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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

✯REVIEW✯ Love On My Mind by Tracey Livesay

Love On My Mind 
by Tracey Livesay
Release Date: July 12th 2016 by Avon Impulse
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
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Successful PR executive Chelsea Grant is one assignment away from making partner at her firm and nothing will stand in her way. Her big break? Turn a reclusive computer genius into a media darling in time for his new product launch. He may have been dubbed the “sexiest geek alive” but he has no patience for the press—and it shows. Piece of cake, right? Only problem is… his company doesn’t want him to know they hired her.

After a disastrous product launch two years ago, tech CEO Adam Bennett knows the success of his new device depends on the media’s support. When a twist of fate brings the beautiful PR specialist to his door, Adam hires Chelsea to help turn his image around. Their attraction is undeniable and the more time they spend together, the harder it becomes to keep things professional.

But when Adam discovers Chelsea’s deception, will she risk everything for her career or is love the real thing on her mind?
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

My Review:

Adam Bennett might be wealthy, good-looking and CEO of a tech company, but not even his genius could help him be more sociable. He only keeps a very tight group of friends who have always been loyal and trustworthy. Yet when attending one of his press releases for one of his latest products, everyone was more interested on his personal life and not on his product which made him uncomfortable, and in result he turned to his home away from everyone else. With everyone around him telling him to get  help from a professional PR specialist, including his closest friend, Adam has no choice but to start considering the possibility. But before he could do that, his new neighborhood suddenly appears at his door asking for help. He wasn't expecting to find her attractive, but soon he begins to get to know her better and the more time they spent with each other, their chemistry started to grow even more. Nevertheless, when she tells him that she has some experience in the entertainment industry, he wastes no time to ask her for her help without knowing what he was getting himself to. Little did he know that what he valued the most was about to be put in jeopardy, and someone was about to her hurt.

Chelsea Grant is a successful PR executive who has brought more to the company that she works for than anyone else. Yet, she longs for something much more fulling in her career, and she asks to be made partner at the company. Her bosses know what she is capable of, and waste no time to ask her to work in one more assignment before she becomes partner. Her job is to make CEO Adam Bennett look good in front of the cameras/people before the new launch of his product. So far he has refused to work with anyone, and the Adam's people know that Chelsea might just be the person to change him once and for all. The only twist in the job is that they don't want her to know that she has been hired to help him, instead she has to find a way to make Adam think that she is just helping him out as a friend. Soon she meets the reclusive CEO, and the game immediately starts to change when she is unable to keep her emotions from getting in the way of doing her job. Now she has to find a way to stop Adam from finding out or he may never forgive her.

I loved this book, the characters are well thought out that made it impossible for me to stop reading. They were complex characters whose stories and personalities began to grow on me. Adam is a good looking CEO that has problems understanding people. He loves being in his own little world that he doesn't know how to socialize and let loose. He reminded me of Dr. Temperance Brennan in the show Bones, she is a genius who lacks social cues, but Adam's issues of being unable to pick up on social cues go much more deeper than anything else. On the other hand, Chelsea knows what she wants, and wanting to have a better career for herself is one of those things. When she gets the job, she knows that she'll be deceiving Adam, but is immediately overshadowed by the growing feelings for him. Though the story starts a bit slow at the beginning, the author does a job at picking up the pace throughout the book. We get all kinds of sweet scenes that made the characters that much more likable. The ending was great, it really tied everything together, I would highly recommend picking it up. I will most definitely be reading more from the author in the future. :)

***ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.***

My Rating: 

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