams of a handsome stranger. What she didn't know was that her dreams were about to become reality, when she meets the handsome stranger that had haunted her dreams while vacationing in Cancun. A series of strange events happened during their meeting and it is then that she spends time with him. Her vacation ends up in a good note, but everything comes crashing down when she sees him again months later in her job. 

I really have mixed feelings about this book in general. The book in itself is very well-written. But my biggest issue was how everything comes together in the end. I think the overall idea is great, but it needed more details and scenes to make it perfect. I really liked Emma's character, but there wasn't much of a development in her throughout the story. Although we don't get to read much of Brandon, the way he is described makes him perfect for this type of story. I would have liked to see more of him though. I really liked Emma's friends, they are supportive and very relatable. I had fun reading their little scenes. Both Emma and Brandon have a connection that pulls them together, but it felt too rushed for me and the ending was such a cliffhanger! I finished reading it and thought to myself “That's it?!?” I thought there was going to be more. I don't think I've ever read a book that ends with a cliffhanger before. I for one wasn't a fan of the way it ended. Would I recommend it? Sure, if you like a quick book that ends so abruptly. Other than that, I would say mov
e on to another book if I were you.

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