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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Review: Pastels and Jingle Bells (Heavenly Bites ) by Christine S. Feldman

Pastels and Jingle Bells 
by Christine S. Feldman
Released Date: Published November 1st 2013 by Kindle Direct
SeriesHeavenly Bites Novellas #1
Pages: 40
View/Purchase: Goodreads, Amazon, B&N

Trish Ackerly never expected to cross paths with Ian Rafferty again, but when she spots the former bully of her childhood years through her bakery window, she thinks she may just have been given the best Christmas gift ever: the opportunity to finally give Ian the comeuppance he deserves.

But clearly she does not have a knack for this whole revenge thing, because before she can make good on her plans, Trish gets inadvertently drawn into Ian’s life in an unexpected way that lets her see just how different the man is from the boy he used to be. In fact, much to her astonishment, she actually starts to like the guy.

A lot.
Trouble is, Ian doesn’t know who she really is, and explaining it to him is going to be a little difficult now—which is bad news, because Trish is starting to realize that all she really wants for Christmas this year…is Ian.
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

My Review:

I absolutely loved this novella! I enjoyed every part of it, it was a heartwarming story that left me in a good Christmas spirit. When Trish Ackerly finds out that her childhood bully has comes back to town, she wasn't expecting to cross paths with him, but Ian Rafferty has other plants. He plans to hire her to paint the windows of his house to add just a bit more live and Christmas spirit. But what happens when he doesn't remember who she is? With this new found opportunity, Trish plants to give Ian what he deserves for tormenting her childhood. What Trish doesn't realize is that her plan comes with a consequence, and she is not going to like once she finds out just how Ian has changed. 

Christine Feldman does an amazing job developing the characters in this novella, the story in general flowed perfectly. The ending tied everything together so well, that I'm really looking forward to reading more of this series. I recommend everyone to read this novella and the upcoming ones in the series, you are going love them all. :) 

*I received this ARC from Christine S. Feldman for an honest review.*

My Rating: 


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