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Thursday, July 15, 2021

🔖 REVIEW 🔖 Secret Beast by Amelia Wilde

Secret Beast by Amelia Wilde

Release Date: February 23rd 2021 by Dangerous Press
Pages: 350
Genres: Dark, Romance, Contemporary, Retelling

The beast hides a dark secret in his past…

Leo Morelli is known as the Beast of Bishop's Landing for his cruelty. He’ll get revenge on the Constantine family and make millions of dollars in the process. Even it means using an old man who dreams up wild inventions.

The beauty will sacrifice everything for her family...

Haley Constantine will do anything to protect her father. Even trade her body for his life. The college student must spend thirty days with the ruthless billionaire. He’ll make her earn her freedom in degrading ways, but in the end he needs her to set him free.

SECRET BEAST is a new full-length novel from USA Today bestselling author Amelia Wilde about revenge, family secrets, and the redeeming power of love.

Praise for Amelia Wilde's King of Shadows trilogy...

"Breathtaking, intense, and scorching hot, KING OF SHADOWS is the modern myth I've been waiting for." –New York Times Bestselling Author Skye Warren

"Summer Queen is a sexy shot of antihero goodness—this is the kinky, delicious retelling of the year!" –Sierra Simone, USA Today bestselling author

“Amelia Wilde has proven once again why she is my mortal enemy—I would kill to have written this dark, sensuous retelling of Persephone’s journey to becoming Queen of the Underworld.” –Kayti McGee, USA Today bestselling author

My Review:

From the eye catching cover to the intriguing synopsis, I did not what to expect before reading Secret Beast. Needless to say, Amelia Wilde quickly grabbed my attention with this much darker retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Prepare to go on a journey full of revenge, shocking secrets and a sensuous romance that will hook you from beginning to end.

Haley might look like a Constantine and have the name, but she does not have the Constantine money. Her family has never cared about the flashy things and power that comes with being part of a very powerful family. But even they know that they can’t trust anyone and that includes the Morellis. They are supposed to be evil and they hate her family. Yet, it’s when her dad, the inventor, tells her and her bother that he has an idea that is going to change the world that they get worried.

Her dad needs someone to back him up financially and they are shocked to hear that he is going to meet with a Morelli. Haley cannot let her dad put himself in danger, so when she finds out that he is going to meet Leo Morelli, she rushes out to meet him before it’s too late. Nothing could have prepared her for what was going to happen next, Leo is like no one she’s ever met before and she is about to make a deal with the beast himself in order to null the contract her dad signed with him. Haley never meant to lose her heart to him, but the more time they spend together, the more she realizes that beneath the beast might just be the love of her life.

Leo Morelli is known as the Beast of Bishop’s Landing for being unpredictable and dangerous. Yet, rumors of his uncontrollable temper have largely been exaggerated. He is protective over his family and doesn’t like the Constantines. So when he gets the chance to lure one of them into singing a contract with him, Leo takes the opportunity as it is all part of the big plan to make the Constantines pay for what they’ve done to him and his family. He is surprised to find out that Haley is not like the rest of her family. She is tough, smart and doesn’t see him the way the rest of her family does. She wants to understand who he is and Leo finds himself unable to let her go. She has captivated him and soon he has to decide if he is strong enough to let her go before it’s too late.

I enjoyed reading Secret Beast, the storyline is very reminiscing of the original Beauty and the Beast story with a much darker tone. We have two characters that should be enemies, but end up against all odds falling for each other. But just when things were starting to pick up with them, a sudden change of events happen and they have to face their ultimate obstacle. One that is about to bring apart and that’s exactly how the first book ends, with a cliffhanger. So much happens in the book, from Leo’s past coming back to haunt him to Haley wanting to do anything in order to protect her family. This story will leave you wanting to read the next book right away. I would highly recommend it if you enjoy much darker retellings with a twist. :)

**I received an advanced copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own.**

My Rating:

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