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Thursday, September 9, 2021

🔖 REVIEW TOUR 🔖 Age of Ava by Melanie Moreland

Age of Ava by Melanie Moreland

Release Date: August 26th 2021
Pages: 333
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

Ava Callaghan

A woman working in a male-dominated field.

Organized, strong, and tenacious.

That’s how she has to be to succeed.

Hunter Owens

A loner.

He needs no one, has no ties, and his future is an unanswered question mark.

It’s all he knows.

Until the day their lives intersect.

He sees the woman she hides from the world.

She nurtures the part of him he lost long ago.

But they both agree—their connection is temporary.

They are only for now.

Can their stubborn natures allow them to bend and accept that maybe, just maybe, there is more to life than they believed?

That love can heal.

That happiness can exist.

That for now can be forever. 


My Review:

There is an overarching theme in this series that Melanie Moreland has captured so well. That family ins’t only about blood, but about love. The Age of Ava delivers exactly that and so much more. This raw story will pull at your heartstrings and never let go.

As a project manager and coordinator for ABC, Ava Callaghan is good at her job. She is highly organized, detail-oriented and driven. But she still works in a male-dominated field, so the need prove herself is even higher when she is dealing with men who are ready to underestimate what she can do. That is exactly what happens when she walks into town hall with her paperwork ready to get some permanents approved. Only to be told that she is missing paperwork and that they would be delayed, but the clerk can help her at a cost.

This is the behavior that infuriates Ava and she storms out. Then walks in the gorgeous stranger she met earlier coming back to talk to the clerk himself. He is equally enraged at the clerk’s behavior and Ava saves the day by bringing in the mayor himself. No matter how satisfying it is to watch men trying to prove her wrong, she hates confrontation, even if it’s part of her job. The stranger calls her Little Dragon, their chemistry so strong and magnetic. He asks her for a drink and that soon evolves into a kiss that changes her live forever. What shocks her the most is seeing him again, living in her old neighbor’s house. He insists that he is passing through and won’t be staying too long. Ava is disappointed, yet she has let her guard down before and ended up hurt. She has no interest in letting her heart get involved again, no matter how much she might want to do that with Hunter. 

Hunter Owens has never stayed in one place for too long. Having to move from place to place growing up is what he has always known. So when he gets the news that his grandfather has left him a house in Port Albany, he is set on restoring the place so he can make it a rental and keep moving on. The house holds a lot of old memories and unanswered questions about his past that he isn’t ready to face yet. His mission is to get out before forming any attachments to the place. What he wasn’t expecting to bump into is a strong and fiery woman that is Ava Callaghan. She gets him in a way no one else has and he finds himself being pulled into her world. For the first time he is able to experience what is like to be part of a family and be surrounded by love. It’s when they decide to give in to their connection that they decide to make it temporary. Hunter is aware that he can’t settle down without the need to leave again and he won’t hurt Ava knowing that she deservers someone who can give her a happy future.

I loved reading the Age of Ava! Hunter and Ava’s connection was sizzling from beginning to end. It’s a deeply emotional story about second chances at love and in life. We get two characters who have experienced pain in different ways. Ava’s strong personality has not always been appreciated in the past, both in her personal and professional life. On the other hand, Hunter has been a loner all his life. He has to ties or a place to call home. What Ava is able to offer him is a place among her family and relationships that will last a life time. Hunter sees the woman Ava hides from the world and he encourages her to be just the way she is without wanting to change a thing about her. They compliment each other and we are able to see their relationship blossom as well as go through ups and downs. I loved reading their interactions with the rest of her family and get to see old characters make cameos in the book. Hunter goes through the most growth and the ending truly fits their story. I cannot recommend this book enough! It’s one of my top books of the year and I cannot wait to read more of the author in the future. :)

***I received an advanced copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own***

My Rating:


As we got to the top of the bluff, the dog raced ahead of me, wagging his tail. I stood for a moment to catch my breath, and he stopped, as if waiting. I cocked my head to the side, studying the large black truck in front of me. It was familiar. My stomach clenched as I moved toward it, recalling why it was familiar.

Intense fire-and-ice eyes came to my mind. Strong arms and a wicked, passionate mouth that was possessive and gentle poked at my memories.

I rounded the back of the truck and stopped, the dog sitting down beside me.

There he was.


He didn’t see me at first. I didn’t interrupt him.

He was too busy dancing. I was too busy staring.

His jeans hugged his ass. His T-shirt was stretched tight across his back and arms. His hair glinted in the sunlight.

And his hips moved. Gyrated. His torso bent and swayed. His arms rose and fell with the beat of the music. He sang, his voice rich and deep, his feet and body keeping perfect rhythm with the song. He spun on his heels and froze. Our eyes locked and held.

And, unexpectedly, he smiled. Wide and carefree. He held out his hand.

“Dance with me, Little Dragon.”

I found myself taking his hand. Joining him under the sun. Letting him lead me, spin me around, pull me to his hot, sunbaked chest as we moved. He crooned in my ear, making me laugh. He joined me, the sound of our shared amusement fading away as the song ended and we broke apart. Slowly, carefully, as if neither of us wanted this moment to end.

Author Bio:

New York Times/USA Today bestselling author Melanie Moreland, lives a happy and content life in a quiet area of Ontario with her beloved husband of thirty-plus years and their rescue cat, Amber. Nothing means more to her than her friends and family, and she cherishes every moment spent with them.

While seriously addicted to coffee, and highly challenged with all things computer-related and technical, she relishes baking, cooking, and trying new recipes for people to sample. She loves to throw dinner parties, and also enjoys traveling, here and abroad, but finds coming home is always the best part of any trip. 

Melanie loves stories, especially paired with a good wine, and enjoys skydiving (free falling over a fleck of dust) extreme snowboarding (falling down stairs) and piloting her own helicopter (tripping over her own feet.) She's learned happily ever afters, even bumpy ones, are all in how you tell the story.

Melanie is represented by Flavia Viotti at Bookcase Literary Agency. For any questions regarding subsidiary or translation rights please contact her at

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