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Monday, December 23, 2013

Review: The Reunion Lie by Lucy King

The Reunion Lie 
by Lucy King
Released Date: Published November 19th 2013 by Harlequin KISS
Pages: 224
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It was only meant to be a little white lie.

Inventing a fake fiancé was an act of desperation for Zoe Montgomery - a knee-jerk response to her horrifying high school reunion! But now that she's convinced London's most unattainable bachelor to play the part, her little white lie is spiraling out of control.

Because everyone wants a piece of tycoon Dan Forrester. Including Zoe! Especially once she's seen the view from his bedroom - this might be a fake engagement, but she's certainly not faking anything else!

Now the reunion is over, and Zoe and Dan have convinced the world they're meant to be! But convincing each other? A whole different challenge...

(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

My Review:

The Reunion Lie is a fast-paced romance that is enjoyable to read. I like the overall idea of the book, it has a great premise that immediately pulls you in and the cover is stunning. Lucy King did a good job portraying the characters and the challenges that they have to face. Both with painful pasts, Zoe and Dan are the perfect couple that need each other in order to overcome their separate obstacles. Having triumph in her career, Zoe would have never imagined that after attending her high school reunion everything in her life was going to change. 

She didn't want to attend her high school reunion and have to see all the people that hurt her in her past. But thinking that she was brave enough to do it, she attends her reunion only to be questioned by her high school classmates. Not knowing what to tell them that would impress them, she invents a whole story of having the “perfect” fiancé. When things get out of hand, she stumbles upon Dan and after she kisses him, she asks him to be her fake fiancé (at least around her old classmates). 

Dan was only getting to the restaurant when Zoe bumps into him and he is surprised to hear her ask him to be her fake fiancé. He sees how desperate she is and decides to help her, but soon he is forced to tell everyone who he is without measuring the consequences of his actions. As the two start to spend more time together, their attraction grows and so is their love for one another. Little do they know that spending time together will leave them to make difficult decisions in the future. 

The writing of the book is very well-written and it flows quite well. I liked Zoe's character the most, she is driven and straight to the point. Both Dan and Zoe have insecurities and by being near each other, they are helping one another overcome their troubles. Overall, the story had a great plot and I would recommend everyone to give it a try.

*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

My Rating: 


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