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Friday, October 27, 2017

✯REVIEW✯ The Boy I Hate by Taylor Sullivan

The Boy I Hate 
by Taylor Sullivan
Release Date: August 12th 2017 by Good House Publishing
Pages: 276
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
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Samantha Smiles and Renee Montgomery have been best friends for over a decade. They’ve shared laughs, secrets, and a mutual hatred for one person: Tristan Montgomery, Renee's older brother. He was the guy every girl wanted, and every guy wanted to be, and it wasn't uncommon they'd befriend his little sister just to get closer to him. Which was exactly how Samantha became Renee’s saving grace. She was the only girl Renee could trust not to fall in love with her older brother.

Until the one night Samantha spent with him alone, leaving her questioning everything she’d ever known about the blond headed heart-throb.

Years later, Renee asks Samantha to be her maid of honor. With no other option, Samantha is forced to drive cross-country with the focus of their teenage ire.

He was her first kiss.

Her only secret.

Can Samantha survive the trip cross-country with the reckless Tristan Montgomery? The guy who did what he wanted, whenever he wanted, without worry for tomorrow? Or will she discover a different side of him. One that’s sweet, funny, and maybe a little bit vulnerable. And fall completely and helplessly in love for the first time in her adult life with the one man who could cause her to lose her best friend forever?
(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)
My Review:

Not having read any other works by the author before, I was really intrigued with the synopsis of the book. The Boy I Hate is a story about second chances that will leave you wanting for more. At the beginning of the story we get to meet Samantha Smiles, after being friends with Renee Montgomery for a while now, she is ready to support her friend in the next chapter of her life by being part of her wedding. Though they have shared so much, one thing her friend is protective of the most is of her older brother Tristan Montgomery. People would befriend Renee to get closer to Tristan and when Sam did the opposite they become really good friends. But after spending so much time together, Sam failed her best friend by developing a crush on her brother. Needless to say, he became the boy she hated the most for being unreachable. Until one night that everything changed that Sam realized that she needed to stay away from Tristan if she wanted to save her friendship with Renee. Years went by and being in a relationship has slowly helped Sam from remembering the boy the she had a crushed on. Yet, when he comes knocking at her door ready to accompany her on her drive to her friend’s wedding venue Sam starts to get those feelings back again and this time she won’t be able to deny the attraction that they have towards each other. 

I very much enjoyed reading the story, it’s evident from the start that they both have their issues to solve, but when they’re together everything seemed that it’s going to be okay. Tristan was the popular guy at school when Sam met him, he had everything he wanted but beneath all of that he struggled when his career was over. Underneath his serious facade, he is vulnerable and kind. He has always wanted Sam, but kept himself away because he didn’t want to hurt the relationship that her sister and Sam had. On the other hand, Sam is an struggling artist who doesn’t know quite yet what to do with her talent. Her boyfriend is often bailing on her and it’s gotten to the point where she starts to question her feelings for him. The drive to her friend’s wedding venue is supposed to make things between her and Tristan better, but when the both start to look back at the past and what they could have, it’ll be up to them to decide if a relationship is worth the shot. I enjoyed reading about their past, and the ending was really sweet. One could tell how much they both had changed for the better and it all worked out in the end. I would highly recommend this story, I will most certainty be reading more from the author in the future. :)

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.***

My Rating:

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