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Thursday, May 14, 2015

REVIEW: The Last One by Tawdra Kandle

The Last One 
by Tawdra Kandle
Release Date: September 28th 2014 by Hayson Publishing Cooperative 
Series: The One #1
Pages: 263
Genres: Romance, Contemporary, New Adult
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Meghan Hawthorne is restless. The last year has been a roller coaster: her widowed mother just married a long-time family friend. Her younger brother unexpectedly became a father and a husband. Everyone's life is changing. . .except for hers. As she begins her final summer of college, Meghan's looking for excitement and maybe a little romance. Nothing serious; this girl just wants to have fun. 

But the only man for Meghan turns out to be the last one she expects. 

Sam Reynolds doesn't need excitement, and he doesn't want romance. Fun is out of the question. He's been the steady, responsible one since his parents were killed, and serious is his way of life. 

When Sam rescues Meghan alongside a dark Georgia backroad, she falls hard for his deep brown eyes and slow drawl. But making him see her as more than just a party girl won't be easy. Sam's tempted by the fiery young artist, even as he realizes that giving into his feelings will mean radical change. . .maybe more than he can handle. 

Nobody ever said love was simple.

(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

My Review:

The Last One is a story of second chances and love.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, Tawdra Kandle did a great job bringing realistic situations/conflicts in the story that it made it relatable to read. At the beginning of the story we meet Meghan Hawthorne, a college student who finds herself struggling to find herself after experiencing a roller coaster of event, her widowed mother married a long-time family friend, her younger brother has become a father and a husband, and that pretty much leaves her at lost since everyone else around her is doing something with their life except for her. So now as she begins her final summer of college, she wants to do something with her life, something that is going to bring her excitement, and a fulfilling feeling that she is actually doing something for herself. After looking at the things that she could do during the summer, she finds herself accepting a teaching position at a school in Georgia, where she will stay with a hosting family and teach art to the kids of the small town. Needless to say after going through a hell of a roller coaster, she had no idea that her life was about to change for the better. 

After an unexpected encounter, Meghan meets Sam Reynolds, a guy whose first priority is his family (his sister and niece), and his farm. He is a devoted brother who carries a lot of responsibility ever since his parents were killed. When Sam rescued Meghan alongside a backroad, he instantly felt a pull towards her that he can't deny. He thought he was not going to see her again, but when his sister tells him that they are going to host the new art teacher in town for the summer, his world changes the minute he sees Meghan in his home. Now he has to live with her for the summer, and after experiencing the pull he had when he met her, Sam desperately wants to find a way to stay away from her before giving into his attraction for her. As the two start to get to know each other, Meghan starts to realize that coming to Georgia was not a bad idea after all, especially when Sam is involved. 

I completely fell in love with this book, from the writing to the characters, it all just works very well. I found myself relating to Meghan throughout the book, she loves art and wants to do something different before she graduates. What she wasn't expecting to love so much is the people she meets in Georgia, everyone is welcoming, which makes her job of teaching the kids art that much more exciting. Now having to move to an actual farm was an adjustment for her, but having Sam's sister around helped her settle in just find. On the other hand, Sam in the story is a bit older than Meghan, he is taking care of the work around the farm and that leaves him with zero time to hang out or have a relationship. When the two meet, their chemistry is instant, yet it takes them some time to actually act on what they're feeling. Overall, I thought the book was great, I highly recommend it. :)

*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.*

My Rating: 

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