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Monday, April 3, 2017

✯BOOK BLITZ:✯ Claimed By Power by Zoey Ellis {EXCERPT + GIVEAWAY!}

Claimed By Power by Zoey Ellis

Release Date: April 3rd 2017
Pages: 188
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Not all angels are angelic…

Thea Robinson has never needed anyone’s charity. Sure, her impoverished existence isn’t desired by most, but her ability to manipulate people’s emotions helps her to blend into the shadows of an unforgiving city. When hideous creatures threaten her life, a surly but gorgeous stranger shows up revealing a world she didn’t know existed. She refuses to put up with his rude, arrogant attitude, but how do you dismiss a warrior angel? And does she really want to when his stormy gaze sends delicious thrills straight to her core?

Cam is one of the most ruthless Power angels in the fight against evil. His devotion to kill demons has made him a celebrated warrior in the Angel Realm, even though his motivation stems from grief. When he is assigned to train and protect a half-angel just coming into her abilities, his rage is unparalleled. Until he realizes Thea isn’t like any others. She stirs a carnal passion in him that he can’t shake. He never counted on her being so beautiful… so fierce… so most definitely his.

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It pleased him to discover that her body reacted to him. Her pulse increased under his fingertips, her legs shook, her breath huffed out in ragged spurts, and her scent deepened into a beautiful complex aroma.

It drove him to distraction. It took everything in his power not to slip his fingers over the waistband of her shorts and pull them down so he could extend his tongue into her folds and taste her pussy. He imagined how she would like that, how she might respond with her hands in his hair, her hips riding against his tongue. His cock ached and his back twitched with a desire to shift into his angel-form and beat his wings; to release his cock and plunge it into her. That was too much for him to think about.

After showing her the pressure points, he was almost drunk on her. He forced himself to stand so that they were face-to-face. Annoyed with himself, he vowed again to stay aloof and distant, no matter how hard it—or he—got.

“I don’t even know your name,” she said. “What is it?”

“Camael. Or Cam.”

“Cam,” she repeated.

He liked the sound of his name in her mouth, sure he would like other things in her mouth too.

“Thea,” she said, before he could criticize himself for the thought. She held out her hand.

“Thea?” He took her hand.

“No one actually calls me Elithea.” She wrinkling her nose. “It’s a horrible name.”

“It’s beautiful,” Cam shot back, holding her gaze. It was a beautiful name for a beautiful woman.

She stared at him then lowered her eyes, a pink flush crept up her neck. Amusement threaded through him at her embarrassment—so she wasn’t all anger and smart remarks. Who knew Nephilim could be so adorable?

She cleared her throat, pulling her smooth hand from his. “What’s next?”

“Now you know where the pressure points are, you have to be able to reach them quickly. You need to be able to hit hard in the right places without sustaining too much injury yourself. To do that, you need to learn footwork.”

She nodded. “Show me.”

He began by showing her footwork to move across the space quickly; how to balance her weight, dodge and pivot and gain a secure stance. He demonstrated a few sequences across the space and she copied. He made her practice repeatedly until she was completely accurate.

Cam observed her mood as she learned. She seemed eager and that was a relief. Many Nephilim, he had heard, were hesitant to fight at the beginning, and scared at the risk of pain and threat to their lives. He was glad he was the one chosen to train Thea.

She was indeed fast—not faster than him, but he had been training his whole existence. They practiced facing each other, both advancing and retreating from each other, like a smooth fluid dance.

After fifteen minutes of continuous practice, she was wheezing, drenched in sweat.

“You’re unfit,” Cam said, frowning.

“Oh,” Thea said between gasps. “Really?” She lowered to brace hands on her knees, panting. “I hadn’t noticed.”

Cam didn’t respond. Her scent billowed in the release of her sweat and enveloped him like potent tendrils, curling tightly around him.

“Jeez, I’m joking.” Thea threw her hands up. She headed to her bag and pulled out a towel and a bottle of water. “I know my fitness could be improved. You didn’t say I needed to able to run the length of the city to even start training.”

“You need to be at the highest possible level of fitness to fight demons.” Cam left out the word ‘obviously’ but made sure it was implied. “They are physically strong and superior in size and weight. Being half-human puts you at a small disadvantage, so you have to be at your best.”

“Are you always at your best?”

Surprised by her question, Cam hesitated. “I told you, I’m the best there is.”

“So you say,” Thea muttered. She took a swig from her water bottle. “I don’t know that for sure.”

Cam made a sound at the back his throat in annoyance. He strode towards her. Her eyes widened as they ran over his body, her head rising to look up at him as he came close.

“Do I look like I struggle in battle?”

For a moment, she just stared at him. Then she scowled. “Really humble aren’t you.”

“Humility will not kill demons.” He spun and headed away, eager not to remain near her potent, delicious aroma. “Let’s go again.”

Thea rolled her eyes and mumbled under her breath as she dragged herself back to the middle of the space.


Zoey Ellis spends her most of her time thinking up stories that explore how love and romance can be tested by the darker side of our personalities and the heart-wrenching challenges that must be overcome for love to win, even if two people belong together. A lover of the fantastical, Zoey enjoys how intense and vast the challenges can be for couples in the paranormal romance genre. Her goal is to build a body of work depicting thrilling, fantastical romances between demanding alpha heroes and fiery heroines hoping the love they make will scorch ereaders and melt hearts. With a soft spot for angels, dragons and alpha shifters, Zoey blends her love of a Happy Ever After with strangely unique worlds and complex plots.
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