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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

πŸ”– BLOG TOUR πŸ”– The Wicked Prince by Vivian Wood {REVIEW}

The Wicked Prince by Vivian Wood

Release Date: June 2nd 2020 by Independently Published
Pages: 448
Genres: Romance, Contemporary

I was born to a crown that I don’t want.

My name is His Royal Highness Prince Stellan Augustus LΓΈve. I’m big, brawny, and brainy. More importantly, I know that duty and honor come before what I want... but it’s so hard to be perfect.

When I meet pretty, pink haired, punk-rock Margot, I make myself a deal. I can have her… but only for one earth shattering night.

Proud, rebellious, a perfect body made for sin. Margot is my weakness; it’s too bad that she’s also a journalist. I know that if she even deigns to look my way, I am done for. So I take her to bed for just one unforgettable night…

When she shows up again in Copenhagen, she is tasked with doing a story about me and the future of the royal line. And I’m saddled with my nightmare... I can look at Margot all I want… but never ever touch her.

Every time our hands brush, every single lustful glance, every damn time she bites her lip… Eventually, even my strong will can’t overcome temptation. Even though it’s wrong, even though my life is already all plotted out.

It’s inevitable. The only question is, once I give in and take what I need… will just having Margot just one more time be enough?

This standalone new adult royal romance includes the prequel novella A Prince and His Rebel.

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My Review:

From the eye-catching cover to the intriguing synopsis, The Wicked Prince had me hooked from beginning to the end. This steamy royal romance will leave you wanting for more.

In the story we get to meet Margot Keane, a New York journalist whose pink hair gives her a rebellious side to her. She is independent, outspoken and highly stubborn. It’s those qualities that manage to catch the attention of a handsome stranger at a venue, they drink and dance the night away. Yet, it’s their instant chemistry that brings them closer and they end up spending the night together. Margot is not afraid of being a little reckless, but she wasn’t expecting to find out that her handsome stranger would turn out to be the Crown Prince of Denmark. They go their separate ways until they are reunited again, this time she will working very closely with the prince. It’s clear that they still like each other, but things quickly take a different turn than she was expecting and Margot will have to decide if pursuing a relationship with Stellan is worth it or not.

Prince Stellan Augustus Love has it all, the looks, wealth and title to get just about any woman he could possibly want. But he can’t stop thinking about Margot and their night together. He knows more than anything that his duty to the crown comes first and can’t be distracted when it comes to the gorgeous journalist. The minute he finds out that Margot will be shadowing him for a piece she’ll be writing for the royal family that he can’t wait to have another night with her. It’s clear that they have feelings for each other, but he starts to wonder if she is ready to give up her old life in order to join his world. He’ll do anything in his power to make her his before it’s too late.

I absolutely loved reading The Wicked Prince, it was sweet, romantic and full of steamy moments between the characters that had me rooting for them until the very end. It’s evident that Stellan and Margot come from two different worlds. While Stellan was raised to one day be King, Margot was the struggling kid who had to grew up fast in order to survive. They both are independent and committed to their jobs. Although Stellan knows that he will be King, he still struggles to keep up with all the responsibilities that come with the role. On the other hand, Margot grew up with nothing and her major struggle is of fitting in within the royal family. As the two go through ups and downs, we get a glimpse of the secondary characters which I loved! Now I did find myself struggling with the ending, thought it was a bit too fast and some things were left unanswered. That’s not to say that the ending was bad, but it was okay. We get a chapter of what’s to come in the next book in the series, which I cannot wait to read. All in all, if you love a royal romance with lots of chemistry than I would highly recommend checking out this book! I cannot wait to read more from the author in the future. :)

**I voluntarily read an early copy of this title in exchange for an honest review**

My Rating:

About the Author:

Vivian Wood is a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon Top 20 bestselling author.

Vivian likes to write about troubled, deeply flawed alpha males and the fiery, kick-ass women who bring them to their knees.

Vivian's lasting motto in romance is a quote from a favorite song: "Soulmates never die."

Be sure to follow Vivian through her Vivian's Vixens mailing list or Facebook group to keep up with all the awesome giveaways, author videos, ARC opportunities, and more!

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