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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

✯BLOG TOUR:✯ Blood Script by Airicka Phoenix {REVIEW}

Blood Script by Airicka Phoenix

Release Date: April 12th 2017
Pages: 382
Genres: Suspense, Romance

“Ever f*cked a pirate?”

He was insufferable, deeply scarred, and frustratingly gorgeous, and he was the man who was blackmailing her into tying the knot.

Cora Harris has never had luck with men. Being the daughter of a ruthless crime boss tended to put a dent in any relationship, but she never imagined she’d get kidnapped in the dead of night by pirates. She sure as hell never imagined the asshole with the smoldering gaze would threaten everyone she loved if she didn’t become his wife.

Only Captain James Crow wants more than just her hand in holy matrimony. He wants her absolute submission. He wants her pain. He wants the one thing she’s never given anyone — her heart. But is he willing to give the daughter of his sworn enemy his in return?

“How easily his eyes could make her forget that he was her captor. Not her savior.”

But when the truth is revealed, can James keep Cora from the true evil in their midst? Can he win before his revenge cost him more than just his life? And how far will Cora go to free herself of the man who enchanted her, seduced her, and when she submitted, imprisoned her?

Vengeance and betrayal will either bring two warring families together or obliterate them all.

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My Review:

Airicka Phoenix has done it again! From the cover to the intriguing synopsis, the author has once again managed to completely pulled me in to yet another one of her works. Having read Transcending Darkness, I knew the author was going to create something unique that I would end up loving right away and that is exactly what she did. 

In Blood Script, we get to meet Cora Harris and Captain James Crow as they embark in an adventure that will change their lives forever. For Cora Harris being the daughter of a ruthless crime boss has taught her a lot of things aside from defending herself, yet she has never had good luck when it comes to men. They either use her for her money or to get to her dad, and that has made it hard for her to trust any man. Having the company of her friends and those around her has made her tough and independent. She doesn't want to be involved in her dad's business, but her own by running a local bar. It was then that she suddenly gets kidnapped by a sexy stranger who seems to know everything about her, and offers her a chance to save those she loves by becoming his wife. 

Captain James Crow has it all, he has a ship to run, women and the ability to travel all over the world. He is in the smuggling business and although that puts him at risk every day, he loves what he does and he is very good at it. It is his ability to remain hidden that has police even more frustrated than every before. But just when James was beginning to move on to another job he gets captured by the the police and it's presented with a way to save himself by helping them catch Cora's father. Although he doesn't know what their intentions truly are, he sets himself to get the job done, but never imagines himself falling for the one person he is supposed to hate the most. Now he has to find a way to save her before it's too late.

I absolutely loved reading Blood Script, it had the right amount of suspense and sexiness all throughout the book. I liked James' personality, he is tough and sweet at the same time that had me swooning for him and rooting for his relationship with Cora. Although he is sweet, he does have the need to control and sometimes what he did to Cora had me questioning his intentions. On the other hand, Cora is such a badass and protective over her family (even though she knows what they've done). She doesn't want to do what her dad does, but it is part of her world. She understands the risks that come with being who she is and that has affected her love life. Their was definitely a lot of physical chemistry between the characters the minute they met, and the more they got to know each other, the more connected they felt. Yet, when truths start to come out that they have to face the consequences of their actions if they want a future together. I very much enjoyed reading scenes where Cora's parents are involved, they truly love their daughter and they are willing to do anything to keep her safe. Her mom is such a bad-ass as well, she puts James in his place right off the bat and I loved it. Their romance truly starts to blossom as soon as they start to trust each other. Overall, the book was well executed and the ending was so sweet. I would highly recommend reading this book and any other book by the author. :)

***ARC provided as part of the blog tour in exchange for an honest review.***

My Rating:


Airicka Phoenix is a romance junkie with an incurable addiction to chocolate. She is also a prolific author of several novels written for young adult and new adult romance addicts who love bad boys, hot kisses and a gritty plot. Airicka prides herself in producing quality material her readers can fall in love with again and again.

When she's not hard at work bleeding words onto paper, Airicka can be found cuddling with her family, reading, watching TV shows, or just finding excuses not to do chores.

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