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Thursday, October 22, 2015

REVIEW: Tempting the New Boss by Angela Claire

Tempting the New Boss 
by Angela Claire
Release Date: October 19th 2015 by Entangled Publishing, LLC
Series: Sleeping with the Enemy #3
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
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A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

Sometimes you have to break the rules…

When Camilla Anderson loses her job just as a position at Talbot Inc. opens up, there's no way she's questioning the lucky break. Working for the quirky, reclusive CEO will pay off her student loans within a year, and they're flying to Europe in his private jet.

Mason Talbot isn't good at talking to women. Well, to anyone, really. But when his new lawyer boards his plane, biology kicks in. But he can't tell if her adverse reaction is to him or his painfully awkward attempts at flirting.

As the flight gets bumpier, Mr. High IQ gets calmer. And…he holds her hand? Maybe the guy is redeemable after all. As soon as they land, she'll have to teach her endearingly awkward new boss how to seduce a girl properly.

That is, if they don't die in a fiery plane crash first.
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

My Review:

Tempting the New Boss is not your typical romantic story, instead it was rather awkward and an overall fun book to read. For starters the main protagonist, Camilla Anderson, has just gotten a job as a lawyer for Talbot Inc. After losing her previous job, she is more than happy to have landed such a job at a very prestigious company. But that all soon changes when she gets to meet the CEO, Mason Talbot. Now you would think that a wealthy billionaire would exude power and control, but the minute Camilla met Mason he was nothing but awkward and introverted. But he had no problem quickly getting her to work, and the first task that they had on hand was to travel overseas. Soon the pair embarks on a very long flight that turns into a horrifying experience as well as a bit odd when Mason blurts out if Camilla will have sex with him. Without knowing what to do, she tells him that she is his employee and nothing more. Nevertheless, that didn't end up working out for them as their growing chemistry got in the way. Neither of them want a relationship, but the turn of events that happen on their way to Europe quickly change things for them as they are forced to be with each other. The closer they're together, the more they wonder if things could actually work out for them in the future. 

Mason Talbot is CEO and billionaire of his very own company, and with all that power he is not the most sociable guy out there. He is awkward, a bit shy, and has no filter when he wants to speak his mind. With that said the minute his new lawyer boards his plane, things get awkward when he starts to flirt with Camilla. As the flight got bumpier, Mason and Camilla somehow end up taking their chemistry to the next level. But the minute the plane lands, the more questions start to surface when they return to their normal lives. 

I actually thought the story line was interesting and unique. From the cover to the synopsis, I was intrigued to read more about the book. Though we have seen plenty of stories with similar plot lines, the author does a good job at keeping the readers attention. Camilla was such a strong heroine in the story as she stood out for herself. Although she didn't make the smartest choices towards the end of the book, she was still able to figure out what she truly wanted in the end. On the other hand, Mason was a bit of a mess. Not only was he painfully awkward, but he also didn't know how to really get his point across without sounding like a jerk. But he does change the minute things started to get series between them. Overall, I enjoyed reading the book, it was fun and easy to read. I didn't like how quickly the author rushed the ending, it could have been better. I still think that if you want an easy and quirky romance novel than this is the book for you. :)

***ARC provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.***

My Rating: 

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