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Thursday, July 5, 2018

🌟REVIEW🌟 The Billionaire's Virgin by Claire Adams

The Billionaire's Virgin 
by Claire Adams 
Release Date: June 24th 2018
Pages: 303
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
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He knows he shouldn't make a move on his daughter's hot nanny...but he can't help himself... 

Running a business is hard. Being a single parent is harder. Reed is trying his best to keep his head above water and to keep his daughter happy and safe. But he can’t help feeling that sometimes, even his best isn’t good enough. Which is why he decides to hire a full-time nanny. 

Taylor is beautiful and interesting and Reed is instantly attracted to her, but he knows that getting involved with his daughter’s nanny is a bad idea. He has enough on his plate, with work and fatherhood and a past that keeps coming back to haunt his present in the form of his wealthy socialite ex, Sofia. 

Reed must decide what kind of future he wants for himself and his daughter and if that future includes Taylor.

(Synopsis taken from Goodreads)

My Review:

From the cover to the intriguing synopsis, The Billionaire’s Virgin had me hooked from the start. Not having read any other works by Claire Adams, I did not know what to expect before reading this book. Needless to say, the book did not disappoint at all and will certainly leave you wanting for more.

At the beginning of the story we get to meet Taylor who has recently moved to New York to start a new life and become a teacher. What she wasn’t expecting was to find herself jobless and not having an idea of what to do next. She is getting desperate now and with no money she can’t further her education like she wanted to do. So when her friend Meghan suggests for her to apply to become a nanny for the rich New Yorkers, that is exactly what Taylor does. It is after she gets selected for an interview that she ends up meeting Reed Davids and her life changes forever. His daughter is kind and Taylor immediately befriends her, but working for a powerful man has it’s repercussions and she wasn’t expecting to find herself confronting the ex and secrets that could pull them apart. 

Reed Davids has worked really hard to build the company that he has and no matter how wealthy he is will he ever stop working. But that all started to change the minute he found out that he was going to be a father. Reed wasn’t just working for himself anymore, but it soon took over his life and he started to neglect his four-year-old daughter, Jenna. When she tells him that she doesn’t want to go to daycare anymore, he decides to hire a nanny while he figures out how to scale back and be more present in his daughter’s life. Yet, he never imagined to find himself feeling attracted to Taylor and he will not stop at nothing until he makes her his. 

I really enjoyed reading this book, it was romantic and entertaining. Even though Taylor had a traumatic childhood, she didn’t let it affect her growing up. She is understanding, caring and the perfect role model for Jenna. Their bond is instantaneous and the more time she spends at Reed’s house, the more she begins to see him differently. On the other hand, Reed has been through a lot recently and he is ready to be more present in his daughter’s life while he makes sure to keep her safe. When he meet Taylor and finds out about her past he tells her that he has also been through similar circumstances and there able to lean on each other in order to move on. Neither expected to fall in love, but their relationship was tested time and time again through a series of events and at the end they have to make a choice of whether they want to be together or not. I loved the ending, we get to see a bit further in the future and it totally fit with the story. I would highly recommend checking out this book, it’s prefect if you want a story filled with romance and a story about second chances.:)

***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.***

My Rating:

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