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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review: All’s Fair In Love And Weddings by Christine S. Feldman

All’s Fair In Love And Weddings 
By Christine S. Feldman
Released Date: September 30th 2014
Pages: 165
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Prudence Collier spent the better part of her reckless youth proving that she was not aptly named, and unfortunately she burned a few bridges in the process, including where her family is concerned. So when her long-estranged sister invites her to her destination wedding in the Virgin Islands, Prue leaps at the chance to mend at least one broken family relationship and prove that she’s a changed person.

Tucker Davies, on the other hand, has come to the islands for a very different reason: to stop the wedding. As a childhood friend of the groom, he has reason to believe that his friend is about to make a huge mistake and is intent on not letting that happen. One thing he didn’t count on, though, was going up against Prue.

Determined to make up for the past, Prue resolves to keep Tucker from interfering with her sister’s happiness in the present and is willing to go to any lengths necessary to do so. Any. And if that requires a few tiny deceptions here and there, the occasional brush with the local authorities, and perhaps even instigating a barroom brawl, so be it. A sister has to do what a sister has to do.

But so does a friend, and Tucker has no intention of backing down, no matter how aggravating or even—to his surprise—appealing Prudence Collier can be.

The war is on, and neither side believes they can afford to surrender.

Which is a shame, because they’re both beginning to suspect surrendering would be a lot of fun…

(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

My Review:

All's Fair in Love And Weddings is a lighthearted story of second chances and new beginnings.

All that Prudence wants is to leave the past behind and start a relationship with her family without screwing up. The minute her sister calls her to attend her getaway wedding, Prudence jumps at the chance that she has been waiting for and arrives at the Virgin Islands only to run into a little car trouble who accidentally leads her to meeting Tucker Davies.

Tucker Davies has one goal in mind and that is to prevent his best-friend from making the biggest mistake of his life by marrying someone that he is not supposed to be with. Although Tucker hasn't met his best-friend's fiance, he is determined to stop the wedding from happening to matter what, but little did he know that his luck was about to change the minute he crossed paths with a stranger that he can't get out of his mind. 

The minute Prue finds out who the stranger is that saved her and what he is doing in the island, she makes a promise to stop him at any cost, no matter what. But tensions run high, and their attraction towards each other increases as the two start to spend more time together. As soon as Tucker starts to tell Prue about his best-friend and his past relationship, the more Prue starts to question whether her sister is marrying the right guy and if her promise is worth keeping.

I really enjoyed reading All's Fair in Love And Weddings, Feldman does a great job describing where the story takes place; the location alone seemed like a pretty good place for the story and it worked really well. There is a comedic aspect to the story as it has its funny moments and I found myself laughing at the situations that the two main characters put themselves in. I liked Prue's personality the best, she is definitely a loyal sister, and she seems like a good person that one would like to have around. She is not afraid to do what she has to do to get things done, and I liked that about her. Tucker is one that runs with the flow, and apart from being a very attractive guy, he also cares very much for his friend and wants to see him happy. Overall, the story ran smoothly, and it was well-written. The character's are likable, although I would have liked to see a different ending, a bit more detailed epilogue, maybe. (But that's just my preference) The book was a quick read, and I highly recommend it. (Any books by the author will immediately leave you wanting for more) :D

*An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.*

My Rating:


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